Thursday, December 29, 2011

Waste or Waist?

Hubby came home this morning from a visit to his family.  I was up there on Monday and did a 35min walk.  So I can still walk...Anyway he stayed another night.

He brought home a packet of fruit mince pies...I love these things.  A massive pavlova.  Another favorite.  And a big bowl of rum balls...Add that to the icecream I made and the gingerbread house that I was given...

Two people live here.  One of them doesn't eat a lot of sweet stuff.  The other only wants it if is it here.  And it is here.  And I want it.  If it wasn't here I wouldn't even think about it.  But I hate waste.  The family that sent these here always buy in excess and quite often things are left here.  I eat them so they won't be wasted.  I need to work on that part of my brain that says it is better for me to eat this bought processed stuff instead of giving it to the chooks.  I have frozen most of the gingerbead house and the fruitmince pies will go in there too but the pav is sitting on the bench saying "eat me, eat me"  OK..the pav is not really saying that.  It is that stupid little piggy person in my head that is saying that but it seems he is louder than the fit and healthy person in there.  Maybe the fit and healthy person in there is weak and sick from being fed so much crap lately!

I know I should just gather it all up and throw it into the chookpen.  I know this will be better for us all.  So why can't I bring myself to do this?  I have done it before, to chips husband leaves opened here.  He gets a bit cranky about that but I still did it.

And here is where my head is so mucked up...The pavlova is nowhere near as nice as the one my daughter made a few weeks back.  This one has that bought processed taste.  The bought processed taste that I am so against.  But I still eat it.


  1. I had this problem till I figured if it was gifted it wasn't costing me anything and if it ended up as chook or dairy cow food it wasn't waste as I'd consume it as eggs or milk, which are both much healthier :)! Sometimes the givers are "regifted the gift" as a dozen eggs or a bottle of fresh milk, but they don't know it's a recycled regift. It's just a matter of adapting your views to your situation, difficult as it is for us 'waste not, want not' types.

  2. I've decided to ask Hubby to do it. I'll be outside mowing the grass so I wont see. lol.


  3. Lol, that's one way around it!