Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get Fitter. By Friday...

OK, who would have believed that it's been a month or so since I came here.  I think because I am not coming here I am not focusing on getting fitter.  So I have decided that I will come here more often to write something.  To write anything.  Regardless of how bad I have been at becoming fitter I will still come here and post.  It will, I'm sure, make me realise what a great SA I am and it will make me totally ashamed for you all to see that and I will start moving and become fitter to show everyone that I can.   I'm sure that makes sense somehow, to someone...

It is Saturday.  I am fat and unfit but I WILL be fitter by next Friday.   FitterByFriday.  Thats what the header says and that is what my head will say.  I will be fitter.  By next Friday.  So, By next Friday I will be fitter than I am right now. 

I will go have a cup of tea and come up with a plan.  It might involve a Vision Board...It will involve some moving.

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