Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby or Belly.

I've just remembered a dream I had.  Not all of the dream but bits of it.  I was housesitting, looking after someones gardens and animals.  The lady came home as I was getting ready to leave and asked if I'd do it again soon.   "After you've had the baby" she says.  OK, that's not good.

Now in the last month I haven't ask 2 people if they had baby under their dress because these days you just don't know...Turns out that with both of them it is all belly.  Same as me.  All belly.  No baby.  My dream lady just didn't have the same manners as real me.  And that is *dream lady* as in the lady in my dreams...not the lady of my dreams...And you'd think the 53 year old face would have given a hint.  Unless I look younger.  Now I am dreaming!

I'm taking it as another sign though...Time to get a move on and start moving.

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