Monday, October 17, 2011

One out of 3, Not Good.

Saturday.  Nothing.
Sunday.  Nothing!!
Monday.  OK it took all day but finally I got out there and mowed for 40minutes.  And then...and then...I rode to the corner and a bit further.  And back again.  That only took 14 minutes but it was something that I wasn't going to do but did.  How good am I!

I'm hoping to get 5 days of something in again this week so now need to do something each day.
I really need to plan something for Saturdays.  Missing that seems to puts me in the wrong frame of mind.


  1. Keeping to a routine can sometimes be difficult but you still have enough days this week to exercise 5 out of 7. Make sure you drink enough water. I become busy and forget to hydrate myself which then makes me feel tired :(.

  2. Hi Robyn. I'm not good with routines, in anything. No days left to do nothing, I like to have one in reserve but this week won't.
    Yep, water is important, with the warm weather coming thanks for the reminder.