Monday, October 10, 2011

October 8th - 10th.

Saturday. I didn't do anything 'cept potter around all day and achieved very little.  I was so tired but really I just could not be bothered.

Sunday.  Another day where I was tired and not bothered but I came inside just after 6 ready for a shower and bed sat down and had a think, decided I'd just walk to the bridge and back so donned me shoes, told Hubby I was going to the railway box...Got that far and kept going all the way to the corner and back.  Pleased with that and it wasn't hard, I had decent shoes on so no trouble there.

Monday.  Walked home from town so 20minutes and will walk back in this afternoon.  Planned to walk back in but it rained and they came out and picked me up so second 20min didn't happen. 
This afternoon I ate a couple of slices of fruit loaf so thought I better do something so rode to the corner and back.  Just over 5min there and just over 7min back.  It was a lot harder coming home as it was into the wind.

Two days from the five for the week completed. 

I am so tired again lately so am thinking I might go get the blood and Iron levels checked again but it could still be the remnants of the cold/cough we had.  That still hasn't gone completely.  
I'm taking the Iron tablets and the Nexium so it should be right but I'll give it another week, dose up on Liver a few times and see how I feel.

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