Wednesday, October 12, 2011

11th and 12 October.

A quick 12min ride.
There was also a bit more than 30min of mowing.  This was hard work as the grass was thick and long.
Then another 10min or so but after a bit of a break

No bike ride, hands were too sore for the handlebars so I did an hours mowing instead.  Not as hard as yesterday but happy with that.

There has been lots of whippersnippering, weeding, raking, mulching...I seem to be outside all day but it's all slow and in spits and spurts.

I know I wasn't going to count mowing and yard work as *exercise* but I need to or I feel like I haven't done anything and get down about it.  I'm thinking an hours mowing beats a 15minute ride though.

I'm counting 4 days done.
Just think, if I had of done something last Saturday instead of being a S.A. I'd be done now.

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  1. You're still exercising more than I am and I hope the 'dose' of liver worked. My doctor told me to help with the absorption of iron you need Vitamin C with it so a salad with broccoli and tomato in it or a fresh orange juice helps immensely when you eat liver. I'll have to update my blog tomorrow or the week will be gone.