Monday, January 28, 2013


And another wasted week.  What I need to do is not have a coffee first thing so I can get more blood tests done but I keep forgetting.  I need to put a sign on the coffee jar to remind me but forget to do that too.  And I just rememeber that I haven't ordered the liquid Iron that I was going to a couple of weeks ago.  Must remember to get onto that as well.

I need to walk or ride as soon as I get dressed in the morning, no excuses.  The furtherest I rode this week was 6km and that was an effort but not as bad as the 5km I rode the day before that.  So this week everything has been harder and that is not right.  I have thought about why that could be and maybe the Iron is low again, will find out soon...if I remember.  Maybe it's because I haven't been having as many veg smoothies as I was and not enough liver.  I am not having the smoothies every day and if I'm honest I think maybe I've only had 2 this last week.  They need to be an everyday thing and I have so much veg needing to picked and used there really is no excuse.  It's been more than a week since I had any liver but I have run out and will need to go to the shop before I can get some more of that and that can't be for another few days.

Didn't walk or ride today but mowed this evening..  I wore a heart monitor and mowed for 34min and used 218 cal.  Mowed for another 30plus min and used 100 and something cal.   The first lot was much harder mowing without as many stops as the second lot.  This first mowing used more cals and my heartrate was higher than either walking or bikeriding for around the same time.   There will be a lot more mowing over the next week.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 3 Is Gone, Bring On Week 4.

We're into week 4 of the year and I haven't yet told you all how week 3 went.  Hmmm, the reason for that being, as some of you may have guessed, I didn't do enough.  It's the chicken and egg story.  Do I not post because I don't do enough or do I not do enough because I don't post.

Week 3 had too many drumstick icecreams eaten.  I know it's not really the husbands fault but if he didn't buy them and leave them right on top as you open the freezer I wouldn't eat them   It took 4 or 5 before I upended the box into the half empty freezer and pushed them down betwen the frozen stuff.  It is now too hard for me to reach them and I have had 1 since doing that.  Brought in and offered by the husband....I could say no, he doesn't make me take them and eat them but I don't.  Say no that is.  We all know that I do take them and eat them. My fault for not wanting to be healthier more.  There wasn't enough moving last week either.  A 3 km ride, some floor exercise, a short walk then the brain hits in again and there is 2 rides in one day and I'm thinking I need to get back into it again.

So far this week I have had a 9km ride and yesterday lots of mowing and a 5km ride.  Not much, definatly not enough but it all helps doesn't it.

I am out today but will run with the boys this morning and walk on the spot type stuff if they both have an afternoon sleep.  Food needs to be worked on too and I will endeavour to do that this week as well.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

January, Week 2.

Tuesday 8th.  Hot again and still too hot to do much when I got home.  Finally got onto the ex bike but the speedo thingy wasn't reading right so I don't know how long for but more than 20 minutes.   Then 10min of walking/running around the backyard and some mat moving after that.

Wednesday.  Had a lift into town to pick up my bike then rode 2km home.  Later rode around the small block so 6 km all up.

Thursday.  Not home today then had the grandkid, it's now bedtime and I realize that I haven't done anything.  Bugger!    I have done something to my ankle too, don't know what but throughout today I've been getting a sharp pain then it gives way on me.

Friday.  10km bikeride.  Slow today, such an effort.  Will be better next time.  Walked 2km through the bush.

Saturday     Walked 2km through the bush.  Then again.

Sunday.     Had the grandkid so no ride...still no ride...finally mowed for 1/2 an hour but was weeding, mulching, raking most of 4 hours.

Pushups.  I've started trying to do pushups and can only get better with these.  A year or so ago I could do 8 girly ones and sometimes a couple of proper ones as well.  These days I can sometimes do 6 girly pushups, some days none at all but usually I manage 2 or 3.   On a good day I get one proper one done and a few girly ones done before I collapse....I will keep trying with these for as many days as I remember.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013, One week gone.

Tuesday 1st.  Nothing.  No point.
Wednesday  2nd  Nothing. No point.
Thursday 3rd  Stepping, walking on the spot, floor exercises -1 and 1/2 hours.  Moved while watching TV (Foxtel, bigscreen, no cake!) instead of reading a book.  Figured there is a point.
Friday 4th    Bikeride - 5km  plus a  walk -3.6km.  A bit of slow *running*  Daughter T is starting couch to 5km, I went with her and she kept telling me to get my heartrate up more...
Saturday 5th  Bikeride - 11km.
Sunday 6th  Bikeride - 14km   Husband came with me, said it wasn't fun...he is kinda right I did hurt afterward...and during...
Monday 7th.  48min all up.  Short ride then walking.

With a week into a new year gone already I think I'm doing OK, I'm happy with the bikeriding but I will need to up the walking soon as that really hasn't been increased at all.  The furtherest I walk when home is 3.6km.  I do walk further when out and about but those times are few and far between.  I haven't attempted the walk up to the weir, not sure what happened with that goal...maybe I can work on that this month...But today, Monday, I decided that I would walk further, I would ride into daughters house, park the bike, walk up the hill and along the top road, back down and then ride home again.  

That didn't happen.  I did ride in and park the bike but by the time I had walked 5min the sky was dark, thunder was thundering and it was starting to rain.  By the time I walked around the block and was back at daughters it was pelting down, she had left and I was stranded.  I rang husband to come get me, got the machine, left message, waited a bit then rang again.  Left another message this time telling him to stop ignoring me,  get up and come rescue me...Finally started walking home, in the pelting rain, thinking grr thoughts.    I get home and he is not there...Oops, sorry about the grrrly thoughts,  he was out driving around the countryside looking for me.  It seems that he woke, heard the storm, didn't hear me so checked and saw the bike was gone so went looking for me.  I was home maybe 10 min before he got back but it was nice knowing he did care enough to come and look for me because of the storm.  I asked why he didn't ring my mobile and he says I don't usually take it so he didn't think I would have it this time.  I took it this time because I wanted to use the clock on it...Oh well, a bit of a soaking hasn't hurt me but I will look better at the sky before leaving next time.  The rain has stopped now so I might get a longer bikeride in later...