Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend. 27-28 August.

I'm going to write down what I eat over the weekend.  In my head I mostly eat fresh unprocessed food but my body is telling me otherwise.  We'll see what this tells me.

It's now 8am so I'm off to have some oatmix for breakfast.
9.30  second coffee.
11am.  Just had a boiled egg.
12.30.  Lunch, salad of  lettuce, carrots, caulieflower.  Grated cheese on top, Choko pickle.
4pm.  Mowed the grass,  first session - 35min.  I tell ya, that is so much harder than walking to the corner and back, not sure why I chose it!
Trouble is, I go outside and start something and forget that I have stuff cooking on the stove.  It was meat this time... HoHum, it's nice and brown now anyway...
Tea.  2 sausages, egg, salad (lettuce, carrot, caulie)
Another sausage!!

Pikelets for breakfast. Grandaughter made these.  They have fruit and oatmix added.


10min dancing and jumping around to the Wiggles
10min jumping around dancing to the Fairy songs.

11am  Pikelet. 
20minutes mowing, 5min chook chasing.

Lunch.  Salad (lettuce, carrot)  egg. 2 sausage.

10min mowing.  I wanted to do more but there was a loud POP! and it cut out. 
30min digging, weeding, mulching...Everyday garden stuff.

Bugger!  The pikelets are now gone.  I knew I should have wrapped them tight and put them out in the shed freezer.  Probably 5 or 6...Maybe 6 or 7...over the course of the day up to 2pm.


Sausage.  Thank goodness they are now all gone!

Spent most of the afternoon out there weeding, planting, digging...not a lot but small bits over a long time!


Tea.  Plate of vegies - Carrot, caulieflower, peas, corn.
        Bit of pork roast.

Simple roundup of what I ate each day.
 boiled egg.
 salad of  lettuce, carrots, caulieflower.  Grated cheese on top, Choko pickle.
3 sausages,
salad (lettuce, carrot, caulie)
3 coffee over the day.

Coffee x 4 over the day.
Pikelets  Maybe 7-9...
Salad (lettuce, carrot) 
3 sausage.
Plate of vegies - Carrot, caulieflower, peas, corn, spinach.
Bit of pork roast.

This lot of oatmix has oats, bran, nuts, pepitas, crushed linseed, milk.  I have 1/3 cup then add hot water and let it soak.
Coffee has milk, no sugar.
I drink water, often throughout the day.


  1. Lol, aren't sausages tempting! Too much fat though and unless you make your own you're never sure what fillers (breadcrumbs etc) go into them :(. I've been eating fish and salad for lunch and trying different low fat toppings to jazz them up. I must cut down on the cups of tea with 2 sugars and milk and drink more water. I'll have to spring into exercising now it's Spring.

  2. I know...But they are so nice. lol.