Monday, December 31, 2012

The End.

The end is nigh, not the end of the world, that was last week.  This is the end of this year.  I have been contemplating the end of this blog, the end of trying to get fitter and healthier, the end of walking and riding when I hurt and the end of disappointing myself every week.

After more than 2 years I am not all that better off.  Maybe a bit fitter but not enough to brag about.    Same size as I was 2 years ago and seriously thinking it's time to get rid of those bags of clothes in the smaller sizes.
I am starting to think that a bigscreen TV, Foxtel and chocolate cake for lunch every day would be a nicer way to spend my time. 
I  don't watch TV though, we don't have Foxtel and I don't have a stove to bake cakes...Just as well really because it would be so easy to give up on it all.

I need to rethink things, come up with a better plan, implement the better plan...

I dare say I'll be back here next year, maybe even tomorrow...Maybe...

What do you think, is it worth continuing?   Is it worth having sore hands and arms every time I ride?  Is it worth the pain of walking?   Is it worth going without cake every day?

Last 3 days.

I haven't achieved much over the last few days.  It has been hot but I could have made more of an effort to get out earlier and now wonder why I didn't. 

Saturday.  Walked, walked and walked some more.  We also ate too much icecream and had hot chips for tea so it was just as well I walked.  We had been away overnight and when we reached our town we decided to buy chips for tea...Now I had this *great* idea to walk home from the chip shop while husband waited for the chips to be ready.  So I started walking...I wasn't far down the road before I starting regretting it but it was quite a while before he came along so I could flag him down and get a lift the rest of the way...
Sunday.  Apart from a bit of swimming I didn't do much moving at all.  The heat is starting to get to me or I was just too lazy and I left it too late to go then couldn't be bothered. 
Monday.  Last day of 2012 today and it's going to be another hot one and once again I didn't get out early enough.  I did do some stepping inside, not enough and am running out of time to get more in.  A bit of swimming around the dam.

I feel like I should be fitter than I am, I should be fitter than I am..but my fitness does reflect the effort put in so that says it all really.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, Weeks Roundup.

Sat  6km ride
Sunday.  8.5km ride.
Mon  Walked the 3.6km block.
Tuesday Walked the 3.6km block.
Wednesday.  Ride 12 km.
Thursday.  under 2k walk and 7km riding.
Friday. Rode 11km.

I thinkI've done more moving this week, most times things are easier and on the days when they aren't easy I'm recovering quicker so things seem to be improving.   It's been hot the last few days and next week will be another hot one but as long I get up and out before 6am things shouldn't be too bad.  Moving much throughout the day is not something that I will be doing even if I wanted to but early morning...nice.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Moving...

As it was too windy to ride at the beginning of the week I walked the block Monday and Tuesday, it wasn't windy on Wednesday so I rode the bike.  I intended going to the bridge and back, this is an 8km ride but once at the bridge I thought I'd just go to the sign that I could see.  Once there I was pretty close to another sign and from there I could see the first corner so I rode to that.  Once there it was very tempting to keep going the 2 or 3km to the hall but my hands were tingling, my legs hurt, I needed a drink but forgot my water I turned around and *zoomed* home.  It seemed a lot quicker coming back, the road goes slightly downhill but by the time I was at my corner I could barely pedal and I kept looking at the speedo to see how far I had ridden.  I get to our driveway and was *this close* to 12 so rode passed a bit then turned around and came back so I could congratulate myself for riding 12km.   I kinda fell off the bike when I stopped, everything hurt, but I recovered not long afterwards and came up better than I thought I would.

Thursdays moving was going to be the same ride but instead I rode into town and walked a dog back to here with the intention of doing the reverse later on in the day.  The day was hot and by evening it was still hot, husband had to go into town so we bundled the dog into the car and we took her home that way.  I was worried that if I walked her she would struggle too much and get burned paws.  She is a big, slow, black dog that makes walking look hard.   After putting her back in her house I got on me bike and thought a bit then came home the long way.  It was hot, once again I didn't have my water with me...but ended up with 7km for the day plus the 2 or so walking.  There was a bit of swimming as well but not a lot and nothing that will get me into any competitions...Feeling good.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Walked Again.

I went for another walk around the 3.6km block this morning, Husband came with me and I wore my heart monitor...He says it says we walked for under 35min.  Yesterday I timed it at 45 by my watch...I *think* I walked the same speed...I know I didn't knock off 15 min so maybe I timed wrong yesterday.  Ten minutes is a lot to get wrong though so I will do it again sometime this week and see what it says then.    He says I burned 151calories.  Wow, that's worth doing then  Being a tad sarky there if you couldn't tell.  Daughter burned off 500 by mowing the grass out here one time...there's a thought, I will wear it next time I mow...if I remember...and it doesn't go missing again.   Not today though, it's going to be hot this week and it is already too hot out there to mow.  And I don't do calories anyway so no point, just might be interesting.

There's a story about this heart monitor.  I posted when I first got it, 4 months ago now, I used it once, took it off and put the watch part and the strap on the table.  That was the last I saw of the strap until yesterday...I found it when I was looking for an sd card that we bought a couple of weeks ago...that was put on the table too...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Today is Sunday!

Idiot!!  For some reason I thought yesterday was Sunday, it wasn't, today is.  So today is the last day of the 8 week challenge.  Doesn't matter much, nothing new will occur today, I still weigh the same, still wearing the same clothes and they seem to fit the same.  I did get an 8.5km ride in this morning and don't feel too bad because of it.  I will drink my water, eat my fruit and veg, mow some more...
Daughter even said something to me that told me it was Saturday yesterday so I have no idea how I lost a day...or have I gained one now with today...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenge Ends.

