Friday, September 30, 2011

September Ends. October Goals.

Last day of the month and by 5.30pm I still hadn't done any walking or biking...Just could not be fagged...

But I thought I should then thought some more, donned some shoes, got the bike out and decided to go for a quick one, maybe towards town to the railway crossover.  Started that but had forgotten that the road into town goes upward a bit and my legs were so sore so didn't go to the railway line like I planned but turned round and headed for home.  That was a lot easier so I buzzed passed the driveway and continued up the road.  To the corner.  It was bleedin' hard getting home again though because that road too goes slightly up.
More than 4km but probably not 5...I don't know as I can't get the speedo thing on the bike to work properly.  I will have to get Hubby to show me how to set it.  Again.

I am sitting here and thinking that I am feeling much better than a week ago, the cold is all but gone and the iron is maybe starting to kick in again.  There is no reason for me to not continue with the riding or some walking every day. 

October starts tomorrow, three months until next year.   I will set the goal of doing something at least 5 days a week for October.  Anyone want to join me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week of September.

Saturday 24th.
Bikeride to corner and back so 3km.  I am still unwell though on the mend but this was a hard ride that seemed to take forever.  I think the tyres might be a bit flat as well though I did check them before I started.   The slow and awkward ride suggests that they need a bit of air so I will recheck them tomorrow.

Sunday 25th.
I did intend going for another bikeride, pumped the tyres up and everything but...I know, excuses already and it's only day 2.  Did go for a walk with the GD so slow, a bit over 1+1/2km but something.  Hubby reckons we were gone for an hour so I could say I had an hours walk!  The bikeride didn't happen as I mowed a bit of grass and did some weeding instead.

Monday 26th.
The bikeride is done.  Corner and back, 3km and I'm not saying it was raining and cold because I am still unwell and that might get me in trouble but I had a rain jacket on and I came back and had a hot lemon and honey drink so it all good.

Nothing at all.   I could blame the wet and stormy day but really, there were times when I could have gone for a walk, I just didn't.

Ride to corner and back.  Not too fast, I am still not 100% well and struggling to keep this up but glad that it is over and done with.
5PM.  Walked the daughter and grandaughter 3/4 way home.  Took 22minutes but wasn't real fast as GD was on her bike and kept mucking around.  Walked home alone so 15-17minutes there, seemed a decent pace.  I wont feel too bad if I don't do anything tomorrow now. 

Been out all day but home just after five, set the fire up ready to light, chopped more chips, moved the bike out of the way...went inside and had a think then came back out and went for a ride.  Around the block, not fast so it took around 18minutes.  How good am I!!

I so hope I keep it up.  Nice weather, swimming, walking, camping weather so I need to be fitter.
I WILL keep it up.  Come and join me.  It will be fun.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starting Again. Again!

I have been unwell with a rotten cold for more than a week now and though I am feeling a bit better today I am still nowhere near what I should be.   The fact that I haven't been able to stomach my Iron or Nexium meds hasn't helped either.

This lovely weather that we have had over the last couple of days has got me wanting to get out there and enjoy a few bushwalks but I know that even if I talked Hubby into going somewhere I wouldn't be able to do any walking and breathing at the same time.  And that's something that you do kinda need to be able to do.
I need to make a start somewhere so soon I will go for a bikeride.  I don't have any thoughts that it will be fast or far but it will be a start.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, Thursday.

Nothing yesterday even though I was home all day.  I thought about it but just couldn't get moving.  I did do a bit outside work but nothing extra. 

Today though, up and out by 6am.  I walked to the corner and back so 3km and it was within the 35minutes so not as bad as I was thinking it would be.  It wasn't a fast walk and sometimes I thought I should rev it up a bit but *couldn't*.

Anyway, moving is over and done with.
There will be pruning, mowing, digging dirt and whatever else I do outside but the structured moving is done.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And I Did It...

Instead of just thinking about it I got up off me bum and went. 
Only a short one, 2km's but it was something.
Hopefully I'll go for a longer one tomorrow, like all the way to the corner but I will have more time tomorrow so no excuse.

And once wasn't that hard. 

Lovely Walk.

I was away over the weekend.  Early on Sunday morning I was up before everyone else so decided to go for a walk.  It was dark so I took a torch but as I walked it got lighter so didn't need it.  It seemed like I walked for a long time, I kinda thought I'd walk to the main road but got to a corner and looked back and thought how far it was so headed back.  Nearly back to the house when I walked up a bush track with the intention of checking out the river but didn't get to it as there were dozens of kangaroos and I was scaring them.

I could see the house from here so flashed the torch to see if anyone was up and sure enough I heard the grandaughter yell out so I walked back, met them coming down the hill and turned around and went off with them.  This was a slower walk but all up I covered quite a few k's and it felt good.   I always walk when I am away and enjoy it but I think at home here I don't walk as there is nowhere to go.  Nowhere that is fun anyway.  I walk to the corner and back...Wow, yeah that's fun!  Or around the block...that's better but there's not much to see and I worry about a couple of dogs that are on this route.  When away it is all unexplored territory so much better.

Leaving on Sunday afternoon it turned out I was only a little way from the mainroad so I could have done it...And next time I will!

The walk though got me thinking about needing to start again.   And I am sitting here at 5.45am, looking out the window and seeing that it is starting to get light and I am still thinking about starting again...