Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct 4th.

Day 4 and no bikeride. 
That's because my car is in the garage for a service so after dropping it off this morning I walked home.  Can't remember how far it is and don't know how long it took...more than 20min, more than 2km...I will time the walk in this afternoon and if I remember I will see how many km it is too.

Four of the *five days a week* goal done.

I did walk back into town to pick up the car but wore the expensive, fitted and sized for me shoes from Athletes Foot.  I am sitting here now with sore shins and an achey knee.  I hate these shoes but always *forget* that they are useless until it is too late and I have them on and nowhere near home to change them.  They are OK for everyday wearing but are awful for proper walking.

The walk into town was around 25minutes so 2 lots of that today.

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  1. Good on you Barb - well done!! It's so hard to go back and get started again and you've done it.
    Essential to have good walking shoes isn't it.

    I've also been walking each day for the past couple of weeks - just little ones, but building up and feeling fitter already.

    Love your header photo - just awesome.

    Cheerio for now, and keep up the good work :D)