Thursday, December 29, 2011

Waste or Waist?

Hubby came home this morning from a visit to his family.  I was up there on Monday and did a 35min walk.  So I can still walk...Anyway he stayed another night.

He brought home a packet of fruit mince pies...I love these things.  A massive pavlova.  Another favorite.  And a big bowl of rum balls...Add that to the icecream I made and the gingerbread house that I was given...

Two people live here.  One of them doesn't eat a lot of sweet stuff.  The other only wants it if is it here.  And it is here.  And I want it.  If it wasn't here I wouldn't even think about it.  But I hate waste.  The family that sent these here always buy in excess and quite often things are left here.  I eat them so they won't be wasted.  I need to work on that part of my brain that says it is better for me to eat this bought processed stuff instead of giving it to the chooks.  I have frozen most of the gingerbead house and the fruitmince pies will go in there too but the pav is sitting on the bench saying "eat me, eat me"  OK..the pav is not really saying that.  It is that stupid little piggy person in my head that is saying that but it seems he is louder than the fit and healthy person in there.  Maybe the fit and healthy person in there is weak and sick from being fed so much crap lately!

I know I should just gather it all up and throw it into the chookpen.  I know this will be better for us all.  So why can't I bring myself to do this?  I have done it before, to chips husband leaves opened here.  He gets a bit cranky about that but I still did it.

And here is where my head is so mucked up...The pavlova is nowhere near as nice as the one my daughter made a few weeks back.  This one has that bought processed taste.  The bought processed taste that I am so against.  But I still eat it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby or Belly.

I've just remembered a dream I had.  Not all of the dream but bits of it.  I was housesitting, looking after someones gardens and animals.  The lady came home as I was getting ready to leave and asked if I'd do it again soon.   "After you've had the baby" she says.  OK, that's not good.

Now in the last month I haven't ask 2 people if they had baby under their dress because these days you just don't know...Turns out that with both of them it is all belly.  Same as me.  All belly.  No baby.  My dream lady just didn't have the same manners as real me.  And that is *dream lady* as in the lady in my dreams...not the lady of my dreams...And you'd think the 53 year old face would have given a hint.  Unless I look younger.  Now I am dreaming!

I'm taking it as another sign though...Time to get a move on and start moving.

December 2011. Where I am.

It's been nearly 4 weeks since I have been here.  Four weeks since I walked, rode, stretched, anythinged.
Four weeks of eating crap, carbs, rubbish.   There isn't much chance I'd enjoy smimming in any lakes or climbing any mountains any time soon.  And seeing as that is why I want to be fitter my thinking and actions (or lack of) don't make any sense.  Any fitness and health that I had gained throughout the year is gone.  Completely.

Husband has been off work for nearly 2 months and though it's not his fault I always eat badly and move hardly at all when he is here.  I don't know why, it's just too easy to give up on it all when he is eating chips or chocolate and laying on the lounge watching TV.  I don't even like the TV so I shouldn't even be concerned that it's on and the chips are in the cupboard and the chocolate is in the fridge...But it does seem that I am useless at wanting to get fitter and healthier when he is around.  That is something that I will really need to work on next year.  Or tomorrow.  Or now...He is not at all interested in doing anything about his health so I will be in this alone.

I will start first thing next year.  That gives me 4 days to get ALL the crappy, unhealthy stuff out of the house.

I will asked the husband to help me with this as it seems I am too weak minded to do it by myself.   I will put his munchies and the boxes of crackers in a locked box and give him the keys    How bad is that though, needing to lock up food so I don't eat it.

The exercise bike needs a bit of a cleanup and some oil.  As does the other bike.   I need to start with the regular mowing again  Get back to the 30 minutes at least each day.  The grass was looking good there for awhile.

I have a Gingerbread House here sitting on the table and have planned on breaking it today when other people are here.  I will put some away for the husband and send some home with them,  the freezing to have later idea will be put aside as I want everything gone...I need to get the husband to eat the icecream I made a few days ago.  That stuff is divine and I will not be making it again any time soon.

So, bring on the new year and the fitter and healthier me.  Again!!

We have our 25th wedding anniversary on the 14 February, no real idea of what we'll be doing but it will involve some sort of swimming, walking and climbing...

So first goal, to be fit enough to have some fun on a week away.
Plan...Cut out all the crappy carbs.  We grow all our own vegies so there is still going to be a lot of carbs in our diet but maybe smaller plates and more moving will work.
I'll print out a sheet with some boxes to tick and a timeline thing maybe...that needs thinking about but will be done today.

It's now 6.15am.  Too early to mow so I'll go water everything while I wait for breakfast time.

Friday, December 2, 2011

What's Up?

My computer caught a virus or 9 a few weeks back and although it has been fixed it isn't *quite right*
I can't comment as Me again and a few other things but the daughter knows how to change that.  I will call on her later.  Not long after the computer died the scales went the same way. They had been sick for awhile so I tried to fix them and instead killed them completely.  I have the old ones here somewhere and will need to find them. 

I haven't done any walking or riding since coming back from Hopetoun, so a month of nothing.  Still mowing and I think that is the only thing that has stopped  the great lazy lump that hides inside of me from coming out completely.  I complain about the grass growing all the time but it does have it's uses. 

Husband has finally gone back to work so the eating is back to normal.  I like to eat fresh unprocessed  food but do eat too much.   When Hubby is home the house has bought processed crap in it, chocolate, chips, crackers... and like he says. I don't have to eat it... but I do.  And icecream.  What 2 people needs a box of 20 drumsticks in their freezer?!  Well, there are none there now so things can get back to normal.  I'm running out of lentils though so will need to get some more real soon.

At the moment my breakfast of choice is eggs.  I have more than a dozen dozen in the fridge and though some get sold and lots are frozen that still leaves a lot of eggs.   I have some cooked chook/rooster and a cold roast in the fridge so that is my meat for the next couple of days.  Add in fresh salad and veg from the garden and my meals are sorted.  Apricots, strawberries and  beans straight from the bush are being snacked on.  I may will probably make up some custard as that uses up a few eggs and gets some milk into me.  The food will be healthy but there will be too much of it..  I REALLY need to work on that!

I don't/wont count calories to lose weight.  That is not a sustainable thing for me.  I don't fry foods.  I don't have sugar in tea or coffee and always use less that any recipes says to.  I rarely buy biscuits and don't bake as I would be the one that eats it.  I drink coffee, 3-5 cups a day and drink plenty of water, not cool drink or cordials.  I would rather have real food than bought *diet* food.  I do drink powered skim milk though, made up stronger than the label says so it is not weak and watering.  I like that better than bought milk which is not at all like milk should be...

When Hubby is home there is sometimes takeaway, my favorite being hot chips, the crunchy ones.  Not every week, not every fortnight...not even every month.  We don't eat a lot of junk food when we are home but there are times when it might be a couple of times in a week but then none for months.  Travelling with him is junkfood hell and I think there will be more of that next year so I need to plan better for those times.

I know that I am fat and unfit and would like to be fitter and thinner but obviously not enough to actually get serious and do it.  Don't know why that is...There is so much that I want to do, you know the stuff, *wander the countryside, climb big rocks and swim in lakes and rivers.*  and it would all be a lot more fun if I was fitter and not so fat.

Next year is less that a month away and I plan on going on more adventures then so lets see if I can get the mindset in the right gear.  Eating well over the next week will be a good start but moving more will be a better one...Better go get the mower out...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Already.

I have been home since Tuesday and don't seem to have much to report.
Apart from a short beach walk that morning before we left the day consisted of Service Station food and sitting for 7 hours. 
I was out all day Wed and Thursday and though I knocked off early on the Wed and managed a bit of mowing when I got home there was no walking.  Thursday was another nothing day. 
Friday, OK, I did spend from 5pm until 6.45 raking and levelling sand and then mowing so kinda pleased with that. 

I was hoping to get more mowing in today and tomorrow but it is raining and unless it's stops by this afternoon the mowing wont happen.

Goals for November?  I have none.  I'm feeling like it's all a waste of time.  I am putting that down to the crap food I have eaten over the last week so I'm hoping that as I eat better now that we are home that feeling will dissipate.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fit Enough...But....

When I first started this blog it was supposed to be a way to keep me motivated enough to get fitter.  I wanted "to get fit enough to wander the countryside, climb big rocks and swim in lakes and rivers."  Add to that *walk for hours along pristine clean beaches* and you'd think that I had more than enough incentive to get up off me bum and move more.

I have been away for a bit.  There was some mountain climbing, lots of bikeriding and some walking along beaches. It would all have been a lot easier if I was fitter!  True fact!  Who would have thought that!

And I am 1 kilo heavier than when I left here, less than a week ago!  But as it's not about weight, it's a get fitter blog, I'm not going to mention that!

I will need to put more effort in though because we will be going back to that mountain and that beach and it would be nice if it's a bit easier next time.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday.

