Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lovely Walk.

I was away over the weekend.  Early on Sunday morning I was up before everyone else so decided to go for a walk.  It was dark so I took a torch but as I walked it got lighter so didn't need it.  It seemed like I walked for a long time, I kinda thought I'd walk to the main road but got to a corner and looked back and thought how far it was so headed back.  Nearly back to the house when I walked up a bush track with the intention of checking out the river but didn't get to it as there were dozens of kangaroos and I was scaring them.

I could see the house from here so flashed the torch to see if anyone was up and sure enough I heard the grandaughter yell out so I walked back, met them coming down the hill and turned around and went off with them.  This was a slower walk but all up I covered quite a few k's and it felt good.   I always walk when I am away and enjoy it but I think at home here I don't walk as there is nowhere to go.  Nowhere that is fun anyway.  I walk to the corner and back...Wow, yeah that's fun!  Or around the block...that's better but there's not much to see and I worry about a couple of dogs that are on this route.  When away it is all unexplored territory so much better.

Leaving on Sunday afternoon it turned out I was only a little way from the mainroad so I could have done it...And next time I will!

The walk though got me thinking about needing to start again.   And I am sitting here at 5.45am, looking out the window and seeing that it is starting to get light and I am still thinking about starting again...

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