The 8 week challenge that I joined ends tonight.  I didn't do half as well as I thought I would.  No weight loss, no cm lost, no great impovement to my fitness.  It showed that I wasn't eating as many vegies as I thought.  I don't move enough. No surprise there.

Today, last day, I so wanted to get full points, was sure  I would, I didn't.  I started off good but was upset this afternoon then was home alone, had no-one to bitch to and ate cake.  Was going to go buy hot chips, really wanted to, but went outside and did more mowing and dug up all the garlic instead.   So looks like I'm not a complete failure, I can overcome some things and with a bit of practice I should do better. 

Todays eating was OK..except the cake bit.
Eggs x2 for breakfast.
Savory mince mid morning 1/2 bowl.
Savory mince 1/2 bowl. early afternoon for lunch. 
Apple fresh from the tree.  The first for the season.
Chicken, vegies and quinoa all mixed together.

I didn't have the smoothie this morning so instead added everything that I would have in that to the satay chicken.

Rode this morning and lots of mowing throughout the day.

New day tomorrow and the only challenge will be to move enough and eat healthy for most of the day.

Shut-up and Ride.

Well that was harder than it should have been.  Harder than it would have been if I had of kept at it more often.

I am not long back from a bikeride, the first in too long a time.    I was going to go to the corner and back but decided to go the other way to the stop sign and back.  I was coming up to the stop sign and trying to talk myself into going further up to the bridge...then I heard a noise and some sheila on a flash looking bike zoomed past.  She had turned the corner and was away up the road before I was close enough to need to slow down...

" I am never going to be able to go that fast, it's a long way to anywhere going that way,  see how fit she is,   I'll never be able to do that, gosh she was going fast I can't do that..."   So with all that stupid negative talking in my head I turned around at the stop sign and decided to take the short way back home.  I was halfway to my corner when I told myself to shutup and enjoy the seems I can't shutup though but this time the talking was more positive and I *zoomed* passed the shortcut corner and went the long way home.  The whole ride was only 6 km but much better than the first idea of to the corner and back ride of 3km.  Better than the 3.6km small block ride too.  Not as good as the 8km bridge ride but I will do that one sometime over the next few days.

Negative talk is keeping me fat and unfit, I need to work on that. 
How to you overcome the stupis self sabatage?  Any and all ideas welcome please.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Still not getting full points.  No idea why I want to stay fat and unfit.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 7. Day 1.

We're into week 7 now so only 2 weeks of the 8 week challenge left.  I will stick to it even though it hasn't made any difference to my weight or size.  I like that it has made me record what I eat more than I did and I will go back over that soon but I know that I am eating too much cruddy foodstuff.  Husband has agreed that I can go through the freezer and throw out, feed to chooks, all the buns and cakey type things.  They were given to us but we don't need it and it will save on chookfood by giving it to them.

I can see that I don't cook when I have beeen outside and come in later than 6, I can't be bothered and would rather just grab something easy like already cooked chicken, or fish or nuke some eggs.  It did mean that I wasn't getting enough vegetable more days than was good for me but now that I am having the smoothies every morning that is not an issue.  Already today I have had 4 sm smooshy apricots, 3 carrots, comphrey leaves, sweet potato leaves, 1/2 zuchinni.   Add in whatever others I have today and I feel I have the vegies covered. 

I need to get some moving in yet, I hate when I don't get it out of the way early.  It is getting hot out there now but I will mow for a bit and maybe ride later on.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 6 Ends.

And another one bites the dust.  I am no thinner, no lighter...maybe a bit fitter.

Looking back over this week I don't think there was one day that I didn't eat some sort of crap food.  I have eaten plenty of fruit and veg but way too much rubbish.  For someone that prides themself , or used to, on the lack of crap they ate I have failed myself big time this week and need to get back into eating the way I like to with fresh unprocessed food.

There is 2 weeks left of the 8 week challenge.  Two weeks to make some sort of effort to get back on track...and then to stay there.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 4.

5am coffee
8am  green smoothie
1pm  chicken and salad
3ish  small piece banana cake
bread, honey and cheese.  Should have had fruit.
1/2 dozen small strawberries
7ish  savory mince

Home from work and visitors there, spend hours out in the shed, came in for food around 7 then back outside.
Didn't get 45min moving in and again ate cruddy sruff...35points.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3.

Up early, a bit of moving, a green smoothie, half the daily quota of F&V before I left home at 7am.

Green smoothie
coffee   should have made the outmix up here but got busy.
green smoothie
cold meat   beef and pork
toast and meat   beef
green smoothie
corn thin, plain.
apricots x 3 or 4   Home and outside near the tree.
bun   Too late to cook anything and this was easy.
Apricot.  on the bench...
Went and cleaned teeth because the buns are still there too.

Not enough proper food again.  I wasn't home, was busy...too many excuses and not enough planning.  I took a jar of GS to work and drank it throughout the day so at least I had enough fruit and veg.

The moving was up though so full points for that, 37 for the day.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 2.

5.30  coffee
7.30  oatmix
         green smoothie
1.30  donut  On the way home, in the car.   Grrr.
3.00  eggs x 2 + veg
         Green smoothie.
handful of licorice allsorts   Grrrr.
 green smoothie
green smmoothie

Somehow today I haven't eaten much solid food but have had plenty of fruit and veg with the drinks.  This afternoons smoothies have had kefir, 1orange, some berries, 4 carrots, handful brocolli, half a zuchinni.  The one this morning had silverbeet as well.
Plenty of moving again with walking for hours around a shopping centre, a lot of it quite fast, and nearly an hour this morning doing side steps, knee lifts walking on the spot...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week Six. Day One.