Tuesday I did a *proper* walk that was a bit rushed as I had school pick-up so 25min quite quick.

Wednesday.  Home all day but nothing.  How slack.  No excuse really, I intended mowing...but didn't.  Thought about a ride...but didn't.

Thursday today and I will walk again, probably slower for longer today and I'm not home tomorrow but know there will be a couple of hours walking in.

The weekend will be full of riding and beach walking.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sat, Sun, Mon...

Three days have already passed and I'm happy to say that I have done something for 2 of them.

Saturday - 5 loads of sand plus the 30min mowing.
Sunday -  Nothing.
Monday - 3 loads of sand plus 45min mowing.

I'm not home all day tomorrow, Thursday or Friday so not sure how I will go with the 5 from 7.

I'm inside at the moment, thinking about tea but there is so much mowing that needs doing again that I might go out later and do another 1/2 hour.  If I don't get, and keep, on top of it it will all get out of hand again and I'll be back having to start all over again and that is just too hard.  Another lot today will help keep it under control.  I'll let you know.

Did do another 25minutes.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fitter By Friday?

Yes I think I am fitter than I was last week.  The ride, when I do it, is now further than the corner and back.  I am mowing for longer and sometimes doing out the dam area where it is thick and long.  A few weeks ago I would not have been able to manage out there.
I am dumb for not keeping things up over winter and it doesn't matter what my reasons or excuses were I am regretting it now.  I now have to start again and need to work hard just to get back to where I was let alone where I want to be.
But I have started.  Again.  For the third or fourth time since I started this blog.  Is that good, it shows I'm not a quitter though there are times when I just want to eat cake and read and not care how fat or unfit I am.  But then the chooks start cackling and I have to go outside and collect eggs and feed them and I notice the long grass so have to mow...the gardens need weeding, the seeds need planting.. It would all be a lot harder if I was fatter and unfitter.  And those big rocks and rivers are still waiting for me...

So I will keep with it, I will keep plodding along and coming here to bore you all and maybe one day the right buttons will go off and I'll rev things up and become the fit, healthy person I need to be.  Until then...The music is calling.


Not much achieved here today but I have done the 30minutes of mowing and I did 3 wheelbarrow loads of sand.

So I'm saying that yes, I did do something to get fitter 5 days from the 7.
There's less walking and bikeriding and more mowing but that's OK.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday. Yes...Kinda, Maybe...

I have been out all day and I was going to count the 2 hours I spend wandering around the shopping centre but think that might be cheating.  While I was over there though I bought myself a few CD's.  So I put them on and got up and jumped around like a mad thing  danced to the beat.  Well my beat was a bit different to theirs but I managed to get puffed out and sweat so I'm counting that.

So 10min, rest, 5min, rest, 3min, rest, 10min...And they are still playing so I will be getting up and down for the next half hour or so.

Dancing is something that I would really love to be able to do.  It is fun and I like watching others dance, any sort but love the Jive and bootscooting..  We went to lessons for these once but never used the knowlenge again and now most of it is lost.  So the only *dancing* I do is behind closed doors with the music turned up loud, where nobody can see.  It's still fun. 

Do you dance like nobody is watching when they really are?  I wish I had the confidence to do that!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday. Yes!

I am back from a bikeride.  Kinda happy with the 25ish minutes it took but it felt like it would have been more...I am getting better but still have a long way to go to get back to where I was last year.

Still have the mowing to do, one lot of 30minutes will be done after I have breakfast.  The second...*should* get done sometime later...

I will report back in when I have finished them.

It is half past three and I have just finished the first 30min mowing.  I am hot and bothered and wanting to go buy some grass killer or order in a truck of cement!

We have not long ago had the 2 stroke mower in for a service and to fix the not starting problem.  It is not any better.  It starts but revs too high and is using far too much petrol.  I used to be able to do most of the grass around the house on 1 and a bit tanks but now, I have already gone through 2 and nowhere near finished.  It's making me cranky!

And done!

25 minutes  Bikeride.
35minutes mowing.
40minutes mowing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday. Yes.

I was away from home all day today and as I have too much to do with the animals when I get home I was worried about not getting anything in. 
Before leaving this morning I thought I'd make the effort so put my Tone Walker shoes in the car and before having lunch I set off on a walk.  I had a destination in mind but it wasn't as far as I thought it would be so it was only a 23 minute walk but better than nothing.

Four days gone already but only 2 with anything done.  I need to do something for the next 3 days so no slacking off allowed for the rest of the week.

I'm hoping to get in an hours mowing tomorrow, as always there is so much mowing to do.  A ride would be nice too but we'll see how I feel.

Monday, October 17, 2011

One out of 3, Not Good.

Saturday.  Nothing.
Sunday.  Nothing!!
Monday.  OK it took all day but finally I got out there and mowed for 40minutes.  And then...and then...I rode to the corner and a bit further.  And back again.  That only took 14 minutes but it was something that I wasn't going to do but did.  How good am I!

I'm hoping to get 5 days of something in again this week so now need to do something each day.
I really need to plan something for Saturdays.  Missing that seems to puts me in the wrong frame of mind.

Friday, October 14, 2011


No riding or walking but lots and lots of digging.
And 45-50minutes of  mowing.

I am so sore, the digging was hard but had to be done but in the end Hubby sent me away because he said I was making too much noise with my moaning and huffing and puffing.  So that idea worked!
Not really, I was willing to do it but he takes pity on me and sends me away to do easier things and he then makes short work of the job I was having trouble with.

If I'm counting the mowing, and I am, then I've reached the 5 days for the week.
Will go for the same next week but probably should start pushing things a bit soon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

11th and 12 October.

A quick 12min ride.
There was also a bit more than 30min of mowing.  This was hard work as the grass was thick and long.
Then another 10min or so but after a bit of a break

No bike ride, hands were too sore for the handlebars so I did an hours mowing instead.  Not as hard as yesterday but happy with that.

There has been lots of whippersnippering, weeding, raking, mulching...I seem to be outside all day but it's all slow and in spits and spurts.

I know I wasn't going to count mowing and yard work as *exercise* but I need to or I feel like I haven't done anything and get down about it.  I'm thinking an hours mowing beats a 15minute ride though.

I'm counting 4 days done.
Just think, if I had of done something last Saturday instead of being a S.A. I'd be done now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

October 8th - 10th.

Saturday. I didn't do anything 'cept potter around all day and achieved very little.  I was so tired but really I just could not be bothered.

Sunday.  Another day where I was tired and not bothered but I came inside just after 6 ready for a shower and bed sat down and had a think, decided I'd just walk to the bridge and back so donned me shoes, told Hubby I was going to the railway box...Got that far and kept going all the way to the corner and back.  Pleased with that and it wasn't hard, I had decent shoes on so no trouble there.

Monday.  Walked home from town so 20minutes and will walk back in this afternoon.  Planned to walk back in but it rained and they came out and picked me up so second 20min didn't happen. 
This afternoon I ate a couple of slices of fruit loaf so thought I better do something so rode to the corner and back.  Just over 5min there and just over 7min back.  It was a lot harder coming home as it was into the wind.

Two days from the five for the week completed. 

I am so tired again lately so am thinking I might go get the blood and Iron levels checked again but it could still be the remnants of the cold/cough we had.  That still hasn't gone completely.  
I'm taking the Iron tablets and the Nexium so it should be right but I'll give it another week, dose up on Liver a few times and see how I feel.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday 7th. October.

Went for what should have been a quick and easy ride early this morning and hated every minute of it.

I didn't put DeepHeat and gloves on so my hands were too sore, it was hard to pedal, it was cold, whinge, whinge, whinge...
It wasn't until I was nearly home again that I thought to change gears to make it easier.

So, the ride is over and done with but I think I will do another one later on just so that I don't think bad things about riding and use that as an excuse tomorrow.

And as you can see I didn't do anything yesterday.

Back to say that I didn't get the second ride in but I did do 40min of mowing so happy with that.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October, Day Five,

Done!  I have moved for the minimum 5 days for this week.
Todays effort was a short ride, around the block plus a bit more, maybe 17minutes.
I am out all day tomorrow so chances are nothing will be done but am not discounting it yet.

I may have reached my goal of 5 days but that doesn't mean that I will not try and do more and I'm hoping for a least one more *something*

This afternoon I thought about going for a short walk...but didn't.  Thought about having a sleep...but didn't.  I did a 1/2 an hours mowing instead.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct 4th.

Day 4 and no bikeride. 
That's because my car is in the garage for a service so after dropping it off this morning I walked home.  Can't remember how far it is and don't know how long it took...more than 20min, more than 2km...I will time the walk in this afternoon and if I remember I will see how many km it is too.

Four of the *five days a week* goal done.

