Thursday, September 12, 2013


Coffee. Weetbix x2  Breakfast
Bikeride  3km.
Boiled egg.
then walked.  3km
Fish and pumpkin.  Cooked extra last night so no thinking involved today.
Coffee.  It's 12Noon.
I have so much to do still but really don't want to now...Still better get a few more things crossed off the list.  Wonder what the movie is today....
Orange.  It's 2pm.
Orange.  It's 4.15  Getting hungry but still too much to do.  At least tea is cooked.
Bowl of veg.   6pm   Need something to eat but husband not home yet.
Milk milo.
Quinoa and Passionfruit.  Mixed together, nice. 

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  1. Hmm quinoa and passionfruit. At first I went, ew, but then thought, well maybe... I shall try it when I am back on sugar.