We're onto week 6, haven't the last 5 gone quickly.

Husband and I had a Date Day today, we went up to Kings Park.
5.30  coffee
7       oatmix
11ish.  hot chips and chocmilk.
3pm   green smoothie.
licorice allsorts.  10, maybe.
6.30  roll with polony, cheese and lettuce
8.30 coffee
        small handful fruit and nut mix.
I did pack a healthyish picnic but it was a long walk away in the car.  The chips were really nice though, best we have had in a long time.  Threw half the chocmilk out as it wasn't what it should be.
Mondays moving - Walked for more than 5 hours.  Climbed the DNA tower...twice.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 5 Ending.

I woke up feeling very negative but *sucked it up* and started doing stuff and finally managed to feel a bit better about it all.  It seems that the longer I sleep the worse I feel when I wake up.  This morning I didn't wake until around 6.30, when I get up at 5.30 I don't seem to feel as bad.  But I can't set the alarm as there is nothing worse that being woken up by some noise when I'm not ready.

6.45  Coffee
9ish   Chicken schnitzel and 1 boiled spud.
12ish  coffee.
1ish   Eggs x 2.
         Green smoothie. 1x fruit and 1/2 veg sorted
2.30  Apricots x 3 or 4
8pm  Banana.
         Green Smoothie.  Rest of veg sorted.
9.30  bed.
Not enough real food today.  We *did a cow* this afternoon, not ours but for friends around the corner.  It meant that I was outside all afternoon and into the night so tea didn't get eaten but I am finding that having the smoothies is a quick and easy way of getting the green stuff into me so on days like today when there wasn't time for tea I know I still have some goodness inside my tummy, with not much effort on my part at all.
I biked around the small block this morning then bopped around the house to get the minutes up.  Was planning on doing a half hours mowing to top it off but people came before I started so it didn't get done.

Sunday.  Up and coffee'd by 5.10.  Feeling better but not like I should.
5.05  Coffee
7am  Eggs x 2 + 1 boiled spud.
10ish  Banana.
11.  liver and veg.
dimsims x 3
7pm  egg,
        big salad
8pm  green smoothie.

It was too windy for a ride this morning so at 6am I walked to the corner and back. 35 - 40min. Gardening all morning.
Not a bad weekend, could have been a lot worse seeing as how negative I started it.

And so ends week 5.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Think And It Will Be..

I woke up feeling sorry for myself this morning.  You know, or maybe you don't, too fat, hurt too much, crappy, messy house, was gonna have a pity party but no friends to invite...the whole stupid woe is me morning.   Read and remembered about someone who has reason to feel sad and down and was a bit ashamed that I was whinging when they were having a real hard time with things...Even the *been there, done that* thoughts felt bad but in fact they weren't, it was empathy as I know how they may be feeling. 

Since then I have been busy, helping son with clearing out the shed, tidying inside, putting stuff away so it is off the benches and table.   So it seems that the answer to stupid, crummy thoughts is to get up off your bum and do something constructive.  Who knew!

So I am feeling better about things.  I am still too fat but my choice.  Still choose to be unfit and for some dumb reason I choose to live in a messy house with windows that need cleaning.  So why whinge about it all when I could change things and all it would take is a bit more effort and some positive thinking on my part.

It would be nice to know why I choose these negatives when the positives would mean a more comfortable life, for me and those around me.  And as I learned many many years ago it's all in the thinking.  Change your thought, change your life.  I know this, it has helped get me through some crappy times.  I need to put it into practice now before I end up back where I was.
I am going to be more positive.  I am going to eat healthy food.  I am going to move more.  I may still be fat and unfit but I will be doing what's right, what we all need.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 5, Friday.

Week 5 of the Eight Week Challenge is nearly over and once again I am not doing as well as I planned.  Maybe because I didn't plan good enough, maybe I just thought I wanted to get the points up and that they'd get up by themselves without me having to do anything.  Well it doesn't work that way and if I want to get anywhere then I have to put in some effort.  Just not sure what is wrong with my head that it doesn't kick in and stay in.

The eating so far this week has been OK...except when it hasn't been...if you know what I mean.  Too many off the list stuff has been consumed but I am still having a daily green smoothie so the veg are being had with no problems.  Apricots are ripe so maybe too much fruit, depending on who you ask.  It's fresh, unprocessed and better than bread and cheese...if only I remembered that this afternoon!

Friday's Food.
Coffee  5.30
Green Smoothie  7ish 
Fish.   8.30
Eggs x 2.  11ish
apricots x 3 
icecream, still too easy to get.
Vitabrits.  1pm
bread and cheese  3.00
Green smoothie  4.30ish.
I should have had oatmix first thing then the eggs for lunch and the fish for tea.   Not having the oats just made me want to eat all day.

green smoothie  10am.
liver and veg for lunch
icecream.  Hmmm, not hidden well enough.
green smoothie
Fish 8pm.  Later than usuall but can't remember why.
Fruit and veg in the smoothies so didn't need the banana.

I haven't been writing the food down every day so of couurse no points for that on those days.

Points so far this week:
Mon - 40
Tues - 30
Wed - 35
Thur - 32
Fri - 25
Sat -
Sun -

Moving is down.  I blamed the storms for a couple of days then decided that the exercise bike that is right here in the middle of the room would be good enough.  I have been uising that and the stepper but nowhere near the 45min to get bonus points.

Friday, Again...

Fridays seem to come around all too often nowadays and I am never ready for them when they get here.  There hasn't been all that much moving this week, not sure why, but I don't think that I am any fitter than last Friday and it makes me cranky with myself.  It's another week wasted.   I now have only 4 months to get fit enough for the big hill climb. 
I'm off to make, and drink, my first green smoothie for the day, then a bikeride, just to get it out of the way.