I did walk back into town to pick up the car but wore the expensive, fitted and sized for me shoes from Athletes Foot.  I am sitting here now with sore shins and an achey knee.  I hate these shoes but always *forget* that they are useless until it is too late and I have them on and nowhere near home to change them.  They are OK for everyday wearing but are awful for proper walking.

The walk into town was around 25minutes so 2 lots of that today.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3.

The ride is getting quicker and I did the block in 15min this morning so really need to start thinking of doing extra.  Might try the big block next week and see how I go but I think that even just getting back into the habit of doing something each day will help me.

Three out of the 5 days done.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2.

Yep, another ride done, another day off the total.  This is easy!

OK, I know that the rides are short, under 5km, they will be for a week or two then I will start adding another or going further.  We went out yesterday and though we both thought we were better after our bout of illness the late night and cold air seems to have brought it back.  Sore throat again, coughing heaps...So a week or two before I start pushing things might be in order. 

I plan on doing a short bushwalk in a few weeks time so will need to add some walking in over the next couple of weeks but the bushwalk I have planned will only be a couple of hours so shouldn't be a problem.

100% on target.  Only three more days needed for this week.  I will be Fitter by Friday.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

1st October.

Well so far I am 100% up with my October goal.

A ride around the block.  It surprises me at hard it is but seeing as I have been unwell for nearly a fortnight and lazy for 6 months or more I know I shouldn't be.  I got up to riding 20km and now 3 or 4 has me panting and sore. 
So sad, my bad, will be fixed.
One day down so only need 4 more for the week.  How hard can that be.

Friday, September 30, 2011

September Ends. October Goals.

Last day of the month and by 5.30pm I still hadn't done any walking or biking...Just could not be fagged...

But I thought I should then thought some more, donned some shoes, got the bike out and decided to go for a quick one, maybe towards town to the railway crossover.  Started that but had forgotten that the road into town goes upward a bit and my legs were so sore so didn't go to the railway line like I planned but turned round and headed for home.  That was a lot easier so I buzzed passed the driveway and continued up the road.  To the corner.  It was bleedin' hard getting home again though because that road too goes slightly up.
More than 4km but probably not 5...I don't know as I can't get the speedo thing on the bike to work properly.  I will have to get Hubby to show me how to set it.  Again.

I am sitting here and thinking that I am feeling much better than a week ago, the cold is all but gone and the iron is maybe starting to kick in again.  There is no reason for me to not continue with the riding or some walking every day. 

October starts tomorrow, three months until next year.   I will set the goal of doing something at least 5 days a week for October.  Anyone want to join me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week of September.

Saturday 24th.
Bikeride to corner and back so 3km.  I am still unwell though on the mend but this was a hard ride that seemed to take forever.  I think the tyres might be a bit flat as well though I did check them before I started.   The slow and awkward ride suggests that they need a bit of air so I will recheck them tomorrow.

Sunday 25th.
I did intend going for another bikeride, pumped the tyres up and everything but...I know, excuses already and it's only day 2.  Did go for a walk with the GD so slow, a bit over 1+1/2km but something.  Hubby reckons we were gone for an hour so I could say I had an hours walk!  The bikeride didn't happen as I mowed a bit of grass and did some weeding instead.

Monday 26th.
The bikeride is done.  Corner and back, 3km and I'm not saying it was raining and cold because I am still unwell and that might get me in trouble but I had a rain jacket on and I came back and had a hot lemon and honey drink so it all good.

Nothing at all.   I could blame the wet and stormy day but really, there were times when I could have gone for a walk, I just didn't.

Ride to corner and back.  Not too fast, I am still not 100% well and struggling to keep this up but glad that it is over and done with.
5PM.  Walked the daughter and grandaughter 3/4 way home.  Took 22minutes but wasn't real fast as GD was on her bike and kept mucking around.  Walked home alone so 15-17minutes there, seemed a decent pace.  I wont feel too bad if I don't do anything tomorrow now. 

Been out all day but home just after five, set the fire up ready to light, chopped more chips, moved the bike out of the way...went inside and had a think then came back out and went for a ride.  Around the block, not fast so it took around 18minutes.  How good am I!!

I so hope I keep it up.  Nice weather, swimming, walking, camping weather so I need to be fitter.
I WILL keep it up.  Come and join me.  It will be fun.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starting Again. Again!

I have been unwell with a rotten cold for more than a week now and though I am feeling a bit better today I am still nowhere near what I should be.   The fact that I haven't been able to stomach my Iron or Nexium meds hasn't helped either.

This lovely weather that we have had over the last couple of days has got me wanting to get out there and enjoy a few bushwalks but I know that even if I talked Hubby into going somewhere I wouldn't be able to do any walking and breathing at the same time.  And that's something that you do kinda need to be able to do.
I need to make a start somewhere so soon I will go for a bikeride.  I don't have any thoughts that it will be fast or far but it will be a start.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, Thursday.

Nothing yesterday even though I was home all day.  I thought about it but just couldn't get moving.  I did do a bit outside work but nothing extra. 

Today though, up and out by 6am.  I walked to the corner and back so 3km and it was within the 35minutes so not as bad as I was thinking it would be.  It wasn't a fast walk and sometimes I thought I should rev it up a bit but *couldn't*.

Anyway, moving is over and done with.
There will be pruning, mowing, digging dirt and whatever else I do outside but the structured moving is done.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And I Did It...

Instead of just thinking about it I got up off me bum and went. 
Only a short one, 2km's but it was something.
Hopefully I'll go for a longer one tomorrow, like all the way to the corner but I will have more time tomorrow so no excuse.

And once wasn't that hard. 

Lovely Walk.

I was away over the weekend.  Early on Sunday morning I was up before everyone else so decided to go for a walk.  It was dark so I took a torch but as I walked it got lighter so didn't need it.  It seemed like I walked for a long time, I kinda thought I'd walk to the main road but got to a corner and looked back and thought how far it was so headed back.  Nearly back to the house when I walked up a bush track with the intention of checking out the river but didn't get to it as there were dozens of kangaroos and I was scaring them.

I could see the house from here so flashed the torch to see if anyone was up and sure enough I heard the grandaughter yell out so I walked back, met them coming down the hill and turned around and went off with them.  This was a slower walk but all up I covered quite a few k's and it felt good.   I always walk when I am away and enjoy it but I think at home here I don't walk as there is nowhere to go.  Nowhere that is fun anyway.  I walk to the corner and back...Wow, yeah that's fun!  Or around the block...that's better but there's not much to see and I worry about a couple of dogs that are on this route.  When away it is all unexplored territory so much better.

Leaving on Sunday afternoon it turned out I was only a little way from the mainroad so I could have done it...And next time I will!

The walk though got me thinking about needing to start again.   And I am sitting here at 5.45am, looking out the window and seeing that it is starting to get light and I am still thinking about starting again...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Food Recording.

Tuesdays eating was much the same as Monday but there was a slice of toast with jam and cheese mid afternoon.


1/2 tin Baked Beans.   7.20

Boiled egg and salad.   9am,

2 DimSims   11.45 Lunch.

Bread with honey and cheese. 1 slice.

Bread with honey and cheese. 1 slice.   Hmmm, OK, I do eat too much crap.  Must have forgot about that!  I should have had the rest of the BB or some salad or a chunk of meat, or... something different anyway.

Pork and vegetables.  Tea.  6.45pm.

No moving again!!  What is wrong with me...

Tomorrow will be oats for breakfast,  eggs and salad for lunch, an orange, apple maybe.  Some pork meat.   I wont be home all day so will eat what I take.  
Tea will probably be chicken and chips because husband is due home and said he'd pick something up.  He will be home before me but I'm thinking I'll still have some salad or vegies left and will add that to mine.
I'll have to have a plan for Friday and will have to resist too much chicken, it will be fried, from Chicken treat.

And I need to start moving.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Today I Ate...

I'm home alone today.  It is my pottering day, I do what I want, when I want.  Like most of my days actually!
Anyway, I'm going to write down what I eat for a few days to show myself if I eat as well as I think I do.  Or if I'm just kidding myslf.  The weekend showing I eat Pikelets and sausages all day can't be right!

6.30.  Coffee.
7.30,  Oatmix.
8am.  Coffee.
9.40. Orange.
Lunch. Boiled egg
          Salad of chopped up lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, grated beetroot, carrot.  Bowl full.
          More salad.  Not as much, less that 1/2 bowl.
2.30.  Slice of Pork.
          Peas, picked while I was outside planting stuff.  Maybe a dozen small ones, pod and all.
4pm.   2 passionfruit, 1/2 Indian Guava.
Tea.   Pork.
         Caulieflower, peas, corn, sweet potato.  All up around 2 cups.

I measured out the amount of salad I had so I'd have some idea for next time.  A bowl full was about 1 and 1/2 cups of chopped and grated salad veg.

