Thursday, December 29, 2011

Waste or Waist?

Hubby came home this morning from a visit to his family.  I was up there on Monday and did a 35min walk.  So I can still walk...Anyway he stayed another night.

He brought home a packet of fruit mince pies...I love these things.  A massive pavlova.  Another favorite.  And a big bowl of rum balls...Add that to the icecream I made and the gingerbread house that I was given...

Two people live here.  One of them doesn't eat a lot of sweet stuff.  The other only wants it if is it here.  And it is here.  And I want it.  If it wasn't here I wouldn't even think about it.  But I hate waste.  The family that sent these here always buy in excess and quite often things are left here.  I eat them so they won't be wasted.  I need to work on that part of my brain that says it is better for me to eat this bought processed stuff instead of giving it to the chooks.  I have frozen most of the gingerbead house and the fruitmince pies will go in there too but the pav is sitting on the bench saying "eat me, eat me"  OK..the pav is not really saying that.  It is that stupid little piggy person in my head that is saying that but it seems he is louder than the fit and healthy person in there.  Maybe the fit and healthy person in there is weak and sick from being fed so much crap lately!

I know I should just gather it all up and throw it into the chookpen.  I know this will be better for us all.  So why can't I bring myself to do this?  I have done it before, to chips husband leaves opened here.  He gets a bit cranky about that but I still did it.

And here is where my head is so mucked up...The pavlova is nowhere near as nice as the one my daughter made a few weeks back.  This one has that bought processed taste.  The bought processed taste that I am so against.  But I still eat it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby or Belly.

I've just remembered a dream I had.  Not all of the dream but bits of it.  I was housesitting, looking after someones gardens and animals.  The lady came home as I was getting ready to leave and asked if I'd do it again soon.   "After you've had the baby" she says.  OK, that's not good.

Now in the last month I haven't ask 2 people if they had baby under their dress because these days you just don't know...Turns out that with both of them it is all belly.  Same as me.  All belly.  No baby.  My dream lady just didn't have the same manners as real me.  And that is *dream lady* as in the lady in my dreams...not the lady of my dreams...And you'd think the 53 year old face would have given a hint.  Unless I look younger.  Now I am dreaming!

I'm taking it as another sign though...Time to get a move on and start moving.

December 2011. Where I am.

It's been nearly 4 weeks since I have been here.  Four weeks since I walked, rode, stretched, anythinged.
Four weeks of eating crap, carbs, rubbish.   There isn't much chance I'd enjoy smimming in any lakes or climbing any mountains any time soon.  And seeing as that is why I want to be fitter my thinking and actions (or lack of) don't make any sense.  Any fitness and health that I had gained throughout the year is gone.  Completely.

Husband has been off work for nearly 2 months and though it's not his fault I always eat badly and move hardly at all when he is here.  I don't know why, it's just too easy to give up on it all when he is eating chips or chocolate and laying on the lounge watching TV.  I don't even like the TV so I shouldn't even be concerned that it's on and the chips are in the cupboard and the chocolate is in the fridge...But it does seem that I am useless at wanting to get fitter and healthier when he is around.  That is something that I will really need to work on next year.  Or tomorrow.  Or now...He is not at all interested in doing anything about his health so I will be in this alone.

I will start first thing next year.  That gives me 4 days to get ALL the crappy, unhealthy stuff out of the house.

I will asked the husband to help me with this as it seems I am too weak minded to do it by myself.   I will put his munchies and the boxes of crackers in a locked box and give him the keys    How bad is that though, needing to lock up food so I don't eat it.

The exercise bike needs a bit of a cleanup and some oil.  As does the other bike.   I need to start with the regular mowing again  Get back to the 30 minutes at least each day.  The grass was looking good there for awhile.

I have a Gingerbread House here sitting on the table and have planned on breaking it today when other people are here.  I will put some away for the husband and send some home with them,  the freezing to have later idea will be put aside as I want everything gone...I need to get the husband to eat the icecream I made a few days ago.  That stuff is divine and I will not be making it again any time soon.

So, bring on the new year and the fitter and healthier me.  Again!!

We have our 25th wedding anniversary on the 14 February, no real idea of what we'll be doing but it will involve some sort of swimming, walking and climbing...

So first goal, to be fit enough to have some fun on a week away.
Plan...Cut out all the crappy carbs.  We grow all our own vegies so there is still going to be a lot of carbs in our diet but maybe smaller plates and more moving will work.
I'll print out a sheet with some boxes to tick and a timeline thing maybe...that needs thinking about but will be done today.

It's now 6.15am.  Too early to mow so I'll go water everything while I wait for breakfast time.

Friday, December 2, 2011

What's Up?

My computer caught a virus or 9 a few weeks back and although it has been fixed it isn't *quite right*
I can't comment as Me again and a few other things but the daughter knows how to change that.  I will call on her later.  Not long after the computer died the scales went the same way. They had been sick for awhile so I tried to fix them and instead killed them completely.  I have the old ones here somewhere and will need to find them. 

I haven't done any walking or riding since coming back from Hopetoun, so a month of nothing.  Still mowing and I think that is the only thing that has stopped  the great lazy lump that hides inside of me from coming out completely.  I complain about the grass growing all the time but it does have it's uses. 

Husband has finally gone back to work so the eating is back to normal.  I like to eat fresh unprocessed  food but do eat too much.   When Hubby is home the house has bought processed crap in it, chocolate, chips, crackers... and like he says. I don't have to eat it... but I do.  And icecream.  What 2 people needs a box of 20 drumsticks in their freezer?!  Well, there are none there now so things can get back to normal.  I'm running out of lentils though so will need to get some more real soon.

At the moment my breakfast of choice is eggs.  I have more than a dozen dozen in the fridge and though some get sold and lots are frozen that still leaves a lot of eggs.   I have some cooked chook/rooster and a cold roast in the fridge so that is my meat for the next couple of days.  Add in fresh salad and veg from the garden and my meals are sorted.  Apricots, strawberries and  beans straight from the bush are being snacked on.  I may will probably make up some custard as that uses up a few eggs and gets some milk into me.  The food will be healthy but there will be too much of it..  I REALLY need to work on that!

I don't/wont count calories to lose weight.  That is not a sustainable thing for me.  I don't fry foods.  I don't have sugar in tea or coffee and always use less that any recipes says to.  I rarely buy biscuits and don't bake as I would be the one that eats it.  I drink coffee, 3-5 cups a day and drink plenty of water, not cool drink or cordials.  I would rather have real food than bought *diet* food.  I do drink powered skim milk though, made up stronger than the label says so it is not weak and watering.  I like that better than bought milk which is not at all like milk should be...

When Hubby is home there is sometimes takeaway, my favorite being hot chips, the crunchy ones.  Not every week, not every fortnight...not even every month.  We don't eat a lot of junk food when we are home but there are times when it might be a couple of times in a week but then none for months.  Travelling with him is junkfood hell and I think there will be more of that next year so I need to plan better for those times.

I know that I am fat and unfit and would like to be fitter and thinner but obviously not enough to actually get serious and do it.  Don't know why that is...There is so much that I want to do, you know the stuff, *wander the countryside, climb big rocks and swim in lakes and rivers.*  and it would all be a lot more fun if I was fitter and not so fat.

Next year is less that a month away and I plan on going on more adventures then so lets see if I can get the mindset in the right gear.  Eating well over the next week will be a good start but moving more will be a better one...Better go get the mower out...