Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 I'm out for a bit today, event at grandchilds school, so need to get stuff done and have decent food before I go so I am not too tempted by what will be available up there.

Weetbix x 2
Orange.  9.45
Vegie soup.  Noonish and feeling crook.
More soup with brown rice in it.
Fishfingers x 2  It's nearly 4 oclock and I'm hungry.  Should menu plan so I have some idea about tea!
Brown rice with passionfruit.
Savory mince.  Tea.
Coffee.  It's 7PM and that will be it for the day. 

Not enough water again.  Not enough moving again BUT I did go for a quick 10min walk this morning because I was early for an event.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The grandkid has gone home, husband is at work for the day, I can eat what I want when I want.  This be it...
Coffee. 6ish.
Bran cereal.
Orange.  after doctors.
Chickpea and veg mush.  Lunch.
Chocolate!!  Husband brought it home yesterday...
Sultanas.  Instead of chocolate.  2PM.
More sultanas.   I just want to eat!  2.45.
Eggs x 2 for tea at 7ish.
Toast and cheese.  Bugger!
Muesli bar.  Double Bugger!!
Prunes.  Maybe 7.  Or 8...
Coffee. 8.30.  I should just go to bed...

Still not getting enough water or moving.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Stressed and Not Moving.

A lot has been happening here since last Wednesday and I have been wanting to eat...anything and everything...but I haven't been too bad considering.  I am undergoing more medical tests, daughter has been admitted to hospital, I am looking after the grandkid who has been crook the last couple of days.  A fox got in with the chooks early this morning and killed 4 before I heard anything and got up to investigate.  Too much stress, not nearly enough moving.  My saving grace has been the container of cooked chickpeas and the big pot of vegie soup, both ready to go in the fridge.  That and having no bread or easily accessible crap food.   Though the cheese has been brought back inside so I have been nibbling on that...It will go out again soon, after grandaughters lunch.  Oh, husband came home unexpectedly on Friday and brought Chinese food with him...then went back to work the next day and left it here in the fridge...Of course I ate too much of that and I pinched a couple of the grandaughters biscuits as well.  HoHum..And more stress, I need to get a clown costume sorted before Wednesday.   I am not a sewer, I am not crafty, the child is fussy.  Still, all things considering it's not going too badly.  Husband will be home for tea so I need to get something healthy that he will like made up but I am wanting chocolate pudding...might make a small one and hope he eats it.   I need to go out and dig up some spuds for him but will not get too many as I don't need them.

I need to drink more so today I am going to concentrate on getting close to 2 litres in and I really should make an effort to move for more than 15 minutes.  That doesn't sound too hard does it.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been noticing lately that I haven't been drinking enough water so today I have filled up a 2litre bottle and will take swigs from that throughout the day.  I tried this yesterday and didn't even get halfway through it but will make more of an effort today.  It's harder for me to drink enough when it's cold but I know it is something that I need to work on.

Bran.  Like AllBran but less processed.
Prunes. I love prunes and forgot these were there but found them when looking for something else.  Yummo!
Vegie concoction.  Had a bit of chicken and some chickpeas but mainly veg.  Lunch at noon.
Orange. 12.30
Prunes.  3.00  Maybe 7 or 8.  .
Chickpeas and veg soup.  4.30.  Early tea.
Custard.  5ish.
Chinese food.  7.30  Husband came home unexpectedly...with Chinese food.  Had a small amount.

Only did 10min moving today so not good enough, I need to make more effort earlier to make sure it's done before I can't be fagged.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Weetbix x 2.  Should have gone for a ride first but didn't.  It's 7.30 already.  Should go now...
15min moving while watching YouTube...Puffing quite a bit!
7min moving.
Custard x 3/4 cup.  It's nearly half past 9 and I'm ready for coffee.
Coffee...Nearly 9.30.
Chicken, veg, chickpeas.  11.30.  Early lunch.
Orange. 1PM.
Custard.  3/4 cup, maybe.  
5min moving.
Nuts, sm handful.  3PM.
5min moving.
Chicken, chickpea and veg.  Getting hungry.
Coffee. 5PM.
I'll probably have an Orange later and maybe some more food sometime before bed...Will see how I feel.

