Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's February Already.

Well we're already nearly halfway into this month.  Am I fitter than I was at the start ?
I dunno.  I don't really feel fitter but I am now doing 2 extra laps but I am no longer doing them every day let alone a few times a day.   I still haven't been to a walk to the corner to check my timing...but I have thought about it a few times.  I haven't ridden the bike since that one time at the end of last month...

What have I done in the weeks gone by... Laps a few times. I am doing 2 more laps than when I started but not as often so I supose that cancels that out......Mowing, of course, that's always a given.   Raking, digging, chookchasing,...they too are always a given.   I walked around the zoo for a few hours.   I have twice walked through water for a couple of hours.  The water walking will maybe be a weekly thing now but if not weekly then at least 3 times through the months.  Ummm surely there is more...there should be more I know that.

What will I be doing this week coming...   Lots! and I am not ready for it.  We are going away for a few days, leaving tomorrow.  We are taking our bikes.  We will be walking, riding, swimming.   I have done something to my back again and though I am looking forward to the days of activity I am hoping that the husband doesn't have to rescue me from myself too often.  I have the Deepheat packed so if nothing else at least I will smell nice.

This is me last Wednesday evening.   I pulled the grandkid along for about half an hour but mostly I was, and will be, walking by myself.  I'm thinking this may have done the back in even though it was a couple of days afterwards before it started giving me trouble.  But I had been digging and pulling plants out throughout the week so...I dunno....

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  1. Hmm, looking at your pic it looks like you are pulling the boat using muscles on only one side of your body. May I suggest you wear a thick belt and attach the boat rope to this, or make a cross-over harness, as if I pulled items like this my back problem would land me in bed for at least a fortnight. I need to keep muscle use balanced at all times as working one side then the other, for me, does not equal balanced muscle use but does equal a trip to the physio or chiropractor :(.
    Have a lovely time away and make sure enjoyment comes before/with exercise as that's the reason for holidays :)!