Friday, August 26, 2011

New Start, Today.

Decided to do some mowing this afternoon.  I even search for and found my watch to make sure I did at least 30minutes.  Went out to get the mower...and it's not there.  I looked again, seached the yard, looked in the other shed...Na, no mower.  Figured the son must have borrowed it so got the whipper snipper out and started that instead.  Hadn't done 10 minutes when the daughter showed up so that was put on hold too.  Well, I tried.
The same daughter brought out a pack of biscuits and got the grandaughter to offer them around.  Then she went home and left the open packet sitting on the bench!!!  They are now bagged up and out in the shed freezer but with a couple less than there was before.

So, Day 1 - No moving. Too many biscuits eaten.  No liver.  Gosh!  I sound like a miserable failure.  Tomorrow has to be better.  Tomorrow will be better.

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