Are you fitter than you were last Friday?  Will you be fitter than today by next Friday?  I know I will be.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 5, Day 1.

Todays food.

Coffee  5.30am.
Green smoothie  7ish.
eggs x 2.  With cheese.  Bugger!  10.30am.
meat with veg soup.  1pm
Green Smoothie.  1pm
Spoon of Peanut Paste. 3pm
Peanut paste off a spoon, again.  I wanted cake!
Meat with veg soup 7ish
2 Minties 8ish
Coffee 8.30pm

The green smoothies were nice and an easy way to get some veg in.  Each one had a serve of fruit and a couple of serves of veg and were made with water kefir.
Didn't get the extra 15min moving.

Eight Week Challenge, Halfway Mark.

I'm into the second half of the 8 week challenge that I joined over at Simple Savings and hoping that I do better than the last half.  After 4 weeks I don't think anything has changed but I think it is because I didn't change anything.  The things on the list are things that I am always aware of and trying to improve so as always, some days were great and I scored high points but on the not so great days the scoring was lower. 

I'm glad I'm doing it as it has shown me that there are too many low scoring days which means too many days of not having 5 serves of vegetable, too many days of not doing 45min moving, too many days of eating crap food.   I know what I need to concentrate on for this half of the challenge.  

*I know that drinking 2 litres of water/fluid is a non issue.  That's what I drink, not cordial, cooldrink, alcohol...I drink water.  Coffee is not counted so lucky I don't need to but I do count the water kefir.  The stinging nettle tea could probably be counted if I needed to.  What do you think about counting that?
*I don't eat after 8PM so the 9PM stop eating rule is always achieved.
*Eating 2 bits of fruit each day is easy and it is a rare day that I don't have at least that.
*Posting is easy as I am on the computer any day that I am home.
*Three serves of veg, usually achieved but lately getting the 5 in has been hit and miss.  I need more hits there and I'll get them with the green smoothies...if I keep to them.

This week I am going to concentrate on getting a min of 5 serves of vegetables and I'd rather not have to eat to count potatoes.  It should be easy enough without them especially if I continue with the smoothies.

Green Smoothies.

There is lots of talk about the great health benefits of Green Smoothies and while I think they could benefit a person they are not something that I make for myself though I do like the ones that L makes when I am at her place.   Those ones would have a weeks worth of goodness in one glass...OK, maybe not a weeks worth but they have so much different stuff in them they'd be like a vitamin pill but better.

This morning I decided to make myself a green smoothie so as to get more veg into the days eating but on walking around the gardens I can see how slack I have been as there was hardly anything to pick to add.    I found some siverbeet leaves that the bugs had decided weren't nice enough for them...after eating holes in them all, how rude!  A bit of a rinse and a blast from the blades and you couldn't see the holes so all good there. 

No recipe, just pick/use what you have and blend it all together. For this one I used water kefir, strawberries, silverbeet, avocado, comphrey, sweet potato shoots/leaves, chocolate mint leaves.   I could have used more of everything to up the serves and will next time.  I have more kefir that needs using so will make one up to have with some eggs for lunch.

I can't have blended it for long enough as the mint leaves didn't get chopped up at all so they needed chewing and it wasn't *smooth* like a normal drink but it tasted pretty good and it is an easy way to get some vitamins and minerals and much better than juice because the fibre is still there.  I have a cheap stick blender so wouldn't try some of the harder fruits or veg but I think a strong blender that will do anything might have to go on my want list. 

I must admit that though I have had 1 serve of fruit and at least 2 serves of veg in that breakfast drink I don't feel like I have eaten so will want some real food soon but at least I know that my day is off to a good start and as it's something that is easy enough to do most morning I will be having them again.

Do you do smoothies at all?  Any tips for a smoothie newbie?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 4 Ending Soon...

We're coming into the last 2 days of week 4 and all I can say is "so what"  Nothing has changed, I haven't lost any weight, clothing seems to fit the same, some days I feel fitter but others I still cannot be fagged doing anything...

I'm going out the beach this weekend so there won't be much crap food eaten while there, there will be beach walking and I will need to walk up a steepish hill to get back to the caravan...I know none of it will make any difference because it never does.
Points will be down as there is no fridge out there, the 'van has limited cooking facilities and I *forgot* and didn't cook up any veg to take...We'll be eating eggs, oats and cold meat I think.  I will have a 5 year old with me so walking will be slower but there will be more walks down to the beach...then back up that hill!
We're going to a fair today so there might be crappy food bought for lunch...if there is a hot chip van I can basically guarantee there will be some bought.  But after that - clean eating all the way and back on track with the challenge when I get home.

I am looking forward to Monday.  The husband will be away for a couple of days...or a week...but even if only 2 days I will put all his crap food out in the shed freezer, cook up a big pot of veg, make up a BIG bowl of salad, cook up some boiled eggs, some chicken or fish and some Liver for lunches...The fridge will be full of easy to grab proper food so there will be no reason to not grab that instead of pizza, icecream, bread and cheese...
Now, I better go find a decent pair of shoes to walk in, pack the esky, feed the chooks and chickens, water what needs watering... So much to do in the next hour I better really get a move on.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week 4 Day 3 and 4.