This is probably a more typical day of eating when husband is not home.   I grab something when I start to feel ill which kinda works out to be every few hours.  What I grab depends on what I have prepared beforehand.  If I have crap that is easy to grab then I do.  If the better stuff is easier then I have that. 
If the biscuits and chocolate are out in the shed freezer but the boiled eggs and meat are inside...eggs and pork win.  If the biscuits were sitting open on the bench...that is what I would have.

Tomorrow will be kinda the same.
Oatmix for breakfast, eggs and salad for lunch, maybe with a bit of cheese.  Tea will be pork and vegetables, same as tonight.   There will be some fruit in there.   There might be a bicky or 2 if there are some homemade ones at work...

There was no moving today apart from the day to day outside work.  And there be the reason I am fat!!!

Any thoughts please? 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend. 27-28 August.

I'm going to write down what I eat over the weekend.  In my head I mostly eat fresh unprocessed food but my body is telling me otherwise.  We'll see what this tells me.

It's now 8am so I'm off to have some oatmix for breakfast.
9.30  second coffee.
11am.  Just had a boiled egg.
12.30.  Lunch, salad of  lettuce, carrots, caulieflower.  Grated cheese on top, Choko pickle.
4pm.  Mowed the grass,  first session - 35min.  I tell ya, that is so much harder than walking to the corner and back, not sure why I chose it!
Trouble is, I go outside and start something and forget that I have stuff cooking on the stove.  It was meat this time... HoHum, it's nice and brown now anyway...
Tea.  2 sausages, egg, salad (lettuce, carrot, caulie)
Another sausage!!

Pikelets for breakfast. Grandaughter made these.  They have fruit and oatmix added.


10min dancing and jumping around to the Wiggles
10min jumping around dancing to the Fairy songs.

11am  Pikelet. 
20minutes mowing, 5min chook chasing.

Lunch.  Salad (lettuce, carrot)  egg. 2 sausage.

10min mowing.  I wanted to do more but there was a loud POP! and it cut out. 
30min digging, weeding, mulching...Everyday garden stuff.

Bugger!  The pikelets are now gone.  I knew I should have wrapped them tight and put them out in the shed freezer.  Probably 5 or 6...Maybe 6 or 7...over the course of the day up to 2pm.


Sausage.  Thank goodness they are now all gone!

Spent most of the afternoon out there weeding, planting, digging...not a lot but small bits over a long time!


Tea.  Plate of vegies - Carrot, caulieflower, peas, corn.
        Bit of pork roast.

Simple roundup of what I ate each day.
 boiled egg.
 salad of  lettuce, carrots, caulieflower.  Grated cheese on top, Choko pickle.
3 sausages,
salad (lettuce, carrot, caulie)
3 coffee over the day.

Coffee x 4 over the day.
Pikelets  Maybe 7-9...
Salad (lettuce, carrot) 
3 sausage.
Plate of vegies - Carrot, caulieflower, peas, corn, spinach.
Bit of pork roast.

This lot of oatmix has oats, bran, nuts, pepitas, crushed linseed, milk.  I have 1/3 cup then add hot water and let it soak.
Coffee has milk, no sugar.
I drink water, often throughout the day.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Start, Today.

Decided to do some mowing this afternoon.  I even search for and found my watch to make sure I did at least 30minutes.  Went out to get the mower...and it's not there.  I looked again, seached the yard, looked in the other shed...Na, no mower.  Figured the son must have borrowed it so got the whipper snipper out and started that instead.  Hadn't done 10 minutes when the daughter showed up so that was put on hold too.  Well, I tried.
The same daughter brought out a pack of biscuits and got the grandaughter to offer them around.  Then she went home and left the open packet sitting on the bench!!!  They are now bagged up and out in the shed freezer but with a couple less than there was before.

So, Day 1 - No moving. Too many biscuits eaten.  No liver.  Gosh!  I sound like a miserable failure.  Tomorrow has to be better.  Tomorrow will be better.

Time To Start. Again!.

It's been a long time since I wrote anything here and that's been because it's been a long time since I did anything to write about.  But next week is the start of Spring.  Not that that should matter, I should be moving regardless of the season but the warm weather is usually a time of lighter and fewer clothes so it seems to get some of us non-movers up and moving.  I'm hoping it will work with me.

I have been very slapdash with taking my iron tablets, Hubby has been home way more often than is good for healthy eating, I have been more sore than usual, I am lazy and can't be bothered...There are way too many excuses.

I'm hoping that I will get back into it and that writing on here again will get me doing stuff.  Some days I might just come in and tell you all that I did nothing but I know that writing here will mean  that there are days that I will do something even if it's to let you know that I am still trying.  (very trying, according to Hubby) 

I'm thinking that mowing the lawn for half an hour 4 days a week will be better than nothing and it might get the grass back under control.  So I will now count the *hard* stuff that I do around here as that way it will at least look like I am doing something and it might make me want to do more.

And I eat too much!

So to be *Fitter by Friday* I will do at least 3 lots of mowing and I will make up a pot of lentil and vegetable mush so as to get some extra goodness in me.   And it will be liver for lunch today.  There will be a bike ride around the block sometime between today and next Friday as well.

So now that it's *out there* I have to do it don't I?  That's what I'm hoping for anyway.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm home alone, having a pity party, all my friends are here...that's why I'm alone...HoHum.

Apart from a few walks I have done NOTHING.  So I've been asking myself why.
Why do I want to stay unfit.
Why do I want to be fat.
Why don't I want to be healthy.
Why don't I want to go exploring.
Why Why  Why...
And I don't know.

I would be healthier if I moved more.  That's a fact.
I say I want to be fitter but maybe I don't really.  I mean if I wanted to be fitter then why aren't I working at it.  I know I can ride 20km and I like riding so why don't I?   I like bushwalking so why don't I go on some?   I like climbing rocks so why don't I go more often to places where I can climb them?

Why Why Why...
What benifits am I getting from being fat and unfit.  There must be some but I don't know what they are.
I *think* it could be that I am not unhappy with it, maybe.  I have clothes that fit, I can walk or ride when I need to, I'm still a nice person.  What would be different if I was fitter?

If you know the answers then please let me know them. 

I'm still going to keep trying because I know that one day things will jump in place and I will be all gung ho again.  Hopefully it will be soon.

OK, positiveness...It Will Be Soon.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting Back Into It.

I haven't been away anywhere over the last week so I haven't done any walking.  Or bikeriding.  What a weak excuse aye?
And May is nearly finished, only a day to go,,,will I get a walk in on Tuesday or not.  Feeling like I do now then I probably wont...BUT...
Come June and I am going to really get back into it all again.

I am reading a couple of fitness threads over at the SimpleSavings forum so with posting there and coming here every day I have no reason to be slack. 
I have also printed a few signs to stick around the place.  One will go on the screen here, one on the toilet door, one on the kitchen window.  All places where I will see the prompt to go do something throughout the day.

I'm not sure why I keep stopping, I'd be where I want to be if I just kept at it but anyway...I have plenty of time, I want to be fitter, I enjoy the bikeriding, the cooler weather is here...And I will be moving throughout June.  Come join me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving While Away.

I know it looks like I haven't done anything for more than a week but things are not always what they seem.
I have been doing a bit of moving, especially over the last few days.
We have been away so there was a bit of walking.  Then some more walking and some rock scrambling overing.  Some more walking.  Some stair climbing.  Walked again...

Hubby and I went down south to do a bit of exploring and camped near the beach so there was a fair bit of beach walking done.  One half of this beach was rocky so it was fun scrambling up and over them.  And of course the beach means hills...

The eating would have been better if I was at home but it wasn't so bad as to be destructive in any way...apart from the bag of chips.  And the hot meat pie I had for breakfast on the way home.  And the cherry ripe that Hubby bought on one of the refuelling stops...

There were hours of walking each day and no worries about it so why is it such an effort to do a half hour walk from home here...I think we need to go away more often...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Walked Today.

Yay for me, I actually put on my proper shoes and went for a walk.   The proper shoes seemed a bit dodgy though.  My feet were sore by the time I was on my way home so maybe the shoes are on the way out...which shouldn't be happening as they are not yet 6months old.

The walk came about because I challenged a lady over at Aussie Losers to walk, she said she would so I went too.  Around the same time but different places so it was a kinda pretend walk together.

Anyway, I was going to walk for 10min then turn around and come back but walked all the way to the corner instead.  It took 32min, there and back, which wasn't so bad considering it's been awhile since I've done it.

I still have the mowing to do and I was thinking all the time that I was walking that I could have been home doing that.  Never mind, I walked, I will still mow, all good.

No walking but a lot of digging.

Still haven't got around to walking or riding anywhere. 
BUT, I have been busy and not just sitting on me great backside doing nothing.

