Monday, October 24, 2011

Sat, Sun, Mon...

Three days have already passed and I'm happy to say that I have done something for 2 of them.

Saturday - 5 loads of sand plus the 30min mowing.
Sunday -  Nothing.
Monday - 3 loads of sand plus 45min mowing.

I'm not home all day tomorrow, Thursday or Friday so not sure how I will go with the 5 from 7.

I'm inside at the moment, thinking about tea but there is so much mowing that needs doing again that I might go out later and do another 1/2 hour.  If I don't get, and keep, on top of it it will all get out of hand again and I'll be back having to start all over again and that is just too hard.  Another lot today will help keep it under control.  I'll let you know.

Did do another 25minutes.

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