Sunday, February 3, 2013

An OK Day.

I had a good day today, best in a long time.  I ate well, I moved more.  Did 2 rides today for a total of just over 12km and there was outside working as well.

Food was grapes, chicken and veg, grapes, more chicken and veg, apple, more chicken, more grapes.  Sausages and egg for tea.  OK, looking at that it doesn't look that great but it was all good healthy food, apart from the sausages.  A lot would say too much fruit but as we eat what we grow that's what we have growing and if I am outside near the vine I just pull a bunch off.  I eat fruit that is fresh, in season, here.  Same with veg.  Pumpkin, leafy greens, zucchini, capsicum, onion to name a few eaten today.
I did have 5 or 6 lollies but didn't have a crunchie, a drumstick icecream or a pie.  They are here and usually I would so pleased with myself that I didn't.

Hope tomorrow goes well too.  I need more days of decent food. 

One day I might work on portion size but not this week.

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