I am trying to get the yard tidy and mowed and the gardens up to scratch so have been mowing, raking, mulching...and this week I have been digging a couple of posts up.  I dig a bit, mow a bit, back and dig a bit more.  The posts had been cemented in and put in deep so it was bleedin' hard work and not something that I could do in the one go but over a few days I am happy to say that it is one job finished or nearly anyway.  I cannot physically get the second post out of the hole so will need to wait until the son comes out or Hubby gets home.  When one of them lifts the post out I will be able to fill in the hole.

I still have a couple of hours mowing and will spend at least an hour doing some today so once again no walk or ride will get fitted in.  I think once the outside jobs are up to date then I won't feel so bad taking the time to walk instead of spending it out in the garden.
I also have to pull a fence down today as the cows have got into an area they shouldn't be so that is more *exercise*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Moving Much.

Wednesday already and no moving as such.  I did spend a couple of hours on Monday whippersnipering, mowing and raking though.  Can I count that?

Tuesdays walk didn't happen because I was getting eaten by mozzies so turned around after 5min and instead of going back to the house and putting smelly chemicals on myself and walking some more I had a coffee and read the paper.  Yeah, that'll get me fitter!

And today?  So far...nothing.  But it's early afternoon and I still have time...but I'm tired and can't be bothered and might need to look after the grandkid later and, and, and...

I am going out to do some more mowing now so maybe I can count that...'cept I don't.  I need to walk or ride.

I WILL  do at least 15min of something before bedtime.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Second Walk Done.

We went to the zoo yesterday so there was more than 5 hours of walking strolling and because I pushed a kid in a pram  up some of the hilly bits I'm counting yesterday as one of my 30min walks.

I need to get a ride in sometime and I want to time my walk to the corner and back again so will hopefully get them in during the week.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Walked Today.

On Thursday mornings I drop a couple of kids at school then usually go back to their house and read for a couple of hours until it's time to pick the younger one up from Kindy.   If I need to I call into SpudShed to buy bread, as it is on my way back.

This morning I decided to go back to the house then WALK back to SpudShed, buy the bread, walk back again.

So that's what I did.  It's only 3km there and  3 back so just over 1/2 hour there, walk around 5 min then 40min to get back to the house.  It was a slower walk back, maybe because I was carrying stuff, maybe because it was getting hot, maybe because it's been awhile...

So 1 walk down 2 to go.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another 3 x 30min Challenge Week.

Robyn has challenged me to do 3 x 30min walks or bikerides with her again this week and I have accepted so if anyone sees me slacking off please give me a kick up the behind to get me moving.

I will walk to the corner and back and do at least 1 x hour ride.  That will get 2 sessions out of the way.  Then another walk or ride...

Did a bit of stepping today and had a 15min walk but won't count that as it wasn't long enough.  Will walk tomorrow (Thursday)...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Third Walk Done.

So I did the 3 walks for the week that I said I was going to.

Yesterdays walk was up that hill again to fetch the carton of eggs...I could make a nursery rhyme outa that.
I remembered my watch this time but not sure if I'm happy I did.  This hill mustn't be as long as I thought as it is a slow walk up but didn't take as long as I thought.  But a half hour walk nearly half uphill so not bad.  Going up is easier as even though it is hard work, when coming down my knees are really under stress and as it is so steep I am worried that I'll fall but over and done with now, the people will be home tomorrow so I don't need to go up there again.

I need to do something else though.  I move better when I have a reason and it's not just for the sake of exercising which all seems like a big waste of time.  But isn't, I do know that.

I've got a few hours mowing to do over the weekend but will think of something for next week.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second Walk For The Week.

I walked up the hill to collect the eggs again today. 
I wasn't very far up it when I realised I still had my yard shoes on and not the walking ones so while I still walked it wasn't the best and I will know about it tomorrow.

On Friday when I go up again I will make sure I have the proper shoes, I know it will make a difference.

Monday, April 25, 2011

One Walk Down, Two to Go.

I am dogsitting for some friends which you'd think would have me walking more but this is an old dog that doesn't walk....
I also agreed to collect the eggs from the chooks of these people.
That means a 5km drive...why aren't I riding it?
I am not riding it because the first bit is along the highway and the last 2 km is all uphill, a steep, narrow, winding road.  But this morning I parked at the electronic dropdown gate and walked the rest of the way to the house, back down to the car then off into the bush for a bit more of a walk.  Heart was pumping, so sad but my bad but next time I will park at the start of the driveway and get twice the uphill walk in.
The start of the driveway is down that way, maybe 700metres.  I have to walk up about the same.

So I have done 1 of the walk/rides for the week, two to go, at least. 
So much for doing something every day. Embarrassed

Not Fitter This Week.

Well I am still around but not doing too much.  Not even doing enough really.
It seems that even though I am fat and unfit I am still thinking that it is a waste of time to go for a walk or a bikeride but I think nothing of being on the computer for hours at a time.  Somehow that's not a waste of time...Dumb aye?  Wouldn't it be great if I couldn't use the computer unless I pedalled a bike, have you seen those setups?  How cool would that be!

I have been outside mowing, mulching, digging...but not enough to get fitter.

So I need a mindchange again.  I need an attitude adjustment.

This week I will be digging up and replanting a bougainvillea, mowing, cleaning out a chookyard....Collecting barrowloads of dirt from the chookyards and then shovelling it onto the gardens.,  washing a couple of windows...
Notice there is no walking or riding in there though...

OK.  This week I WILL walk or ride at least 3 times for at least 30min.

It is written and so it shall be done.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Portion Control.

This week I am going to concentrate on eating more vegetables. 

I have a few things in the fridge that are looking a little manky so will cook them up into a soup with a pumpkin and some sweet potato.
Add that to the rooster and steak in there and the quiche I will make soon and it looks like a week of healthy eating.

Really it's not much different to what we always eat but this week I might try and have smaller portions. 
If I plate up some meals and have them ready to go instead of helping myself from the whole bowl when I am hungry it might restrict things a bit. 

I think I'd be a bit less free with my food if it wasn't free food!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm Still Trying.

Very trying according to Hubby...HoHum...

But back to me...I have been mowing, raking, mulching but not walking, riding or stretching.
Until Yesterday when I walked and ran a little bit, along the beach then up a 600metre hill. 
And this morning I rode 20km, half of it into a strong wind that slowed me down to 5km an hour instead of the 20 I was doing when we started out and was heading West.  Turn around to come home again and we were right in line of the Easterly.  It was SO HARD!!!  But fun.   Really.

So I think I am back into the groove and will start doing more again.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Missing In Action.

I know, same heading as my other blog but... I can so did...
Only thing is though, it's me that has been MIA here and not Wanda
I am here now though because of her,

I am trying to get fitter so that me and Wanda can go exploring.  I need to be fit so that I can climb that mountain and swim that river...You know, all that stuff I waffled on about in my profile thingy.

But I have done NOTHING!! or near enough anyway, for way more than a week.  I think I have had one decent bike ride since the 16th.  That's not gonna get me fitter.  I know that, you know that, it's a known fact.  So why haven't I?

"Why haven't I?"  did I hear someone ask?  Well thankyou for the interest.  I haven't because...How much time do you have?
I have heaps of reasons but really they are probably more like excuses.  OK, they are excuses.  They all seemed valid at the time though so does that count?

BUT!!  I am going into town today to get some more meds and some more liver then I wont be able to use that reason excuse anymore.  Might even ride in...
I have brought the old ex bike inside so that reason excuse is gone.
What else was there?  I will strap my foot before I go walking.  I will use the bike before I read so that my hands aren't too sore...
I will try and abolish the reason/excuses instead of nurturing them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eating Liver.

And who knew...It's really not that bad. 

I am still taking the Iron tablets but am getting tired again so I bought some Lambs Liver.  The idea was to mince it up and add it to some beef mince but I thought that I'd try a bit plain first.  I cut it thin and *fried* some up in the pan.  Man, I think it's the smell that would put you off but I toughened up and tasted a bit..If you have small bites and don't think about it it isn't that bad.  Next piece I put Barbecue sauce on...Yeah, not bad.  This morning I have cooked the rest up with onions and will have some for lunch and have some in the freezer for another day.  But I think I will keep buying it.  It is way cheaper than the Iron tablets so I might be able to eventually cut down on those. 

Lambs Liver, sold at our local IGA for $1.50.  It was quite big too so I don't think it came from a lamb. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tuesday.  Hohum...Nothing again.  I really need to work on this.  It's becoming too much of a bad thing.

Wednesday.  Nothing set but an hour and a bit slow walking around Perth.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Already.

And I have done nothing.
I was going to go for a walk on Saturday but while walking out the driveway through the foot high grass thought that I'd better do that instead.  So swapped the half hour walk for an hour and a bit mowing.
And Sunday...Dunno what happened there.
Monday today and so far nothing.  Hopefully a ride this evening but if I miss then it will be 3 days of nothing.