So I have moved for more than 30min today and that is longer than the bikeride takes.  I watched decluttering videos while doing it and that has kept me wanting to get rid of stuff...though I didn't do much of that today.  There was nothing that I am cranky about eating so that's good too.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Bikeride, 3km.
Egg and veg.  Breakfast, leftovers from yesterday.  It's 7.10.
Orange.  8.30,  Something before I leave for the day.
I am down at Vinnies all day but have made a chickpea and salad wrap, will take half for lunch with some carrot sticks.  Will take a big banana too in case I need something else to eat before I get home when I will have the other half of the wrap.  Tea is made and ready to go so my food today is sorted and no reason to muck up with cruddy stuff...I wont take any money so wont be tempted by the yummy cooking smells that come from the cafe next door.

Well, the afternoon was a big fat fail..  Came home in a storm, it was wet, windy, wild weather and I ate.  Ate some more and then kept eating...Having a coffee now then bed so I can't eat anything else.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Bikeride.  3km.
Veg and egg.  Breakfast at 8.30.  This was 2 cups of veg + 3 eggs, I had half and half is in the fridge.
1/2 carrot
1/2 chicken and salad wrap.  Other half is ready for when I want it
Orange.  1.30.
1/2 chicken wrap.  2.30. I wanted it.
Brazil nuts and Gojo berries.  4ish.
Chicken and veg.  Stew/casserole type thing.  Tea at 6.15.
Milk Milo at 7.30

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Buckwheat for breakfast. Not had this before, is good.
Banana. 11.20  Back from the markets.  Was tempted by sausage sizzle and fresh bread but resisted.
We're going to make healthy raw treats so will need to resist not eating too many.
Srambled eggs with HEAPS of veg and buckwheat added.  Lunch.
This afternoon there was a selection of brazil nuts, Gojo berries, Orange. tiny bit of raw fudge.
No walk as it didn't stop raining.
Fish and vegetables.  Home for tea.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Coffee.  Get up, have coffee.  Thems the rules.
Bikeride. 3km.  I know, can I get any better!
Orange.  It's 7.45 and I have no oats and am not sure what breakfast will be.
Quinoa mixed with passionfruit.  Breakfast, was nice.
Banana.  While at Vinnies.  Asked T to buy me one as I was feeling sick.
Bowl veg.  Lunch at home.
Lollies!!  DO NOT EAT CRAP CHOCOLATE LOLLIES!  Just saying...
1/2 Banana.   Because there is a bag of crap stuff right there on the table.  Why?  Who's?
Coffee.  The bag in now hidden away in husbands cupboard.
Bowl of veg.   2.30.
I am going down to Nannup, back tomorrow sometime.  Healthy food will be eaten while down there.  There will be walking.  Some small hills.   Least I wont be wearing a baby like one of the others.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Coffee. Weetbix x2  Breakfast
Bikeride  3km.
Boiled egg.
then walked.  3km
Fish and pumpkin.  Cooked extra last night so no thinking involved today.
Coffee.  It's 12Noon.
I have so much to do still but really don't want to now...Still better get a few more things crossed off the list.  Wonder what the movie is today....
Orange.  It's 2pm.
Orange.  It's 4.15  Getting hungry but still too much to do.  At least tea is cooked.
Bowl of veg.   6pm   Need something to eat but husband not home yet.
Milk milo.
Quinoa and Passionfruit.  Mixed together, nice. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


An OK eating day. Coffee then 2 weetbix for breakfast. Orange mid morning. Savory mince and veg for lunch. Milk milo after that. Boiled egg mid afternoon. Tea was fish and pumpkin. Another milk milo. Again, not near enough veg...Not enough moving. It was too wet and windy for me to walk but I did do a bit of indoor walking and moving so something but not enough. Try again tomorrow.


Coffee at 5.30 this morning then breakfast of 2 Weetbix at 7. Daughter T rang soon afterwards saying she was halfway out and to get ready to ride back in with her. I decided to walk as it was a bit windy. But! I walked. We actually *ran* a bit between power poles...she is faster and better at it than me. Coming back by myself a also *ran* between power poles. Not as fast and not as many but still. Had a boiled egg not long after getting home. A coffee then a sardine and salad wrap at 11.30 as an early lunch. Visitor in the afternoon and by the time she left I was needing something to eat so had mushroom and egg which didn't do the job so finished with 2 slices toast with honey and cheese. Then was sick so serves me right! Bed early as I was still feelong crook. I hate that, it's always worrying feeling so sick after having mushrooms...I need to make sure that I have pre prepared healthy food available at all times. And no cheese inside...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Wrap.

