Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 I'm out for a bit today, event at grandchilds school, so need to get stuff done and have decent food before I go so I am not too tempted by what will be available up there.

Weetbix x 2
Orange.  9.45
Vegie soup.  Noonish and feeling crook.
More soup with brown rice in it.
Fishfingers x 2  It's nearly 4 oclock and I'm hungry.  Should menu plan so I have some idea about tea!
Brown rice with passionfruit.
Savory mince.  Tea.
Coffee.  It's 7PM and that will be it for the day. 

Not enough water again.  Not enough moving again BUT I did go for a quick 10min walk this morning because I was early for an event.

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