I WILL ride sometime today.  If not the real bike then the exercise bike tonight.

10.45am.  I have come back to say that I am not long back from a short ride.  6ish km so not too bad but hopefully I will get another one in later.
7pm.  I did get another ride in.  14km in 55minutes.

The ride this morning happened because daughter T rode out here but wanted a lift home.  Instead I offered to ride the couple of km back with her.  She went one way and I continued on around the big block.

Tonights ride nearly didn't happen but I am in a group of people on the Simple Savings site and they got me out doing this one with all their talk of what they have done.  I think they will be good for my motivation.

Friday, March 11, 2011

End of week roundup.

Weekly goals:
2x10km ride   NO, only did one and that was just now!
1x12km ride   YES, managed 20km.
2x walks.  No, none at all.

So what a SA I am.  Not sure how I can expect good results if I don't put in the work.
At the time I had very valid reason for not doing them but really, I could have, SHOULD have worked around them.
And I weigh more than 1200gm than I did last Friday!!  Hohum...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drumroll Please...

For I have ridden 20km non stop... 
And in doing so I have achieved my March gaol 3 weeks earlier than planned.

It was going to be 12 and we had to backtrack a bit to reach that but as we were getting nearer to Daughters place I suggested we go a bit further and do the 20.  I mean, we've ridden 12 so whats another 8?  Right?  I'm sure you would have done the same.
 Hubby says that I now need to do it again otherwise what goal do I have for the rest of the month...He says that I now have nothing to aim for so might stop riding with a purpose...He may be right... he usually is... and I may do it again...

HappyOK, I will do it again.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Moving.

Hubby was going to go for a longer ride with me this morning but other stuff came up and we didn't get to it.
I am back from a shorter ride though.  I did the big block, 6.1km and it took just under 24minutes.

Weekly goals:
2x10km ride
1x12km ride
2x walks.
Six days left to get them done.

Start of Week 14.

So I have been trying to get fitter for 13 weeks now.
I am fitter, maybe not as fit as I wanted to be by now but I haven't been pushing myself nearly as much as I should have been.

I have maybe lost a kilo.  In 3 months.  And it is a maybe, not a definate loss of 1kg but a maybe, as in I am up and down a couple of kilos each week but maybe I am more often now a kilo lower than I was in December.
One kilo.  The jeans are still not comfortable enough to wear out anywhere.Indifference

But...I am fitter.  And that is what's it's about.
Or is it?  That's how it started but I am still thinking that if I wasn't so fat then the biking and walking would be easier and so I would be getting fitter quicker...

Anyway, this week I'd like to ride a minimum of 10km at least 3 times.  At least one of these rides should be 12km.
And maybe a walk or 2, either to the corner and back or around the block.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Week Ending 4th March.

Not a lot was done this week.
I had the big ride on Sunday, a couple of hours walking around the shops on Tuesday, a 10 km ride yesterday evening, a 3km walk this morning.  Add in a 5km bikeride this evening.

Still 3 days of doing nothing so need to step it up next week.

Friday Walking

I walked this morning.
To the corner and back, 3km, 33minutes.
That is a massive (in my opinion) 7minutes less than when I started 12 weeks ago.
GreatHow good am I!

I couldn't help thinking though that a couple of extra minutes and I could have done a 10km bikeride...and I wonder what would be the better way of getting fitter...           

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bike *Computer*

I spent a couple of hours wandering around the shops on Tuesday and ended up buying  myself a *toy*

Hubby put it on my bike for me this afternoon and I can now see how fast I go, how far I go, how long it takes me to go that far that fast...I think every bike should have one of these things.  Lotsa fun.
Mine is just a cheapy one with 9 functions and cost just under $20. 

While he was at it he gave the bike a spray, wiped off some cobwebs, fiddled with some bits, done some other stuff, sprayed something else...
I now have brakes, gears that work better, no spiders, pumped up tyres...

He explained (again) how the gears work and when and why to change them and I think this time I must have listened because this evenings ride was a lot easier than the10km I rode last week. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Long Ride.

I asked Hubby this morning if he thought we could get to daughter L's place by going out the back roads and how far it would be.  He brought up  and said it looked doable and was maybe a bit more than 9km there.
I suggested we do we did. 
It was real road all the way except near her place where the km long *no through road* was a bit of a sandy track.  It took us 45 minutes to get to her house.
Asked her if she wanted to ride back with us so after a bit of a rest the three of us started back.  The sandy *no through road* was a bit harder for me on the return ride and there were a few boggy bits that nearly had me off the bike and on the ground.

About half way home L was talking about interval training so every now and then one of us would say "next white posts" or "yellow sign"and we'd all go as fast as we could 'til we got to next white posts or yellow sign then we'd ride normal speed until some bright spark set the next challenge.
We were back here in around 50 minutes, all 3 of us hot and sweaty with sore bits.  We all jumped in the dam to cool down, had a bit of a swim around, a bit of a play...
All good fun but I am now SO SORE!!   

Not sure when we will do it again but it won't be anytime soon. 

Maybe next weekend...

L is here and has just said that it took her, wait for it, 35minutes to ride back to her place.  She did say it wasn't much fun though and I can imagine.  She said she went pretty fast and was really trying. 
 I will not even try and match that time.
   Though I do think I can get it down to around 40...maybe...but not this week.

Friday, February 25, 2011

10km Bike-ride...Can I Do It?

Dunno but I'm about to find out.   Hubby is working out the back of us this morning and I have asked him to drop me off 10km from here.   So if I want to get home it will actually be a matter of having to.  I can't even sit on the side of the road and wait 'til he knocks off as he is working somewhere else afterwards, in a different direction.

I haven't been doing much but did have a bike-ride with L. a few days ago.  That would have been a quite a few k's.  This will be a benchmark type of  ride and will determine if I can ride to L's place, then back again, or not.  

And why 10?  It seems like a nice rounded number.  I know I can do 5 and 8 seems a bit whishy-washy.  So 10 it is.  A bit of a challenge anyway.  I hope I can do it without too many side effects...Will report back when I get home.   How long does it take to ride that far?   Will soon find out!

Well we're here...Too late to change my mind now.

Bye bye *support* vehicle.

Now it's just me, the bike and the long road home.

10km Bike-ride...Can I Do It? YES, I CAN!       Woohoo!
And I did it in less than an hour (48minutes) so I am pretty pleased with that.  I was hoping that it wouldn't take too much longer than an hour as it is going to be hot today and I need to be home. 

How was it?  While I was riding and whinging in my head about how hard it was it seemed like a lot of hard work and not much fun.
Now I am home and showered and coffee'ed...I'm thinking that it wasn't that hard so maybe the speedo in Hubby's car is wrong and it wasn't really 10 km's from here.

Some people are just never satisfiedHappy

Monday, February 21, 2011

Been Slack.

I have had a real *nothing much* week but have a bike-ride planned for later today.  I am going with someone so it will definitely get done.  Don't know what time she will get here though.  Hope it wont be too hot.

Not sure why I have slacked off.  I just can't be bothered.  I think because not enough results are being felt I am seeing it all as a waste of time.  I need to get my head back into it and am working on the thinking this week.

7PM.   L was ready to ride home late afternoon and I was ready to go halfway with her. She now lives waaayyy out of town, not sure how far but way more than 7km's.(I think!)   We rode along the railway road, some of that was sand, that's a bugger to ride through, over corrugations, past a *no trespass* sign, oops!  It was halfway in sections but not sure if it was halfway in k's.  I should measure it out and write it down so I remember.

Anyway we get to the next road and she has about the same distance to go to get home and I need to turn around and travel the same distance that we just did.  So bye bye L, we'll do it again soon.

This road that we were on is a track from one road to the next and there is another track/road after that to the road L lives on.  The second track/road is a decent gravel road with no signs.  The first one is gravel but is not a good road and half way there is a *no trespassing* sign, yep no sign until you are halfway through, so we decided to keep going.   This sign is only recent, like in the last couple of years, this track used to be used quite often.  But I did feel like I was doing the wrong thing all the way back ( I was!!) and am thinking that next time we should add the extra km and go out to the highway and back in again at her end.  But I haven't ridden on the highway before, L has and she mentioned big fast trucks going past. 
So do I feel safe but guilty or in danger from traffic but with a clear conscience?  Yet to be decided.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Age A Barrier To Fitness?

I was talking with a bloke the other day, he is a couple of years younger than me so around 50, about me trying to get fit.  He says it's a waste of time because I am now at that age where nothing will work and of course I can't do what I used to, I am getting older.  He doesn't seem to think that I will ever be fit, that I have left it too long.  I disagreed.  We had a pleasant discussion and agreed to disagree.  He did say that he exercises a few times a week and does daily stretching but he believes that all his aches and soreness is a direct result of his age.
I think that the fitter I get then the less aches I will have.  That is what I am hoping for anyway.

