Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Wrap.

Another day, another fail not the greatest. Eating was OK. Moving was not. As in Not. No moving, again. Excuses today? Too lazy and unorganised. Mainly unorganised I think. Out all day and instead of going for a walk this morning before I left I chose to go through a pile of clothes and decide what to keep and what to take down and donate. So do I declutter or get fitter? With a bit of forethought and effort I should be able to do both. Eating was alright. Oats for breakfast. Half a homemade wrap for lunch. Veg and chickpeas for tea with the small amount of custard that is left.  Grandaughter came home with me and she made some chocolate custard for afternoon tea so of course I had some but I had a boiled egg first, it made me feel better about having the chocolate custard. I will have a milo later and that will be it.

I made 2 wraps like this, egg and salad.  One for me and one for the daughter so she wouldn't need to go buy one while we were at Vinnies for the day.  I had half at lunchtime, the grandaughter had my other half after school.  Much nicer than bought stuff and we didn't need to spend any money.  Bonus!


  1. Can you walk into Vinnies instead of driving?

  2. Have thought of that but...then I wouldn't be able to bring FreeMarket stuff home. Which wouldn't be that bad of a thing if I think about it!

  3. Hey yes it would! But doesn't T always have her car there anyway? Or are you not there at the same time as her?

    OR get a trailer for your bike :D