Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday. April's End.

Did the 2 mile walk again this morning.  Woke up with a crook back so it wasn't any easier.

I went for a bikeride around the block yesterday and again this afternoon so happy with that.

I am going out tomorrow If I don'r chicken out so there will be a lot of walking there.

I'm feeling OK.  Sore, tired, crook back...I'd have all of that anyway so I figure I may as well do something and just suck it up.  If I keep it up then things will be easier and that in itself should be the motivation I need.  Let's hope it is.

I have finally made a doctors appointment so will see if my not be able to breath means that my iron is low again or if I am just so unfit I can't breath.  That's not until Wednesday so won't know until next week and in the meantime I will keep eating the liver and veg soup.  It does taste better than it sounds!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I walked with Leslie again this morning.  I like it but need to get into the habit of putting it on first thing.  This morning I was on the computer for nearly 20minutes before I saw something that reminded me to get up and do this.  

I will make a little note to stick on the monitor here and that way it should be seen.  I think once the idea of doing this gets into my head good and proper then it will be automatic but until then...a note should work.

I'm going to look for other Youtube stuff that I can do when the weather is too wet and cold outside for me.  There is so much on there that finding something that I like that looks fun might take awhile.   To start with it  will be easy stuff, like this walking, but maybe, eventually, they will be faster, harder...not this week though, this week, the next few weeks, it will be this easyish walk. 

I am going to get a page put up with anything that I find that I like and add to it as I go.  That way there will be no excuse ever about not being able to do something. 

Does anyone reading workout using their computer?  Do you have a  favorite Youtube exercise video?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Walking with Leslie.

Many many years ago I used to walk to a vidio of Leslie Sansone.  This morning I found her on youtube so sat and watched her for a bit.  Yep, sat!! and watched.  It took a few minutes to get it into my head that I should be up and walking with her.

First though I wanted to know how far a mile was so looked at some conversion charts.  Now I know as a kid we used to regularly walk 3mile then metric hit and the town was 5km away.  I couldn't work out how much a mile was though so needed the chart to tell me that 1 mile is 1.6km, 2 mile is 3.2km.

I am happy to say that I have just finished part 1 and 2 of  her 2mile workout so have managed to *walk* further than my corner and back walk and it was more fun and a better workout to boot.  I think I will be doing this more often.  This and the bikeride should get me fitter by Friday.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pump Up Those Tyres.

I planned on doing a bikeride this morning so was out there nice and early.  Flat tyre so started pumping it up.  Well the darn thing ended up flatter than it was to begin with so I had to go off looking for another pump.  Found a new one inside next to the bed.  No idea why it was in there but took it out and that too wasn't pumping right. I will get the husband to look at them as he has fixed pumps for me before but this time it seemed I had to resort to the air compressor.  I don't like using this as it is so quick and I worry about the trye exploding on me.  I stopped in time, let some air out, added some air...finally decided it was right so inside to have a mouthful of water, check the time...

I was going to do the short ride to the corner and back but thought the long ride around the block would be better for me.   It wasn't long before I was huffing and puffing and thinking "are we there yet" so I looked down at me speedo thing and I had ridden...wait for it...875metres.  How sad is that?!  How bad is that? 

I pushed on though and made it all the way around and back home again but discovered that this ride is not all that much longer than the corner one.  So I rode 3.6something km and I was gone from the front door for 17minutes.  Not good but I have a benchmark so something to work on improving.  I need to get to 5km and start working up to a 10km ride. 

There's a little town not far from here, 4km by the main road but I'll be going the backway and will be aiming to get there, and back again!, by the end of May.
What is your May goal? 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Was Really Really Going For A Bikeride But...

I was all set to go for a long bikeride this morning, was putting on my shoes when the phone rings...It's daughter asking what car we were taking to the train station.  What?! Why?  Oh...*Apparently* we'd arranged to go to Perth to the zoo today.  Either we didn't or I forgot.  Anyway no ride today but there will be hours of walking.  Maybe a ride tomorrow.

I do have to quickly  find something to take for lunch...frozen steak probably and ???.   Better go feed the chooks then get ready, I have less than 40 minutes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Todays Food.

6.30am.  Coffee, strong, white, no sugar.

7.30am.  I had fish and an egg for breakfast.  Both cooked in the electric frypan with a squirt of oil. 
Another coffee

Yum, doesn't that look good?  Maybe not but it was freshly cooked  real food and it tasted good.

11.35am   Nettle and Rosehip tea.