I would hate to think that we couldn't improve on our health and fitness just because we are getting older.  Surely it doesn't matter what your age is, it just matters that you are doing something more than you usually do.  If you believe this bloke and stop trying what will happen to you?  I think you will continue to get unfitter with each year and eventually all you will want to do is sit and watch TV.
Mind you, if  was sitting watching TV I wouldn't have had that fall yesterday so I wouldn't be hurting as much now.  lol.

I know people who are over 70 and they are fitter than me.  Other over 70's I know will never be fit or healthy.  They aren't interested in even trying to improve anything.  I wonder at the different thinking but know which 70 year old I want to be like.  I hope my mind is strong enough to keep me moving because it is easier not to but better for me, I think, to keep persevering.

I want to encourage anyone that reads this to not give up trying.   And if it looks like I am going to then you all have permission to give me the good kick that I deserve to get me going again.

I believe that moving is good for us all, regardless of our age, and the more we do it the easier it will get so the more we will want to do...I also know that it is sometimes hard and doesn't seem worth the effort...but it is.

Sometimes we all need reminding, me more often than most.  Now I will go for that ride...

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Had A Fall.

Probably my own fault but...It hurt.  Lots.  I nearly cried.  Had to laugh though as people saw me and it probably looked funny.  But I so wanted to cry.

Yesterday we had been *exploring*  going places we hadn't been before and I had my Tone Walker shoes on.  The ones with the rock-rolly soles.  We were walking along this hard stone path and I wasn't looking where I was going and the next thing I know I was falling down.  I landed on my hands and knees and in a quite a bit of pain.  As Hubby was helping me up I saw that the people in front of us had urned around, probably  to see if I was OK so I put on a brave front and said I was.  And I was it just hurt.  A lot.  I have sore knees and a chunk of skin missing from my left palm and last night noticed my left ankle was a bit dodgy but apart from that I am fine.

I must have stepped on an uneven bit of path and because the shoes aren't flat they carried me forward too fast and I fell.  I have nearly fallen before wearing these shoes over rough ground so I need to remember that though they are great for road walking I will need to take them off when going over uneven surfaces.  Or be a bit more careful and watch where I am going.  That would work too. lol.

I made it to the water though and had a swim in water that was so cold it numbed everything. 

All good.

Back Into It.

Well since Wed and the lollies I have eaten a lot of stuff that I don't usually eat and it shows in how I feel.  Eating crap make me feel like crap and I don't want to do anything so I don't which makes me feel worse and so I eat worse...But I will get back into it today.

It was Sunday before I actually did anything worth reporting and that was a 45min walk through the bush.  A short swim and a bit more walking.   There will be walking today and I want to get a bikeride in somewhere but I am a bit tired and sore so will see how I go.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Ate Lollies Instead Of Biking.

Only a few but now I feel sick.  Serves me right, aye.

It's now 8pm so might not get anything done.  I am watching MKR and on the computer.  I should be on the bike.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Enough Riding to Last The Week.

I tentatively asked Hubby to ride to Hamel with me this morning *knowing* that he wouldn't but he surprised with with a "yes, lets get going"  So we did.

I can't remember how far it is from here but the last time I rode out there was a few years ago with daughter L.
It was a good ride and took us 40 min to get to Hamel hall.  We walked about a bit as I needed to get the kinks out then started for home.  Went down a different way, checked out the organic vege selling place then onwards back home.  It took 50 minutes to get home, we went slower, added a kilometre to the distance...

My bum was so sore!  Hands were sore, puffed was fun and I have suggested we do it again.  I got a look but I think we will.

Sunday, Monday

Sunday.  Nothing again today.  Not sure why...I thought about it...

Monday.  A bit over 30min on the hard ex bike while reading and then at night I was sitting on the lounge watching MKR and suddenly thought "Get on the bike" so did 35min on the easy ex bike.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have done1 session x 30min on the ex bike and then a 10min session. 
It is only 2pm so should be able to get another one in sometime today.

Instead of another go on the bike I walked to the corner and back.  Under 35min. 

Friday, February 4, 2011


I seem to be all tired out today and cannot get into anything.
So no biking or walking.
Even the mowing was an effort.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, 3rd.

Thursday.  I taped Biggest Loser last night and will watch it in segments today while using the ex bike.  Legs and hands are still sore and I still have mowing to do so will see how I go.   Hoping for at least 3 x 20min.

20minutes.  First lot done!

"I've been busy"  *" Doing what, eating chocolate?!"*  I cracked up, so funny.

I have sweat pouring off me and I have absolutely had it.  I think I need those trainers here to make me get to the 2nd 20minutes.  Instead I have done 5 then another 10.  In my defence (excuses?) I have the tension on the bike up more than earlier and will do another 5 as is but will lower it for the last 20.  OK, last 5 of the 2nd 20 - Done!

Now for some mowing...

And I have just done a *hard* 30minutes on the ex bike.  I started 5 minutes late and thought I'd get in 25 min watching BL and was ready to quit at 8 oclock but the bleedin' show goes for an hour!  Not me though.  The tension was quite easy but even after an afternoon sleep I was totally done.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday Moving.

I decided to do the corner and back walk today, just to see how long it took.  And guess what?  I am sure I have the time right but not sure how it was managed.   After all the whinging I did about this walk taking too long and giving up doing it, I did it this morning in 35min.  How funny is that!! Whinge, don't walk, walk faster. lol  In the afternoon I was watching a TV show I taped and was on the ex bike while the show was on and off doing jobs during the ads but on again when the show was on.  I would have peddled for way more than 1/2 hour just not all at once.

I was thinking about the walk yesterday and the time it took so did it again this morning to check that I had it right.  UNDER 35 minutes!!  I am so pleased with that.
It looks like riding the ex bike got me walking faster.  Who knew!
I think all the mowing and whippersnippering over the last few days are starting to affect me as I have tried a few times to do more than 10minutes on the bike but my legs are too sore and I haven't been able to.  So maybe 20minutes, on and off, on the hard ex bike.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting Flexible. Again.

Many years ago I was one of the most flexible people that I knew.  Mind you, I don't know many people but it still felt good.  Then I started having more severe back trouble and a physio told me that I was TOO flexible and to stop doing the things that I did.  I think she should have said that my gut muscles were too weak and to work on getting them stronger.  I still think it is more a weak muscle issue than a flexible thing.

I can still do the *fingers, knuckles, palms* thing but not off a 6inch step anymore.  I can't quite manage it while wearing my Tone Walker shoes though I can in normal shoes that aren't as high.
I can no longer do *bend backs*  Or handstands where you go over and then stand up.

I used to read by sitting on the floor, legs spread and elbows on the ground.  I used to be able to put my head on the ground, between said spread legs.  Alas, I can no more...But I want to be able to do those things again.  Not the handstand thing, my arms and wrists wouldn't hold up to that but the F.K.P and head on the ground things.
Is it possible?   Dunno.  Can't see why not.
Is it sensible to even try?  Depends on who you ask.
Should I just accept that I am older, unfitter and not even try?  No!!

I am going to try and get my head on the ground again.  Regardless of how sensible it is.  It is something that I really regret not being able to still do.

So for the month of February I am going to spend a couple of minutes, a few times a day, trying these.

If I am sensible about it I shouldn't do any damage to the back.  And I can be sensible so there shouldn't be any problems.

I think the *fingers, knuckles, palms* thing will be the easiest but I'm going to give both a decent try.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday and I've Given Up.

Well, I'm over it. I'm not going to do any more exercise for the rest of the month!

It's now half past eight and I've just done 15min ex bike, 5min stretching, 10min exbikr, 5min stretch then 20min on the exbike. So glad it's over.  Nothing else now 'til next month.

Weekend Moving.

Saturday was a nothing day.  I have reasons though!  We were going out and had to leave by a certain time and then we had visitors and I hadn't done the stuff that I was supposed to during the week so had to fit that in and the chickens had to be fed and I had to do Friday nights dishes... 
OK maybe excuses moreso than reasons but it still adds up to "I didn't do anything on Saturday."

Clapping HandsSunday though...
I spent 10min climbing up and down rocks before I went for a half hour walk in the early morning, had a 1/2hour stroll through a park area mid morning and then did 30min on the easy ex bike that night.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starting Week 9.

Eight weeks ago I started with a plan to be fitter than I was by the following Friday, I was going to walk and/or ride the bike every day.  While my intentions were good and my actions OK, the results weren't as great as I was hoping for.

