Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, Day 3.

I nearly didn't walk today.  This might take awhile before it becomes habit. 

I did go over to Mandurah and walked.  And walked...And tonight as I was about to step into the shower I did think that I could count that.  But no.  I turned the water off, dressed again, put on some shoes and went out to walk.  On the way out the driveway I noticed the eggplants looking a bit droopy so watered all the drums.  By this time it was getting dark so I set off.  Half way to the bridge I heard the car coming up the road behind me slow down and turned to see it turn into our driveway.  Thought it was daughter T so quickened my pace and decided then that the bridge was my goal, not the signal box.    Got to the bridge, turned round and came home again.   So this walk wasn't far, only 1km, but was quite quick. 

Tomorrow I must get out and get it done first thing...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Bridge Walk...

That's right, second day of my walk to bridge every day challenge and I didn't.   So am I a big fat failure?   Maybe, maybe I am but not because I didn't walk to the bridge.  Daughter T came out and picked me up this morning and we went up to Lane Poole and did a bushwalk.  Not too long but more than an hour all up with some rocks and hills to overcome.   And rocks and hills is probably a bit of an exaggeration, they were small rocks that we had to step over or walk on and the hills were inclines of the ground.   So you can stop worrying that it might have all been too much for me.   And we said we'd do it again but we have said that before so it remains to be seen.  I will walk to the bridge and back tomorrow, probably further, to the signal box.

And a bit of a whinge here.  The bottom gate to LP, the road to Nanga Mill, has been closed off as they are putting in bitumen roads and cement slabs for caravan camping.  Excuse me but this is a bush camping area, why the swear word would they do that!!!    It means that I wont be taking the van up for an overnight stay any time soon and yes I was going to.  Really I was. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Walked Again.

I have been for my walk and am now waiting for breakfast to be ready and will have my Mag Pill then.  I have mince and vegies ready for tea and lunch will probably be the same or maybe eggs.   I have apples, plums and a watermelon that needs to be eaten.  There isn't much crap food here so I should be OK with the eating for the next few days. 

Wanting to walk every day this week so hoping that I don't forget to.  If I get up and go first thing, before my coffee, then it should work out otherwise I get into the day and it gets put aside.  Maybe I need to write myself a note and stick it on this thing...