Sunday, August 25, 2013


OK, well that went well. Not! I can't say I am fitter but at least I am not less fitter. Or less fit, whatever. I am not fitter than last Friday but will be by next Friday. And I still haven't worked out what is wrong with the format of any of these things!!! No matter. Husband hasn't been away either and there has been hot chips on 2 days and bakery lunch on 2 days too. And cheesecake and cream. Not good. He might go tomorrow but it's due to rain all week so he might not. Either way I plan on eating better and moving more. From tomorrow. Oh, a stupid dumb thing...I have been down to daughters place three times over the last few weeks and not once have I walked to the main road corner. This is our walk and because no-one else walked it I didn't walk it either. Dumb! Next time though, I will, with the dog, with the others or by myself, I'm agoing. Bring on tomorrow.

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