Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday 25th June 2018

Well, looky here, I am back, and after only 2 days.  I surprise myself sometimes.

On Friday friend T said that she was going to start the 5-2 way of eating and that would be her first day and that I should do it with nothing to lose except a big amount of kilos I decided to get serious, again.  So I did eat less that I normally do and can say that there was no processed crap of any kind eaten, an achievement in itself when husband is home from work.  I did well right up until after tea when son brought in some ding sausage mixture to cook and taste, it was so nice!   So I then had some dates and something else I think...But still, all real food so not gunna moan about it too much.

Over the weekend husband and I went out to our caravan out at Myalup Beach.  I love going out there but for some reason don't.  Silly.  Anyway, our van is around 500 metres away from the beach and it's a tiny bit hilly to walk down to the beach and back up the hill again.  We used to do it all the time, 4, 5, 6 , 7 times a day...well, maybe not 6 or 7 but lots!...On Saturday I did the walk when we got out there and again in the evening and again on Sunday morning.  Apart from the fact that it takes longer and I puff more, it's still a good walk.  And in a hot and puffing way I enjoyed it.  So I will go out again and do the walk again...much more often.  Another good thing about going out there is that husband didn't buy any chips, chocolate or other crap so I didn't eat any of that either.   And had rooster and vegie soup  ready to eat when we got home.  'Cept son was here making up the sausages and brought some in to cook and taste, so bleedin' yummy I had 3.  But, homemade so no crap in them, just pork and spices.  And whatever else he put in them, I don't want to know that bit, I want to believe that they are healthyish and real food.

Today is going to be another no crap day for me, nothing to eat until I get home from work this afternoon when I will eat the rooster soup that is all ready to go.  Though I have had a coffee and may have an apple or 2 at work if I need to.  So when I say nothing I mean only a bit of fruit.  
I should go for a walk but have Minutes to type up and it is already 8 and I have to leave soon...might go this afternoon if T decides to go out to Hamel.

Heres to a decent eating day and maybe a walk to better health and fitness.  Who wants to join me?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Getting Serious.

It's the 22 June 2018 and I am going to get serious about getting fitter and healthier.  Really!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

No time to ride.

No riding since Tuesday.  What is wrong with me! 

It's still dark when I get up now then by the time I have a coffee and spend time on this thing it's time to get outside and check the gardens and animals and start on a few jobs.  Less time on the days that I go into work. 

Not enough time to fit a 10 minute ride in!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Tuesday.

Well it's Tuesday again.  I rode.   Has it been a week since my last ride?  According to this BLOG yes, yes it has been.  Gosh time gets away when life, or a death, happens.

This morning I went south, wanting to see how hot and bothered I'd get when I start to ride into work.  If I leave for work at 6.30 like today then not very hot and bothered at all.  If it's a warmer day and I leave at 8.15 might be different.  And coming home on a hot day at 3.30ish...that could be hot and botherish.  But that wouldn't matter 'cause I have a shower here and would use it.  Or the dam if I am really hot and bothered.  If I could be bothered that is.  haha  My writings amuse me...

It took me 5 and a half minutes to get to the railway where we cross.  People that know where I live will know that crossing.  My thought is to ride to the townhouse then walk to work but would that be easier than riding all the way to work?   Or do I just ride and push by way up that hilly bit on Coronation and ride along under the trees for a block up to the clear path bit, then more pushing the bike up the hill to the shop...Dunno.  Wont know until I actually do it which may be Thursday.  Or next week.  Dunno!

Riding doesn't take long, I will need to ride a decent distance to get 30 minutes of moving in and I am a long way from that.  But getting closer every week!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Tuesdays ride is done.  Corner and back, hooned past our driveway up to Jardines second then back to home.  Had to hold the bike, open the gate, push the dog in...

Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday 12th

I left here at 6:27 and was home around 6:44.  Hands are tingling.   I did go further which is not a good idea at the start of the ride, well halfway mark.  If I want to extend the ride I need to go past our driveway at the end so that I know what condition I am in before adding extra, even if it's only 100 metres.

 I didn't' see any rabbits this morning but there was more traffic.  The same amount of vehicles today as there was rabbits yesterday, 2 cars going the same way as me and a truck coming from Mitchells.  I slowed down so it would get to the corner before me!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday's Ride

Todays bike ride is over and done with.  It took me 6 minutes to ride home, my hands are tingling.  As they do after the pressure of the handlebars, even after short rides like this

So 6 minutes to ride home from where you ask...from the corner!  The corner that is my aim to reach by Friday.  Mind you, it was a tad hard going on the way back  but by Friday it should be easier...if I keep it up and don't keep putting it off for various reasons.  Like yesterday.  Had a good reason yesterday though and I did think that I had missed 2 days so I am not as bad as I thought I was. 

