Monday, September 16, 2013


Bikeride, 3km.
Egg and veg.  Breakfast, leftovers from yesterday.  It's 7.10.
Orange.  8.30,  Something before I leave for the day.
I am down at Vinnies all day but have made a chickpea and salad wrap, will take half for lunch with some carrot sticks.  Will take a big banana too in case I need something else to eat before I get home when I will have the other half of the wrap.  Tea is made and ready to go so my food today is sorted and no reason to muck up with cruddy stuff...I wont take any money so wont be tempted by the yummy cooking smells that come from the cafe next door.

Well, the afternoon was a big fat fail..  Came home in a storm, it was wet, windy, wild weather and I ate.  Ate some more and then kept eating...Having a coffee now then bed so I can't eat anything else.

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