Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Food Recording.

Tuesdays eating was much the same as Monday but there was a slice of toast with jam and cheese mid afternoon.


1/2 tin Baked Beans.   7.20

Boiled egg and salad.   9am,

2 DimSims   11.45 Lunch.

Bread with honey and cheese. 1 slice.

Bread with honey and cheese. 1 slice.   Hmmm, OK, I do eat too much crap.  Must have forgot about that!  I should have had the rest of the BB or some salad or a chunk of meat, or... something different anyway.

Pork and vegetables.  Tea.  6.45pm.

No moving again!!  What is wrong with me...

Tomorrow will be oats for breakfast,  eggs and salad for lunch, an orange, apple maybe.  Some pork meat.   I wont be home all day so will eat what I take.  
Tea will probably be chicken and chips because husband is due home and said he'd pick something up.  He will be home before me but I'm thinking I'll still have some salad or vegies left and will add that to mine.
I'll have to have a plan for Friday and will have to resist too much chicken, it will be fried, from Chicken treat.

And I need to start moving.

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