Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Need A Chart. I have a chart...

First off I need to move more and eat more vegetables.    I figure 2 things a day for the first week or 2 will be easier to keep up.  I am still growing food, not as much as in past years but that is something that I am working on elsewhere.  Here I will be working on the eating of said vegetables.

This week I am aiming for 5 serves of veg and a min of 30min of moving.  Both easy, both totally achievable, both gunna get done!

And I will have a chart, 2 charts, 1 on here and a printed one stuck on the kitchen window.   And a red pencil for recording.  Hmmm, how do I make a chart on here....

5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
5min Ex
Veg serve x 5.
 1, 1

So far today I have had a carrot 2 carrots so that is 1 2  serve of veg out of the way already.   The chart will be added to throughout each day and a new one started each week.

2014, The Year That Was...

A complete and utter waste, fitness wise anyway.  I am no fitter than I was way back when, if anything I am unfitter and fatter than I was...still weigh the same though which is too much but hey, you get that when you eat too much and move too little.

So, I stopped moving and stopped blogging.  Or did I stop blogging then stop moving?  Chicken, egg, same result.

2014 is nearly over and we all know what that means don't we.  It will soon be 2015, people will make promises to themselves, they will not do what they say they will then they will feel bad and instead of getting over it starting again they get worse.  And we end up here, fatter, unfitter, unhealthier...With no respect for the English language...

BUT, next year...Ha, here we go...I will get fitter, eat better, eat less, become braver...and go to Tasmania for 3 weeks.  It will be fantastic if I do all that but...1 out of 5 ain't bad!  

I will aim for the 5.  Won't even wait until next year to start and even if I don't achieve the 4 easy ones I will decide on somewhere else to go.   If I make a start and some progress on the 4 easy ones I might actually go to the next place I decide on...

Is anyone that reads this going to make resolutions?  Promises to themselves?  A list of achievable goals, wants and wishes?  Let me know what you hope for in 2015.  Let me know what you will be doing to get the wants and wishes you desire.

Oh, by the way...I will be Fitter By Friday.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, Day 3.

I nearly didn't walk today.  This might take awhile before it becomes habit. 

I did go over to Mandurah and walked.  And walked...And tonight as I was about to step into the shower I did think that I could count that.  But no.  I turned the water off, dressed again, put on some shoes and went out to walk.  On the way out the driveway I noticed the eggplants looking a bit droopy so watered all the drums.  By this time it was getting dark so I set off.  Half way to the bridge I heard the car coming up the road behind me slow down and turned to see it turn into our driveway.  Thought it was daughter T so quickened my pace and decided then that the bridge was my goal, not the signal box.    Got to the bridge, turned round and came home again.   So this walk wasn't far, only 1km, but was quite quick. 

Tomorrow I must get out and get it done first thing...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Bridge Walk...

That's right, second day of my walk to bridge every day challenge and I didn't.   So am I a big fat failure?   Maybe, maybe I am but not because I didn't walk to the bridge.  Daughter T came out and picked me up this morning and we went up to Lane Poole and did a bushwalk.  Not too long but more than an hour all up with some rocks and hills to overcome.   And rocks and hills is probably a bit of an exaggeration, they were small rocks that we had to step over or walk on and the hills were inclines of the ground.   So you can stop worrying that it might have all been too much for me.   And we said we'd do it again but we have said that before so it remains to be seen.  I will walk to the bridge and back tomorrow, probably further, to the signal box.

And a bit of a whinge here.  The bottom gate to LP, the road to Nanga Mill, has been closed off as they are putting in bitumen roads and cement slabs for caravan camping.  Excuse me but this is a bush camping area, why the swear word would they do that!!!    It means that I wont be taking the van up for an overnight stay any time soon and yes I was going to.  Really I was. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Walked Again.

I have been for my walk and am now waiting for breakfast to be ready and will have my Mag Pill then.  I have mince and vegies ready for tea and lunch will probably be the same or maybe eggs.   I have apples, plums and a watermelon that needs to be eaten.  There isn't much crap food here so I should be OK with the eating for the next few days. 

Wanting to walk every day this week so hoping that I don't forget to.  If I get up and go first thing, before my coffee, then it should work out otherwise I get into the day and it gets put aside.  Maybe I need to write myself a note and stick it on this thing...

Monday, March 31, 2014

Marching Into April.

I've been feeling real cranky lately and now have added sad to it, not good.  Following a few suggestions from people on ways to get over it, this morning I went for a walk.  The first *proper* one in ages and though it wasn't very long or very far it was done.  Went passed the bridge but not to the corner, I will get to the corner before the week is out though.  I came home and had a Magnesium tablet and half an apple.  I need to have my oats before I leave the house for the day but am taking a dish of salad for my lunch.  Will have a small piece of fish leftover from last nights seafood basket with it but will leave the chips at home...

Tonights tea will be vege soup with...something...Off to get the soup out of the freezer otherwise I will end up with something not as good for me. 

Husband and I went away for a few days last week and while there I saw a sign telling about a short section of the Cape to Cape walk.  Hamlin Bay to Cosy Corner, 6.5km along beach and woodlands.  I have roped 2 daughters into doing it with me when next we are down that way...anyone want to join us?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's all new...

New year, new computer, now for the new thinking.

I had a nice 2 days out the caravan, ate only yummy healthy food and not too much of it.  I walked up and down the hill then walked up and down the hill again.   A few times...I do think that hill is steeper and longer than it was 10 years ago though...I think I need to go out there and do that more often, I felt good, was thinking good...Then on Thursday rang the guy who was making me the new computer and got a bit cranky.    Went home early and started eating crap.  And then ate a bit more.   I did make a healthy tea as husband was due home so thought I'd better feed him...I was finishing that off when he gets home...with a bag of chicken and chips.  So much for the healthy meal, I ate fried chicken and chips... Thought Friday would be better but more dramas with the computer, more crap eaten, no walking...same today...Even the drumstick icecreams way down the bottom of the freezer under all the frozen stuff weren't safe.   What is wrong with me, bloody stupid!

But new year, know the rest, lets just do this.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Too much, Too little.

I eat too much crap.  I do too little moving.   That says it all...

I have been having trouble with this computer for ages but am getting a new one build tomorrow, picked up and brought home sometime Thursday.   I will drop it off in Harvey tomorrow morning then go out and stay in the caravan out the beach until Thursday afternoon when I will call into Harvey and pick it up on the way home.   While out the beach I will eat clean and walk up and down the hill and along the beach.   I will get into the right headspace to eat less crap and do more moving.

With the new computer turning on and working whenever I want it too I will be able to get serious about getting fitter by Friday...Though really it's not a new computer that I need it is a new way of thinking.  And someone with ruddy big boots behind me to give me the kick I need to get me going...I have myself though, that will be enough...