I wasn't home Wed but took my oatmix to have for breaky, had fruit, a biscuit, and some nuts all before lunch of Baked Beans, vegetables and veg soup.  Daughter T brought out a lovely bowl of salad and some sheppards pie for my and her daughters tea so at least a couple of serves of veg there.  Much better than cheese on bread!  Thanks T.  Three km 42minute walk before work with some stepping to get it up and over 45 minutes.
Thursday.  Up early and had an orange while outside then oatmix before I was picked up for a day out..  A banana around 11 and a snack of sheppards pie around 2 when I got home.  Fish, egg and big salad for tea then a milo.  Early morning 5km bikeride with some walking to make 30min but nothing else.  Not enough water today.

Challenges. Points each day.
Daily check in1 W. Th
Drinking two litres of water:3W    -
Stopping eating before 9pm:6 W.  Th.
Two servings of fruit:3W  Th
Three servings of vegetables:5W   Th.
+ 2 more servings of vegetables5 -
No sugary treats: 6 days only5 -  Th.
Keep a food journal:5W  Th.
30mins exercise 5 days only 5  -  Th
45mins exercise: 5 days only7W  -
 Max daily points 40  30  30

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week Four. Day 1 and 2.

Outside for a lot of the day so snacked instead of cooking proper meals.
Breakfast was an Allbran type cereal, then throughout the day I ate chicken, bread and cheese, orange, salami, more bread and cheese...Gosh, that looks bad.  Husband is home so the already grated and too easy to use cheese is in the inside fridge.  I must put it back out in the shed freezer.  Lucky it's still early and I have time to make myself a big salad for tea.

Out today so it was oats for breakfast, handful of almonds, biscuit, Baked Beans for lunch, pear...Was wanting something when I got home so had cheese and sausage pizza!  Insane.  I did give it to husband after 2 slices so I wouldn't just keep eating it and had some fruit and a coffee instead.  I made eggs and salad later.  I should have done that first.  I will be so glad when he is back at work and all the cheese and crap is gone.
Moving was good, water was good.  I wont take the points for no sweet stuff as I count all crap food in that so 30 points again.  A long way from the maximum of 40 that I have been aiming for.

Challenges. Points each day.
Daily check in1 M.T.
Drinking two litres of water:3 M T.
Stopping eating before 9pm:6 M.T.
Two servings of fruit:3 M T
Three servings of vegetables:5 M T.
+ 2 more servings of vegetables5 -
No sugary treats: 6 days only5 - -
Keep a food journal:5 M T.
30mins exercise 5 days only 5
45mins exercise: 5 days only7 M T
 Max daily points 40  30 30

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week Three Ends.

Today is the last day of week 3 and am I so glad as this week was not very well pointed at all.  I had low points most days and I didn't even bother keeping a record of points or food.  I'm a bad Eight Week Challenge challenger.
This week has been a complete write-off for me but I am looking forward to getting back into doing everything for week 4.  I will draw up a new chart  and stick it somewhere where it will be seen more often...maybe this monitor, seeing as I am here too often throughout the day that might work.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sat, Day 6, Week 2.

What a day.  Husband is home, the house is full of crap food and today he bought more...I know I don't have to eat it but I do.  Stupid!!

I managed to score 27 points today, out of a possible 42 so not good.  I did hours of mowing so am counting that as my exercise but I ate crap, more crap then just for good bad measure I had some more. 

Husband is a crap eater, he buys crap food so when he is home temptation is everywhere.  Today he called into a bakery for a pie...while there he bought other stuff, brought it home, offered it to me and little Miss DumboGreedypants here eats it.   Chocolate, icecream, sausage roll, cakes.   I put the sweet bun in the freezer and am hoping that I forget about it but the sausage rolls are in view in the fridge, handy for him...too handy for me.

I did have liver and veg for tea instead of another sausage roll and that is about the only redeeming feature of the afternoon/evening.

I do think I am fitter this week, I am wanting to do more anyway so I think the Iron from liver eating is starting to work but now I need to eat less so as to stop the Cholesterol going up again but keep eating enough to keep the Iron levels up.  It's hard getting the balance right.

Bring on tomorrow, it has to be better than today.  It WILL BE better than today!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Protein Notein.

Husband came home a day early so that put my second day of only protein off.  I did after all have to feed him and that meant cooking vegetables so of course I had them too. 
I'm not too fussed though as I like my fruit and veg and though I know that protein only days does get some weight off I don't believe it is a good way to eat longterm.  I was hoping that a day or do may have done something with the fat but I believe that I am better off to keep eating fresh unprocessed food and moving more.

He has brought home opened bags of lollies and chocolates and gave them to me with *permission* to eat if I wanted to.  I must have wanted to because I did. Not all, but too many.  Dumb!   He has also bought icecreams.  They are in the shed freezer but I know I will end up eating too many.  I can go without the crap forever if it is not here but when it is here and opened...I just seem to want it.

I mowed and whippersnippered this morning but not for the 45 minutes that would have given me the extra points so today ended up with 35points.  Tomorrow I am going to try for full points.  The hard part will be not eating the chocolates but that's why it's a challenge isn't it?  I'm up for it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Protein Only Days. Day 1.

A while ago, before I joined the 8 week challenge, there was talk about doing a few protein only days as a bit of a kickstart to losing some fat...This week I agreed that I would join someone in doing 2 days of it.  Two days of protein only, today and tomorrow.  It would mean forgoing the fruit and veg points on the 8 week challenge but the hope is there that I will gain some points with weight going. 
Is coffee protein?  Allowed?  Probably not but that didn't stop me from getting up and making myself one...and then drinking it.  Fail 1.
I thought that an egg milkshake would be a nice protein drink for breakfast  but on reflection I don't think milk counts as it has sugars.  The chicken and fish count, only protein there.  The orange that I had because I wasn't thinking *protein* doesn't.  The toast with Vegemite and cheese, another fail and the orange I had just now...another fail.
I have liver in the fridge ready to be heated for my tea...but it does have some veg added.  Because it's better to have vit C with meat for the iron absorption.  So not plain protein.

