Sunday, April 29, 2012

I walked with Leslie again this morning.  I like it but need to get into the habit of putting it on first thing.  This morning I was on the computer for nearly 20minutes before I saw something that reminded me to get up and do this.  

I will make a little note to stick on the monitor here and that way it should be seen.  I think once the idea of doing this gets into my head good and proper then it will be automatic but until then...a note should work.

I'm going to look for other Youtube stuff that I can do when the weather is too wet and cold outside for me.  There is so much on there that finding something that I like that looks fun might take awhile.   To start with it  will be easy stuff, like this walking, but maybe, eventually, they will be faster, harder...not this week though, this week, the next few weeks, it will be this easyish walk. 

I am going to get a page put up with anything that I find that I like and add to it as I go.  That way there will be no excuse ever about not being able to do something. 

Does anyone reading workout using their computer?  Do you have a  favorite Youtube exercise video?

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