Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Already.

And I have done nothing.
I was going to go for a walk on Saturday but while walking out the driveway through the foot high grass thought that I'd better do that instead.  So swapped the half hour walk for an hour and a bit mowing.
And Sunday...Dunno what happened there.
Monday today and so far nothing.  Hopefully a ride this evening but if I miss then it will be 3 days of nothing.

I WILL ride sometime today.  If not the real bike then the exercise bike tonight.

10.45am.  I have come back to say that I am not long back from a short ride.  6ish km so not too bad but hopefully I will get another one in later.
7pm.  I did get another ride in.  14km in 55minutes.

The ride this morning happened because daughter T rode out here but wanted a lift home.  Instead I offered to ride the couple of km back with her.  She went one way and I continued on around the big block.

Tonights ride nearly didn't happen but I am in a group of people on the Simple Savings site and they got me out doing this one with all their talk of what they have done.  I think they will be good for my motivation.

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