I started with walking to the corner and back, 3km and the first time I did it in 40minutes.  My aim was 35 but it didn't seem to matter how fast I thought I was walking I was only getting it down to 37 or 38, that 35 wasn't achieved.   I used to be able to do this walk in 35 minutes and it was a few years ago but I thought that I'd be able to get there again.  Not being able to, in what I thought was a reasonable time, took my enthusiasm away.
And the walk was boring.  I did see rabbits and birds most times and one time I saw a Bandicoot running along in the drain, it is a boring walk.  So I tried going around the block but that took the same amount of time and though it was more interesting I didn't keep it up. 
The ex bikes seem to be what I am mainly using now and I am doing that for longer so that must be working.
I am reading while I ride and I think that is the only thing that keeps me on it.  A boring book would have me off and doing gardening or something else pretty darn quick.

I sometimes think I should start recording the hours of mowing, mulching, raking grass and all the other day to day stuff that I do but I decided to only record the extra and that is how it will stay. 

Over the last 8 weeks there have only been a few days when I haven't done something.  I honestly thought that I would see some improvement with my weight or body shape but I can't.  I weigh the same as I did 8 weeks ago, my clothes fit the same.  I have a pair of jeans that I can get on and done up but they are too tight to wear anywhere.  I thought that they would fit better by now.  Am I still not doing enough?
I'm happy with what I eat and any change with that would not be sustainable so the moving is what I need to concentrate on.

I am now ready to start improving my flexibility and will try and find a starting point sometime this weekend.
I need to improve my strength as well but that is going to be harder and I need to think on it.  Using my arms and hands without a lot of care can put  me out of action for a few days. 

I know what I want to be able to do again.  Maybe I am too old now but I'm going to try.  Stay tuned!.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday. End of Week 8.

I am happy to say that I am fitter today than I was last week so the getting Fitter By Friday did happen.
I can ride the ex bike for a lot longer than the 20 minutes I started with and the tension is made harder for a time during each session.  I am happier with how this is going than I was with the walking results.
I am sweating more when on the bike though but I think that is because I am working harder on it.

Only did 20minutes this morning but am going out for another session now.  I'm hoping for at least another 20 this time but I'm having a lot of trouble with my hands today and may not be able to hold the book for this long but will have a go.  It's getting hot out there so I will put the fan on but go for a dip in the dam first.

Happy to say I managed 25mins then went for the dip in the dam.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 27th.

I've been slacking off but did do 35minutes on the old ex bike yesterday so getting better with that.  I haven't walked in ages and not sure why. I blame the heat but really I could walk before I do the chooks and gardens like I used to so that is an excuse not a reason.
I slept in this morning and it's suposed to be a hot one so I really need to get something in soon.  A read on the bike will happen when I get off of here.
So today will be at least 1x30min session on the bike.  Maybe 35min again, if I did it once I should do it again, aye.

I am getting puffed and sweating doing this ride and it is a real effort to get to the 30 min so it should be impoving something but after 7 weeks I am no lower in weight than I was 2 months ago. The jeans that I try on don't fit any better.
The aim is to get fitter and as I am doing more on this bike then that must be happening but I did honestly think that I would lose a few kilos in the process.

I'm going to really rethink things today and see what I really want to achieve.

Off to ride and read before breakfast.

Back to say I ended up managing 45min.  I was sweating like a pig at the end of it though.  Do pigs really sweat?  Had eggs and lentil and veg mush for breakfast.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Don't Want To, You Can't Make Me.

Well!  I have had 2, well one and a half, days of eating crappy carbs and not doing anything and I feel like**** 
And why?  Because that's what I do.  I always seem to undo any good that I have done by not caring for a few days.  I feel bloated and *ick*   And because I feel so bad I can't be bothered and it's going to be hot and I don't want to so there!!!   Can you hear me stamping my foot and see the tantrun throwing ugly face?  lol.
Right, time to *built a bridge*, drink a cup of concrete* *toughen up*  *get over myself* blah, blah, blah...

"I Don't Want To, You Can't Make Me."  Sounds like a spoilt little 3 year old doesn't it?

So, my plan.

Eggs for breakfast, apple picked fresh off the tree later on, lentil and veg mush for lunch. I'll add some more veg to this as I put in too many chillies and it needs to be toned down a tad.
Thirty minutes on the bike while reading, soon before it gets too hot, and an attitude adjustment.

Monday, January 24, 2011

No Posting But Still Doing.

I haven't had the computer for awhile but even though I had no-where to report to I was still doing something every day. Mainly it was riding the hard ex bike and I have found that I can get to 30mins quite easily now.  Well, not really easily, I am puffing and sweating but the tension is up and it is a real effort.  It looks like things might fineally be paying off.  Mind you, if I didn't have a decent book to read while I was on there then I don't think it would be getting done for as long but I am usually doing 2 x 30min sessions a day so I am pleased with that.  I walked home from in town the other day even though Hubby was in there with his car so that was an extra again.

I do feel that if I counted all the mowing, digging, raking, mulching, etc then the hours of moving would be way up there but as all that is not *extra* I don't count it.  I am only counting the extra effort I put in to get fitter, not what I normally do anyway. 

So today is Monday of week 8.  I have not done anything yet but I will as I have started a new book and need to get it finished so I can get the next one read and get it back to the library.  I have a couple of movies out too so will get some walking on the spot type stuff done whle I watch those during the week.

It's raining here this morning and the hard ex bike is outside with a wet seat but I will go now and move it a bit so I can get a read and ride in.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Well the walking around the block walk didn't last long.  I walked it on Monday but woke late yesterday, Tuesday, and so much to do I didn't feel that I should *waste* 40min on a walk.  But I had no qualms on getting on the hard ex bike and reading for 30.  I did 25min on the easy bike as well on both of these days.

Wednesday, up late again, not sure why I am sleeping until after 6 but I don't like it.  I will get on the hard ex bike later and as I can now manage 30min on that I will read and pedal and then do a session on the easy bike later.

Looks like my weight is settling down and I am no longer heavier than before I started but the jeans fit the same so I don't think I am toning anywhere.  I am able to do more time on the bikes though so that is an improvement.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Moving.

I walked, 40min, and did a 15min session on the hard ex bike yesterday.

This morning I woke later, it was nearly 6, felt OK but didn't want to walk to the corner and back, I think I am over that, for awhile anyway.  I still needed to walk though so I put on me shoes, grabbed a beanie as it was very windy and left to walk around the block.  This is a much more interesting walk, there are houses and animals to see and I thought that it was further than the corner walk but I was home in 40min so maybe it is around the same distance.  One day when I have the car out I will do a distance reading.  I have also done 20min on the hard ex bike

I will walk this walk again and as it is the same time I think it will replace the corner walk.  I wasn't doing it before as I thought it was a lot further and I wanted to start with the shorter one and move onto this one as I felt fitter.  If this is around the same time/distance then I don't know what the next *goal* will be.

I may get on the easy ex bike later.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Start of Week 7.

If today is the start of week 7 that means that I have been trying to get fitter for 6 weeks. 
Am I?  Surely I must be fitter than when I started way back last year.

Today's walk took the same amount of time as it did wayyy back on day 1.  *Why is it so?* 
Obviously I haven't been doing enough to improve much at all so a few days of missing the walk sent me back to the start.  Most days, I honestly don't feel any better and am really thinking "what's the point"   Maybe add in a couple of swear words and a few tears there and you will see that I am not feeling as positive as I thought I was.

I thought that 40 minutes of moving every day after doing hardly anything would see me feeling great and being able to easily increase things.  That hasn't happened so it looks like I need to make more of an effort.

BUT, today is the start of a new week, I need to make sure I do the walk or 2 x 20min sessions on a bike each day.  As the minimum.  Ideally I will do more.  I want to be able to do more without aggravating the Fibro but it's a fine line, cross it and be out of action for days or play safe and see no improvement...

Todays walk is out of the way though and I know that I will get a bike session in later as I have a book to finish.

Here's to week 7!

Thursday, Friday.

Hmmmm, I don't think I did anything worth mentioning on Thursday and Friday I was out of the house all day and could should have taken kids for a walk...but didn't...Got home and still couldn't be fagged but Hubby was watching Jamie Oliver, the computer wasn't working, I don't like lights on at night so no reading and after sitting and watching Jamie for 5 minutes I figured I could be doing that on the ex bike so managed 25min there.
It could have been longer but I heard crows out near the chookpen and as I have some new chickens out there I had to get off and go check on them.

Really slacking off here, but today is the start of a new week so will see what I can do.  I have been for the corner and back walk...40minutes!!!!   And I started off walking fast, slowed down when the back started to hurt but I didn't think it was that slow.  Back to the beginning and it's all my own fault for not sticking to it.

This week WILL be better.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday.

I was out all day yesterday and though I did 20min on the hard ex bike early, before I left, I couldn't be bothered doing another lot when I got home.  So not really happy with myself about that but to make me feel worse I can't be bothered doing anything today either.
I have done10min on the hard ex bike but that was an effort and really all I want to do is go and have a sleep.
I know I need to do more if I want to see any improvement but because I'm not seeing it today I'm over it all.

Hopefully I'll feel better about it all later.