12.20pm. .Same as breakfast.  Fish and an egg..  I cooked extra this morning so this was quick and simple to grab.  No thinking involved means eating less crap.

5.30pm.  Steak and vegetables for tea.   I cooked up a heap of different veg.  Choko, pumpkin, onion, capsicum, eggplant,cabbage, carrot.

 Lots of colour in this heaped cup of veg, most of it is from the gardens here.


And that's it.  Not the best but I'm happy with it.  Tomorrow will be much the same.  I am out all day but need to take food so I will take oats for breakfast, pumpkin soup and fish for lunch and have steak and veg for tea when I get home.  It's all ready to go so no reason to grab crappy food.  There will be fruit tomorrow, less coffee...

Son brought out the Pepper steaks from his work. . At their use by date so I have cooked it all up and it is in portions in the fridge and freezer for easy to grab eating as is the vegetables.  A daughter made the soup, it has pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot and is really nice.  

The cheese is unreachable without a stool so that's safe!

Better Eating...Again!

Well that didn't last long!  Last night, after a day of OK eating, I made pikelets, now there was oats, bran, fruit in them and they were made with kefir and I had certified organic honey on them, no butter...but...what a crock of *

So today I am going to take photos of what I eat and show myself that I can go all day with only real food.  It's not hard, I used to do it all the time and do want to get back there and I will get back to mostly eating real food and the photos today will, I hope!, prove it.

I know that there are people out there that only eat proper food all the time and they are fit, healthy, happy...I imagine they don't even want the taste of cake or ...I was trying to think of something that I couldn't go without forever and couldn't think of anything.  That's good, yeah?

Anyway, I don't want to go without cake for the rest of my life.  I want to eat it sometimes.  I want to sometimes have icecream, custard, pikelets and honey...but only sometimes, as a treat.  As it should be.  But first I need to start feeling better, get rid of some of the aches and pain and shortness of breath.  All things that are still there when I eat properly but not as bad as lately.  Lately I have felt pretty sore, tired, sick and I am putting it all down to the large amount of crappy food that I have eaten since the end of March.

And of course, once I am less sore I will move more and as that is what I need to get "Fitter by Friday" that is what I am aiming for.

Better food, less aches and pain, fitter, more fun wandering the countryside, climbing those big rocks and swimming in those lakes and rivers.  What a great thing to go for.  Lets start!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Back To Eating Better.

Once again I've not been doing enough.  I need to go into town later so will ride the bike in but that's not far and doesn't take long.  Still, better than nothing. 

I've not been having the best weeks lately and I'm putting it down to too much processed crappy food.  Birthday cake, chocolate, chips, bought chinese food, more chocolate, cheese and crackers...When I eat bad I feel bad but once I start the crappy food it seems to get into my head and I have trouble getting off it. I know this so no idea why I still have these times, I can easily go without the crap until I have some.  I like fresh, unprocessed food.  It tastes good, I feel better when I eat that.  It's cheaper because we grow most of our own...

Anyway, this morning I was having some crackers and cheese and was thinking that some dip would be nice...Yeah I know, wrong thinking right there but go with me on this...Anyway, I didn't have dip, I don't buy dip, had nothing to make a dip from...thought if I had some yoghurt I could maybe mix that with some pickles and that would do...No yoghurt  so no dip.  Got to thinking and remembered that I had some Kefir somewhere in the fridge... By now I was off the idea of crackers and dip and had packed the crackers away but was a bit worried about the long forgotton Kefir.

Cleaned out the top shelf of the fridge and found the kefir, it wasn't moldy (unlike the half tin of coconut milk)
so I have reurrected it and now have it sitting in a clean jar, in fresh milk and I will start having it again from tomorrow.  

And as of now all crap is away in a metal box to protect it from mice and it is out in the shed.  When the husband gets home he can bring it in if he wants to. It mostly has assorted crackers in it and his jar of small easter eggs...nothing I need.

I have liver, onion and vegetables for lunches this week.  I have a freezer full of fish and pork.   Heaps of eggs and I will boil some later on.  I will nuke a big bowl of any vegetable that I have here and will have small bowls of veg mixed with sweet chilly sauce ready to go in the fridge.  I have half a massive watermelon that needs eating and a bench full of slightly under-ripe apples.  The cheese will be put to the back of the top shelf out of my reach!

As from that last cracker a couple of hours ago any food I have this week will be *real* food.   I'm not going to worry too much about how much as long as it is proper food.  Real food full of goodness.

What will you eat this week?