Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 3 Is Gone, Bring On Week 4.

We're into week 4 of the year and I haven't yet told you all how week 3 went.  Hmmm, the reason for that being, as some of you may have guessed, I didn't do enough.  It's the chicken and egg story.  Do I not post because I don't do enough or do I not do enough because I don't post.

Week 3 had too many drumstick icecreams eaten.  I know it's not really the husbands fault but if he didn't buy them and leave them right on top as you open the freezer I wouldn't eat them   It took 4 or 5 before I upended the box into the half empty freezer and pushed them down betwen the frozen stuff.  It is now too hard for me to reach them and I have had 1 since doing that.  Brought in and offered by the husband....I could say no, he doesn't make me take them and eat them but I don't.  Say no that is.  We all know that I do take them and eat them. My fault for not wanting to be healthier more.  There wasn't enough moving last week either.  A 3 km ride, some floor exercise, a short walk then the brain hits in again and there is 2 rides in one day and I'm thinking I need to get back into it again.

So far this week I have had a 9km ride and yesterday lots of mowing and a 5km ride.  Not much, definatly not enough but it all helps doesn't it.

I am out today but will run with the boys this morning and walk on the spot type stuff if they both have an afternoon sleep.  Food needs to be worked on too and I will endeavour to do that this week as well.  

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