Tuesday, February 5, 2013

.Could Have Been Great But OK Is Alright Too.

I had an early muck-up this morning but managed to think some sense and made it right.  I can't undo what I did but I did minimise it.  What did I do?

Husband bought a big bag of potato chips and started on them yesterday.  I went outside and mowed so as to not be tempted.  By the time that I came in he had finished.  This morning he mentioned the half bag that was left and offered to get rid of them for me.  I was feeling good, strong willed and as he was on his way to work I said that I'd do it, I'd feed them to the chooks.  He leaves, I go outside to do something, come in and start clearing up...and find the chips.  I put them on the bench to remind me to get rid of them.  I need breakfast but the oats haven't soaked for long enough yet so I pick up the chips, sit at the computer and start eating them.   I started reading a thread on SS, thought of what I was doing and quickly crushed the bag, went outside and tipped them in the chook bucket.  I had maybe a handful before I thought but that is a lot better than finishing the rest of the half bag like I was on the way to so feeling good about that.

I had also packed up his lollies and crunchies for him to take with him this morning so was feeling good that they weren't here for me to pinch when he comes back inside and goes to the fridge...to take out the other bag of crunchies to get them away from Miss Gutsallmighty.  I'm glad he remembered as I didn't know they were there but would have come across them and had a few while he was gone.

I don't even want the crap food when it is not here, I don't miss it at all, I don't even think about it.  But when I know it is here, and it is open...I want it so bad it's all I think of.  If it's not open it's usually safe but opened bags...get them out of here, I don't need them.

I did get up and go for a bikeride so at least most of the planned moving for the day is already done.  The rest will be achieved with some mowing or another ride.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Day.

Another good day.  About time I gave myself a few of these.

Coffee and Oatmix for breakfast, a veg smoothie throughout the morning .  Fish for lunch.  Sausage casserole, a bunch of grapes and a coffee for tea.  Apple and grapes during the day. 
I was going to have one of husbands Crunchies and even took the bag out of the freezer...thought of a woman named Jenny and put it back again.  I didn't need it, didn't miss it but will get him to take them with him when he leaves tomorrow, just in case.

It was really misty this morning so I didn't ride and then it was too hot to do much so I was thinking I would miss out on any moving.  I kept thinking that I should do something but it wasn't until this evening I made the effort and mowed for 40min.  I felt like I had missed something though so then went for a short bikeride. 

I need to do something early as it makes it so much easier so I will make sure that I ride first thing tomorrow.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

An OK Day.

I had a good day today, best in a long time.  I ate well, I moved more.  Did 2 rides today for a total of just over 12km and there was outside working as well.

Food was grapes, chicken and veg, grapes, more chicken and veg, apple, more chicken, more grapes.  Sausages and egg for tea.  OK, looking at that it doesn't look that great but it was all good healthy food, apart from the sausages.  A lot would say too much fruit but as we eat what we grow that's what we have growing and if I am outside near the vine I just pull a bunch off.  I eat fruit that is fresh, in season, here.  Same with veg.  Pumpkin, leafy greens, zucchini, capsicum, onion to name a few eaten today.
I did have 5 or 6 lollies but didn't have a crunchie, a drumstick icecream or a pie.  They are here and usually I would so pleased with myself that I didn't.

Hope tomorrow goes well too.  I need more days of decent food. 

One day I might work on portion size but not this week.