It's nearly 6pm here and I will soon have the Liver (and veg) and that will be it for the day.  Worth tring again tomorrow seeing as today had so many fails?  Probably can't hurt too much so will see.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2, Week 2

I was out today but took oatmix for breakfast and a container of liver and cabbage for lunch. 

Todays food. 
bread with jam and cream.  I know!!   I have this 3 or 4 times a year, Yum and  no regrets.
liver anf veg   Too much so divided it into 2.
liver anf veg 

Not sure of points today and can't be fagged working them out...I don't think I missed anything though so full points, maybe...
Didn't get as much moving done as I wanted to today but put some music on tonight and bopped around the house then did 15 min on the exercise bike so all up way over the 45min.   Hot and sweaty so went to have a shower hot water so the OK mood that I was in has gone...a cold flannel wash will do that   haha.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 2 Day 1.

Mondays Food.
toast, honey and cheese.  1 slice, decent bread.
2 coffees
liver and veg.
liver and veg
kefir smoothie

Didn't ride or walk but put some cool music on this morning and again this afternoon and bopped around the house for an hour or so.  Was low on the water but topped it up with some kefir.  Doesn't look like I ate much but I feel like I have had enough.

Total possible points 42. 
My points today 37  Didn't get 5 serves of veg so lost points with that.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 1 Ends.

One week down in the Eight Week Challenge and nothing here has changed.  No loss of fat or weight, no feeling more energetic, no healthier.   So worth doing?  Seeing as we are only 1 week in it is, of course, too early to say but it probably is as anything that gets me thinking more about what I do and don't do is a good thing.  And reporting in on a daily basis here and on the SS forum is more motivating than doing things by myself. 

The maximum points we could get for week 1 is 240 but! it's complicated.  I can't just add up all the points I get each day as exercise points are only counted 5 days. (Is it worth doing every day then?)
there are 5 points for not eating sweet stuff (lollies, cake, crap...) each day but we don't get them 1 day as we are *allowed* them 1 day a week.  So if they are allowed why not have them...even though I normaly wouldn't.  So I had an icecream tonight.  If I could have claimed those 5 points I would not have had this.
I am not much good at numbers and have trouble thinking what's allowed when and getting the points right.  I'd rather all points were the same every day but it's not about me!  And I need to stick to the same rules as everyone else that is doing it.  I will mostly get the points for eating the fruit and veg limits that are set.  And the water.  The exercise is what I want to do better with and there is room for for that.  I need to exercise even on the 2 days that no points are allocated.  And not eat the crap on the days I lose those points for not. 

With the challenge there is big points for losing weigh, 10 I think for each 1/2 kilo.  I didn't get any of those this week, will be happily surprised if I get them at all during this 8 weeks as it doesn't seem to matter what I do or don't do I hover around the same number and have for years. 

Maximum points possible for week one = 240
My points for Week 1 = 216
Hmmm, that's not good but lots of room for improvment.

Day 7.

I was wrong about getting all the points for yesterday and today while away...I missed out on the exercise points for Saturday.  Did a bit in the morning before I left home but only 20min and nothing while away.  Did try and go for a walk but we took 2 dogs with us and one is psycho at the best of times, add in kangaroos jumping across the road in front of him...L got a workout though, restraining him.  I had the good dog so though he pulled he listened and lay down when told.  They were both toey though so we cut the walk short and went back to the house.  Now I could have then gone by myself after hat but I didn't.  Not sure why...too lazy?  Too tired?  Too couldn't be bothered!  (turns out there are points for exercise only 5 days so I didn't actually *lose* these.  They weren't there to get.  I should still have made more effort, for myself)
And I had pizza for lunch when I got there instead of the salad I planned.  And pizza for tea as well.

Chicken and veg stew
pizza  Thin crust, veg topping, some cheese.
biscuit.  Not bought muck but a home made by L, full of good stuff bickie.
slice bread   Yummy stuff from Nannup Bakery.  Plain though, no topping of any kind.
Raw home made by L, full of good stuff bickie mixture, quite a bit!  Maybe 5 or 6 bickies worth.
pizza  Thin crust, veg topping, some cheese.
Points  22   Lower points because exercise doesn't count today and not enough water.

slice bread with honey.  Grainy bread, no butter...
Sm green brown! smoothie,  Nice though.  Full of *everything* including Hemp oil.  How healthy will I be!
chicken and veg stew.  At home
Pikelets  Home with Grandkid who likes to make this stuff.
custard. 1/2 cup.  Both were healthyish though with added goodness.  Custard made with eggs.
Salad, BIG bowl of. 
Icecream, sm cone.
Fried takeaway that the daughter left here.  I wasn't going to, it was here, I did!!
Points  26  Lower points because exercise doesn't count today and no points for not eating crap not enough water.

Because there were no points for exercise I didn't bother with it at all on Sunday.  Stupid!  Where will that thinking get me?  Not to the top of a big hill that's for sure.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 6

I'm going out soon and wont be back until tomorrow afternoon but know I will get all my points even with the planned pizza for tea tonight..  Organic vegan/vego household, lots of yardwork and hilly roads to walk...

Tomorrow is the last day of week one so I will be able to write how well I did, or didn't, do. 

Breakfast this morning was chicken and veg stew, I have a big bowl of salad for lunch with maybe a sm tin of sardines, a pear, a banana and carrots to snack on.  Pizza for tea but it will be covered in vegetables, no meat.  The kefir water is full of strawberries.

