Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing In Action.

I know, same heading as my other blog but... I can so did...
Only thing is though, it's me that has been MIA here and not Wanda
I am here now though because of her,

I am trying to get fitter so that me and Wanda can go exploring.  I need to be fit so that I can climb that mountain and swim that river...You know, all that stuff I waffled on about in my profile thingy.

But I have done NOTHING!! or near enough anyway, for way more than a week.  I think I have had one decent bike ride since the 16th.  That's not gonna get me fitter.  I know that, you know that, it's a known fact.  So why haven't I?

"Why haven't I?"  did I hear someone ask?  Well thankyou for the interest.  I haven't because...How much time do you have?
I have heaps of reasons but really they are probably more like excuses.  OK, they are excuses.  They all seemed valid at the time though so does that count?

BUT!!  I am going into town today to get some more meds and some more liver then I wont be able to use that reason excuse anymore.  Might even ride in...
I have brought the old ex bike inside so that reason excuse is gone.
What else was there?  I will strap my foot before I go walking.  I will use the bike before I read so that my hands aren't too sore...
I will try and abolish the reason/excuses instead of nurturing them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating Liver.

And who knew...It's really not that bad. 

I am still taking the Iron tablets but am getting tired again so I bought some Lambs Liver.  The idea was to mince it up and add it to some beef mince but I thought that I'd try a bit plain first.  I cut it thin and *fried* some up in the pan.  Man, I think it's the smell that would put you off but I toughened up and tasted a bit..If you have small bites and don't think about it it isn't that bad.  Next piece I put Barbecue sauce on...Yeah, not bad.  This morning I have cooked the rest up with onions and will have some for lunch and have some in the freezer for another day.  But I think I will keep buying it.  It is way cheaper than the Iron tablets so I might be able to eventually cut down on those. 

Lambs Liver, sold at our local IGA for $1.50.  It was quite big too so I don't think it came from a lamb. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tuesday.  Hohum...Nothing again.  I really need to work on this.  It's becoming too much of a bad thing.

Wednesday.  Nothing set but an hour and a bit slow walking around Perth.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Already.

And I have done nothing.
I was going to go for a walk on Saturday but while walking out the driveway through the foot high grass thought that I'd better do that instead.  So swapped the half hour walk for an hour and a bit mowing.
And Sunday...Dunno what happened there.
Monday today and so far nothing.  Hopefully a ride this evening but if I miss then it will be 3 days of nothing.

I WILL ride sometime today.  If not the real bike then the exercise bike tonight.

10.45am.  I have come back to say that I am not long back from a short ride.  6ish km so not too bad but hopefully I will get another one in later.
7pm.  I did get another ride in.  14km in 55minutes.

The ride this morning happened because daughter T rode out here but wanted a lift home.  Instead I offered to ride the couple of km back with her.  She went one way and I continued on around the big block.

Tonights ride nearly didn't happen but I am in a group of people on the Simple Savings site and they got me out doing this one with all their talk of what they have done.  I think they will be good for my motivation.

Friday, March 11, 2011

End of week roundup.

Weekly goals:
2x10km ride   NO, only did one and that was just now!
1x12km ride   YES, managed 20km.
2x walks.  No, none at all.

So what a SA I am.  Not sure how I can expect good results if I don't put in the work.
At the time I had very valid reason for not doing them but really, I could have, SHOULD have worked around them.
And I weigh more than 1200gm than I did last Friday!!  Hohum...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drumroll Please...

For I have ridden 20km non stop... 
And in doing so I have achieved my March gaol 3 weeks earlier than planned.

It was going to be 12 and we had to backtrack a bit to reach that but as we were getting nearer to Daughters place I suggested we go a bit further and do the 20.  I mean, we've ridden 12 so whats another 8?  Right?  I'm sure you would have done the same.
 Hubby says that I now need to do it again otherwise what goal do I have for the rest of the month...He says that I now have nothing to aim for so might stop riding with a purpose...He may be right... he usually is... and I may do it again...

HappyOK, I will do it again.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Moving.

Hubby was going to go for a longer ride with me this morning but other stuff came up and we didn't get to it.
I am back from a shorter ride though.  I did the big block, 6.1km and it took just under 24minutes.

Weekly goals:
2x10km ride
1x12km ride
2x walks.
Six days left to get them done.

Start of Week 14.

So I have been trying to get fitter for 13 weeks now.
I am fitter, maybe not as fit as I wanted to be by now but I haven't been pushing myself nearly as much as I should have been.

I have maybe lost a kilo.  In 3 months.  And it is a maybe, not a definate loss of 1kg but a maybe, as in I am up and down a couple of kilos each week but maybe I am more often now a kilo lower than I was in December.
One kilo.  The jeans are still not comfortable enough to wear out anywhere.Indifference

But...I am fitter.  And that is what's it's about.
Or is it?  That's how it started but I am still thinking that if I wasn't so fat then the biking and walking would be easier and so I would be getting fitter quicker...

Anyway, this week I'd like to ride a minimum of 10km at least 3 times.  At least one of these rides should be 12km.
And maybe a walk or 2, either to the corner and back or around the block.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Week Ending 4th March.

Not a lot was done this week.
I had the big ride on Sunday, a couple of hours walking around the shops on Tuesday, a 10 km ride yesterday evening, a 3km walk this morning.  Add in a 5km bikeride this evening.

Still 3 days of doing nothing so need to step it up next week.

Friday Walking

I walked this morning.
To the corner and back, 3km, 33minutes.
That is a massive (in my opinion) 7minutes less than when I started 12 weeks ago.
GreatHow good am I!

I couldn't help thinking though that a couple of extra minutes and I could have done a 10km bikeride...and I wonder what would be the better way of getting fitter...           

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bike *Computer*

I spent a couple of hours wandering around the shops on Tuesday and ended up buying  myself a *toy*

Hubby put it on my bike for me this afternoon and I can now see how fast I go, how far I go, how long it takes me to go that far that fast...I think every bike should have one of these things.  Lotsa fun.
Mine is just a cheapy one with 9 functions and cost just under $20. 

While he was at it he gave the bike a spray, wiped off some cobwebs, fiddled with some bits, done some other stuff, sprayed something else...
I now have brakes, gears that work better, no spiders, pumped up tyres...

He explained (again) how the gears work and when and why to change them and I think this time I must have listened because this evenings ride was a lot easier than the10km I rode last week.