Thursday, August 29, 2013


6.15. Coffee. Breakfast at 8ish - Oats. 9.30 - Coffee. 5 crackers and cheese!! Still haven't put the cheese outside in the shed fridge...Chickpeas and veg moosh for lunch. An orange off the tree this afternoon. Custard throughout the day. I'm calling that my calcium intake... Tea was more chickpea and veg moosh at 6.30. Friggen 'ell. More crackers, with Vegemite instead of cheese so that's something. Still shouldn't have had them. Peanut paste and oats mixed together. Coffee at 8.30.

Seems I'm getting worse instead of better with my eating. I do better when I'm not thinking of it all the time, keeping a record of what I eat is not helping like I thought it would. I do know that I can't blame the husband for my eating crap as he hasn't been home all week and all the good intentions I had meant nothing.

No walking or riding again even though I planned to but I mowed, whippersnippered and raked instead. That's much harder! I need to start moving again, that might make me feel better. Maybe next week I will work on that.


6AM - Coffee. 7.45 - Oats. And then I forgot to come back and write anything down....It wasn't a good food eating day though, too much cheese, too many Humbugs, Pikelets...Did do a walk though not very far or fast...This day didn't do much at all to improve my health.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday. Today I ate...

6AM - Coffee. Oats for breakfast. 9.30AM - 3/4 cup Chickpeas with a sprinkle of salt plus an Orange. 11.30 piece of chicken. Lunch. A scoop of Chickpeas in a bowl and then a cup of pumpkin and veg smoosh on top. And stupidly a lebanese bread with melted cheese. 2PM Coffee. 6-8pm. Custard, made with eggs, milk, cornflour, sugar. Maybe a cup and a half. 8PM Coffee. Another day of no moving, I'm sore, my house is a tip, again...

Monday, August 26, 2013

MONDAY. Today I ate...

6.30 - Coffee, instant but strong, white, no sugar. 7.30 Breakfast - 2 sl toast with honey and cheese. Multigrain toast, organic honey, fully matured cheese. Not a great breakfast choice and 1 piece would have been enough. 8AM. Second coffee. 9.15 - 4 Aniseed Humbugs...another dumb choice. Next food will be an Orange! 11AM- An Orange. toldya! Piece of chicken. 3.30 Home from Vinnies and had 3/4cup mince and veg, coffee. 4ish Some chocolate coconut stuff I made a few days ago. I think I need to drown this then give it to the chooks. 6.30 - Mince and veg with chickpeas. Bloody chocolate coconut stuff!! I knew I should have gotten rid of this earlier. Gone now though so that will save me from myself with that. 7.15 - Orange. 7.45 - Milky milo as I haven't had enough calcium and that is it for the day.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


OK, well that went well. Not! I can't say I am fitter but at least I am not less fitter. Or less fit, whatever. I am not fitter than last Friday but will be by next Friday. And I still haven't worked out what is wrong with the format of any of these things!!! No matter. Husband hasn't been away either and there has been hot chips on 2 days and bakery lunch on 2 days too. And cheesecake and cream. Not good. He might go tomorrow but it's due to rain all week so he might not. Either way I plan on eating better and moving more. From tomorrow. Oh, a stupid dumb thing...I have been down to daughters place three times over the last few weeks and not once have I walked to the main road corner. This is our walk and because no-one else walked it I didn't walk it either. Dumb! Next time though, I will, with the dog, with the others or by myself, I'm agoing. Bring on tomorrow.

Monday, August 12, 2013

And Again...

Husband has been home for near on 3 and half months, longer if I don't count the 6 odd days of work during that time...and I don't. So let's say...nearly 4 months. During that time I have hardly moved at all, the occasional walk or bike-ride. So not good. And way too many bad food choices... Today he started again. He might be away for 3 days, a week, a fortnight...Probably only a few days though then home again for who knows how long. BUT, I am going to use this week as another start-up and I will be FITTER BY FRIDAY. How about you. Wanna join me? Come on, you know you want to...