Sun.  Oats for breakfast,  then a pear.  Salad and sardines for lunch.  There is a bowl of chicken and veg in the fridge ready for when I get home.   Kefie smoothie somtime to get the other fruit in.

I will report in sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 5.

egg and veg slice
salad.x 2 cups
egg and veg slice.
kefir fruit smoothie.  So nice!
bread and cheese.  no reason, it was there...I wanted to.  Wish I hadn't.
And again!! bread and cheese.   This is now out in the shed freezer.
kefir fruit smoothie. 
chicken and veg.

Mid afternoon and I still hadn't walked or ridden.  Tired again and should have had a sleep instead of the bread and cheese.  Need to make more of an effort but keep thinking "what's the point"  The point is, I want to get fitter so I can climb a mountain!    Five PM and still no moving as such.  A bit of gardening but not enough...
OK, Done finally!  A slow 35minutes but I'm taking the 5 points for it.
All up today, 34points.  So much for 37 x 5 days, that's not going to happen this week now but is something to aim for in week 2.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 4.

Up early but couldn't be fagged!  Better go somewhere somehow later...But it's windy and not nice outside...*should* go now so it's done with...Finally went walking.

Food today.
few strawberries
egg and vegie slice.
more strawberries
chicken and salad soup.
milkshake, big cup, banana and chocolate
chicken and salad soup.
custard, made wih eggs and cornflour

The chicken and salad soup sounds strange but turned out quite nice.  The *salad* I added to some chicken was made up of silverbeet, cabbage, carrot and suchlike.   With grated cheese.  But cooked up all together it was OK.  Daughter brought out some salad she made so I am right for tomorrows lunch too.

At half past 12 I had already had lunch (the chicken and salad soup) and a pear and more chicken but I really wanted something sweet.  Husband suggested icecream but No!  wasn't having that...what else...OK, milkshake.  I wanted something sweet all afternoon, eventually went and had a sleep and woke up feeling better and not craving sweet so much.    Had more soup earlyish but husband wanted something sweetish so I made some custard.  The soup was quite thick so very filling.

I cooked up a couple of roosters today and made up a batch of *Becky's Soup* (from SS forum)   Husband doesn't like it, says it's too weak so I will work on that tomorrow so as to have soup for next week.  I have rooster meat over the next couple of days but will be away over the weekend.

34 points.  Really going to try for the 37 tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 3. Week 1.

I was up and at'em at a decent hour this morning and asked the husband if he wanted to come for a ride or walk with me...of course he said no but I did not let that put me off.  It was windy so I was umming and ahhing about what to do and in the end decided to chance it and ride into daughters then walk up the hill. was windy!   I should have taken a beanie as my ears are a bit sore now from the wind.    Easily had an hours moving done and still home just after 7 ready for a coffee.  I do like getting it done in the mornings as then it is over and done with and out of the way and anything done later throughout the day is a bonus.  The morning moving can be fun as it is not being done because it *has to be*

Todays Eating:
oatmix.  Added a couple of walnuts to it this morning as well.
2 sm sl pizza.
salad x 2 cups
egg and veg quiche type thing, no pastry or crust.
Bit of fruitsalad.  Not 2 serves 

The oatballs are something that I mix up when I want something *treaty*  It is honey and peanut paste mixed together then oats, ground flax, bran...whatever I have on hand, added and mixed in, formed into marble sized balls.  Sometimes it is put in the fridge to go hard and it is better that way.  I only make a small amount as I want it otherwise I would eat too much of it.

It was half past 5 and I thought that I hadn't had any fruit yet, not sure how that happened.  I wasn't hungry though as I'd just had the eggy thing.   Think that I must get in some fruit over the next 3 hours.....Had some but not the 2 serves so no points for fruit today.  Never though I'd miss points on fruit!  Too funny.  Not enough water either.  Will do better tomorrow.

Only 31 points today.  Oops!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 1, Day 2.

Woke up around 5ish this morning, couldn't be fagged getting up but kept thinking about this challenge and wondering what exercise I'd fit in...eventually decided on a short bikeride before I needed to leave so up and dressed and rode the small block.  That took around 15 - 16 minutes so leaves a min 15 to go.  I figure I can get that in easily with running around the yard with the kids.  If I get a halfhour walk in that will get me the 2 bonus points.  Will see what happens.

Food today:
watermelon, sm slice
pizza and 2 cups salad
two cups cook vegetables, *minced* Italian sausage on top.

The watermelon looked nice but I should have known, it is too early in the season so it was not very nice.  Not nice enough to have another piece that's for sure.  One of the best things about Summer is Watermelon season so I am always surprised at myself when I have some too early knowing it will not be nice.

Was going to have an egg a couple of hours after the veg, not because I was hungry but because I didn't think I'd had enough protein for the day.  Wondering if I should have.  Would it be better to have had it or not....

The thirty minutes exercise was easy enough, there was running around with a 2 year old and some side stepping and walking on the spot instead of sitting and reading, walking around the yard while they played instead of just standing or sitting and watching them...

Had to make an effort to get the water in because I wasn't home and didn't have my bottle with me so didn't think about it enough. I need to remember to take my water bottle with me to work as drinking too much at once just to get the amount up isn't good.

37 points again. 
It will be nice to get that amount for 5 days this week but I admit it is an effort.  We are only 2 days in and I was thinking that it will be easy but I can see that I am going to have to be thinking about it all the time until it all becomes routine again.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Food Diary. Week One, Day One.

Mon 29th
5.30 coffee.
Breakfast. oatmix, coffee
Lunch. Pizza, few slices, cup and a bit salad.
cup salad
Tea.  Four cups cooked veg, grated cheese on top.

Daily Points - 37.

