Monday, January 14, 2013

January, Week 2.

Tuesday 8th.  Hot again and still too hot to do much when I got home.  Finally got onto the ex bike but the speedo thingy wasn't reading right so I don't know how long for but more than 20 minutes.   Then 10min of walking/running around the backyard and some mat moving after that.

Wednesday.  Had a lift into town to pick up my bike then rode 2km home.  Later rode around the small block so 6 km all up.

Thursday.  Not home today then had the grandkid, it's now bedtime and I realize that I haven't done anything.  Bugger!    I have done something to my ankle too, don't know what but throughout today I've been getting a sharp pain then it gives way on me.

Friday.  10km bikeride.  Slow today, such an effort.  Will be better next time.  Walked 2km through the bush.

Saturday     Walked 2km through the bush.  Then again.

Sunday.     Had the grandkid so no ride...still no ride...finally mowed for 1/2 an hour but was weeding, mulching, raking most of 4 hours.

Pushups.  I've started trying to do pushups and can only get better with these.  A year or so ago I could do 8 girly ones and sometimes a couple of proper ones as well.  These days I can sometimes do 6 girly pushups, some days none at all but usually I manage 2 or 3.   On a good day I get one proper one done and a few girly ones done before I collapse....I will keep trying with these for as many days as I remember.

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