Tomorrow I am at work.  I can go for a ride early before  I need to get ready for that or get ready and ride to work.   I am not sure if the ride to work is shorter, longer or around the same but I would have to do it twice.

This morning I will get the husband to have a look at my odometer thing as it's not working and I can't work it out.

Friday, February 9, 2018

I have a benchmark.

It's Friday.  Am I fitter than yesterday?  Three days ago?  Last week?  Dunno, BUT!!!! I went for a bike ride this morning and went further than I managed a few days ago with the flat tyre.  Thanks husband, the bike always goes better when tyres are inflated correctly. 

The trouble with this bike, or me, is that I push on the tyres to see if they are hard and to me they are.  Husband presses on them and tells me how flat they are.  It seems that I just don't have the strength to push hard enough on them and it's not until I am struggling with the ride that I think that I am soooo unfit, or that they may be flat.  Then it takes a few days to try again.  'Cause I was going to go yesterday, before work, even went out and checked the tyres so knew that they had been done.  Came inside for...something...and never went back out!  haha  So this morning I put shoes on and was going regardless. 

I jump on, and jump is not the correct descripted word I need there, and take off, so easy!  I am way past the bridge before I notice the rattling in the back basket and realise that I don't have my helmet on.  Oops.  I pull over and put the head protection on and continue on to the corner.  I could have easily made the corner too. But pretty sure I would have not made it back.  So I turned at the driveway on the left, maybe 3/4 the way to the corner and was struggling when I hit Buzz's driveway. 

I now have a benchmark and the aim is the corner and back by next Friday.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday 7/2/18

I went for a bike ride this morning, the first in a loooong time.  It was hard work and I kinda thought I must have had a flat tyre so didn't go far, Jacksons Corner for those that know, and yes, after checking back tyre it was down a bit.  I tried pumping it up with the hand pump but it didn't seem to go up so tried the compressor.  Well once the green stuff started spurting from the valve I stopped that and will get husband to do it for me later.   But the thought was there.  I tried...Would try again later but I have Vinnies soon.  Again. 

I have had liver and vegies for breakfast and have coleslaw ready to take for lunch.  Mince and vegies are already made for tea tonight.

It should be a good day but I do need to get some moving in.  I will need to do banking this morning so that will be a 6 min walk both ways and depending how sore I am this afternoon, I may try the bike again.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tired and Whingey

I woke up too early this morning, before 4 and up and coffeeing by 1/4 past.   It is now 11.30ish.

I have done a couple loads of washing, mowed some of the grass area, ride-on though so doesn't count as some of my book, had a visit from the son, fed the sheep and chooks, spent too much time on the computer, did lots of nothing...and now I am tired.  I will need a sleep this afternoon or will be sore and useless later on.

Anyway my thinking is that I am a thoughtless eater.  I eat then forget about it.  It's not until I tell someone what we have growing that I remember. 
For instance, son came out this morning and he asked if the figs were ripe yet.  I say yeah, I had 3 earlier.  I then tell him that the grapes are nearly finished, I know because I ate a bunch.  And then another.  I also tell him that some bananas are nearly ripe and I had one of those too.  But in my head I only had liver, onions and vegies for breakfast at half past 6.  Geez, I don't know why I am so fat...And some more thought tells me I also had some cheese.  And it's not even lunch time yet!

So, I eat too much.  It's mostly real food,  picked off the tree but still not needed.   Some would say not good for me though because of the carbs and sugars but I don't follow those lines of thinking.  I believe real food is way better than anything processed and too much fruit is better than any processed crap.  And bugger!  I have just seen the empty jar on the bench and now remember that I had the last of the Nutragrain while I was reading.  Not even real food but processed crap!!  What is wrong with me?!

Bum, it's raining...washing is getting wet, car windows are down...And even though it's not a lot it will be my excuse to not go for a bike-ride. 

OK, I'm tired, can feel myself getting sore so off to have a shower before I can't then a sleep instead of more whinging.

Edit  I woke at 2, feeling a bit stiff and sore but think I'll be OK.  I cooked up some fish, just salt and pepper and steamed.  Nice.  Not sure what I'll have for tea yet.