Monday, June 4, 2012


Four days into June.  Already.  How do the days go so quick when I go so slow...Something needs working on again and it's my thinking.  I was doing so well with the moving all throughout May but seem to have lost focus again. 

Well I am back down in cold ol' Nannup from tomorrow so will be walking up and down the hills.  I took the bike down last week but didn't ride it at all, too windy, too hilly, too cold...This time I think I will take the exercise bike down and pedal that while I read.   Eating will be pretty good while down there, I need to cook as I eat.  There is no fridge so I cook up some vegies, add an egg and there's lunch.  Do the same when it gets dark and there's me tea.  Oats for breakfast.  No bread, no crap, no just grabbing something and eating all day.
I will have apples and oranges but not too many.  I will have tins of fish if I want that.  So eating will be good(ish)   I will be in a vegan household so wont be cooking up any meat or liver while I am there but will take my iron tablets to make sure that is covered.

I will get my head back right before I come home for the week next weekend.