Another day, another fail not the greatest. Eating was OK. Moving was not. As in Not. No moving, again. Excuses today? Too lazy and unorganised. Mainly unorganised I think. Out all day and instead of going for a walk this morning before I left I chose to go through a pile of clothes and decide what to keep and what to take down and donate. So do I declutter or get fitter? With a bit of forethought and effort I should be able to do both. Eating was alright. Oats for breakfast. Half a homemade wrap for lunch. Veg and chickpeas for tea with the small amount of custard that is left.  Grandaughter came home with me and she made some chocolate custard for afternoon tea so of course I had some but I had a boiled egg first, it made me feel better about having the chocolate custard. I will have a milo later and that will be it.

I made 2 wraps like this, egg and salad.  One for me and one for the daughter so she wouldn't need to go buy one while we were at Vinnies for the day.  I had half at lunchtime, the grandaughter had my other half after school.  Much nicer than bought stuff and we didn't need to spend any money.  Bonus!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


No moving today. For some reason I didn't go early this morning when I thought to then the grandkid didn't want to when she was here and by the time she left and I finished painting the bee boxes I was too sore to bother. Eating over the weekend hasn't been too bad so that's something but I need to get more veg, more Iron, more Calcium...I don't want to take supps so really need to eat properly. I'll have an egg with some veg soon then a milo, made with milk, instead of having a coffee....I'll be out most of tomorrow and will take an egg and salad wrap for lunch so there will be no need to get chips from the shop next door to Vinnies. Tomorrow I will move, early!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Vote To Get Fitter.

The ride in this morning was so bleedin' hard that before I got to the corner even I thought of giving up and coming back to get the car. No idea why but it was hard! Well, I have a pretty good idea, I am fat and unfit and haven't done it for too long...Coming home was easier. I will go for another one tomorrow, up towards the northern corner which is 1 1/2km away and see how I go with that.

Vote to Ride...

Or today, I will ride to vote. Voting day so I will ride the bike into daughters house (well to her front verandah, not actually into her house...) then we will walk down town to the polling booth, walk back to pick up my bike then I will ride home...That will be a decent start to my new get fitter goal. If it stays dry then I will mow later on and if I use the small mower that will be heaps more getting fitter activity. Still feeling so sore and stiff for some reason but better in my head than I have lately so hoping that will help.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's For Lunch?

Eating still needs working on. I am eating too much, even of the good stuff and still not moving enough. I can hear Dr Phil saying "And how's that working for you" Well it's not working but no surprises there. I need to eat better and move more. It's not rocket science! I am out all day tomorrow and still need to decide on what to take for lunch. It is already after 9PM and I am ready for idea what to take but am leaving early so better get it sorted soon. Maybe a salad, there is plenty of lettuce growing out in the gardens. I have cooked up a pot of chickpeas so chickpea and pumpkin soup? Dunno. Will work it out in the morning. Something decent anyway. Tea of veg and mince is ready for when I get home and there will be oats for breakfast. Oranges somewhere in there too. Maybe I do need to menu plan, it's not something that gets me excited but it might help get me healthy...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's Spring Into It.

It's Spring. Raining and wet right now and has been for the last week but I'm sure that it will soon be sunny and warm...and I will be wanting to be outside doing lots of garden work. And I wont be fit enough to enjoy it! I wont be fit enough to swim in lakes and rivers, walk for miles along beaches or climb mountains...or small hills even. Today has been one of the best for ages with eating, no cruddy stuff at all yet...there will be tacos and homemade icecream for our Fathers Day Tea but lots of salad and the mince is lean with...shhh...added vegies. So nothing to moan about there. I am out most of tomorrow but the fridge is full of healthy food and there is no crappy stuff close to hand. All good. Tomorrow I will start walking or riding again too. Feeling good about it all today. Let's do this.