Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Goal.

This month I am aiming to move in some way for on at least 25 days.

That will allow for a few days working, a couple of *can't be fagged* and a sick day or or 2. 

Just did me maths...And seeing that we are 3 days in and I have moved once, if I want any more *can't be fagged* days then I better not get sick.

Off to have some Nettle tea.

*something* will be a bike ride, ex-bike, walk or ex vidio of some kind.

Bit about June.

And once again, where do the days go?
June wasn't as great as I thought it would be but there was a lot of walking and exercise-biking in there.  And mostly eating was good...while I was there anyway, except for the ChooChoo Bars that I bought and ate too many of and the few days when the husband was down in Nannup with me and we went exploring...He is a junkfood buyer and eater so the 2 times I called into a bakery for a fresh grainy roll we ended up spending close to $15 on pies and drinks.  The first time,own the bakery had no grainy rolls so I bought a chocolate eclair, he bought 2 pies and a doughnut.  The CE was awful.  Dry and not at all enjoyable.  I still ate it though so the money wouldn't be wasted!  Stupid!!  The second time, the following day, the pie I had wasn't even that nice, I had high hopes, it's been years since I had a pie from a bakery...wont be doing it again any time soon.  And yes, I *had to* buy it as they didn't have any grainy rolls and I don't eat white and we had been to the supermarket first, this was on our way out of town, it was pouring with rain, I was cold...I should have braved the rain and raided the boot as I had some tins of fish in there...next time I will have my bag of stuff in the car and husband can go in the bakery by himself.

So, I will learn from my mistakes, or at least not repeat them too often, and get on with July.