Day 1 was like most of my days will be.  We grow our vegetables and some fruit so these are easy to get in as they are here and that's what we eat.  Exercise has been my downfall lately and that is what I want to get back into on a regular basis and if it wasn't for this challenge I would not have gone for a 35min (7km) bikeride this afternoon, I would have been happy with the mowing this morning. 
I measured the salad at lunchtime and the veg for tea to make sure that I was getting the amount I thought I was.  I wont need to do this all the time because I know, more or less, what a serve looks like.
I drink water so the 2 litres of that will be easy enough.  I will count the nettle tea and the water kefir in that 2 litres and most days I will drink way more than 2 litres.
I usually eat more than 2 bits of fruit, sometimes it could be way more, like 5, 6, 7 serves.  Some people will see this as a problem but we eat what we grow and when the fruit is here that is what we eat.  This morning for example with the Strawberries...there would have been more than a cups worth eaten throughout the morning as I was out working around those gardens and they were ripe...

I'm not home for the next couple of days but lunches are put away and have 2 cups of salad in each days lunch.  Veg are cooked and ready for tomorrows tea and I will cook eggs or fish when I get home to go with that.  Breakfast will probably be the oatmix.

Eight Week Challenge.

I spoke too soon about being better.  I thought I was so went out for the day on Saturday, did too much and was sick again on the Sunday.  Still not well this morning BUT...instead of moping around playing the *poor me, too sick, not well, can't do* card I woke up determined to get a bit more positive.    So I signed up for an 8 week challenge with some like minded people and it starts today.

The challenge is based on a points system, we get so many points for doing different things, like 5pt for 30min exercise, 3pt if we drink 2 litres water, points if we eat 3 serves of vegetables more if we eat 5, points for fruit...stuff like that, with a maximum point value for this week being 240.   One of the things is to keep a food diary, that will give me 5 points for the day so I will use this blog to do that. 

So as well as being fitter by Friday I will also see how many points I can get by the end of Sunday.  

I am putting my chart on the fridge so it will be seen and can be filled in as I go.  There are no excuses now.

I might fall short on the exercise points this week but I have something to work towards with other people doing the same so we can encourage and support each other.  

I think it will be fun.

It will be fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, Not Fitter but Better.

It's Friday and there is no way that I could possibly be fitter than last week  
But I do feel better and the cold thing is starting to go.
Tomorrow we will be out and there will be quite a bit of walking so hope that doesn't send me back at all.

I am going to get back into the moving this week and I will be fitter by next Friday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Still Sick.

Tuesday and I am still sick.  It's not even 7am yet and my head has started to hurt.  I have been up since 5.30 so maybe it's time for something to eat but I don't really feel like anything yet.

I have been outside and started splitting some blocks of wood but had to give up after not too many.  It's going to take a long time to get that pile shifted...Of course the son will come out one day and do it in 10minuites and I kinda think I should leave it until he does but I also think I should do it myself, I want to do it myself...just not today.

I haven't done any walking or riding for ages and it will be at least another couple before I try so I am going to be back where I started, again!  I wonder how many times I will keep trying this before I give up...

OK, I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP...I will eat chicken and veg soup throughout today, have a sleep when I want to and tomorrow I will wake up feeling alright.  The mowing can wait, the woodpile can wait...there are a few things that shouldn't wait but I will see go I feel about them later, maybe a small bowl of oats and a kefir smoothie will get me going.  Lets try.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eating Healthy. But sick too often.

I used to pride myself on never getting sick.  Everyone else around me would be coughing and sniffing and feeling crook but I'd be fine.  I said it was all the healthy living I did.

I am still, mostly, living healthy but lately I have had more colds than I am used to and I don't like it.
I'm starting to think what's the point of eating mostly fresh, unprocessd foods if I am still going to get sick.  Even the Nettle Tea hasn't warded off the last 2 colds.

My husband eats crap and drinks Coke, lots of servo food when away working....He also smokes, drinks, doesn't exercise. He works, hard, during daylight hours, stays up all night more often that I think is good for him...He quite often eats toast for tea, white bread!! instead of the yummy meat and veg concoction that I have made.  He never eats breakfast, doesn't drink water...He has colds less often than I do, he is rarely sick.  He is fitter, stronger, smarter than me.  If you compared the way we each ate and lived then it would seem that I should be the healthier one.  I'm not.

I work with kids and if they are sick I am starting to think that it will soon be my turn.  Up until a year or so ago I was pretty sure that their germs wouldn't affect me, and they didn't.  But now...Makes me cranky.  Seems like a lot is making me cranky   That's not really the case...I just wonder why.  Why does the healthy eater get sick more than the crap eater.

And what can I do about it?   I am due for more blood tests, maybe I am low in Iron again....
Any ideas please on how a healthy eater can get sick less often?   Without factory processed pills and potions!

October 13-19.

Saturday.  Rode 3km  Walked, not fast, 4 hours.
Sunday.  Mnnn...Nothing?  Used the stepper for a bit...
Monday.  Okayyyyy, nothing again?  Was at work.
Tuesday.  Walked!  Did the Chuditch trail again.  4km of hilly bits and steps.
Wednesday.  Hour and a half hour of that around town so a bit hilly.
Thursday.  Not well so nothing.
Friday.  As above...Probably could have walked or ridden today but didn't...and now I have a cold!! 

Am I fitter than last week...don't know.  I sure don't feel it so maybe not.  I will start again on Monday...the cold should be on it's way out by then and I should be less cranky too.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goal Walk, Not Cancelled But...

You know how I wrote that I was going to do my goal walk to the weir tomorrow, ...well I don't think I'll be able to.  I have been useless this afternoon, even after a sleep I hurt all over, can't walk properly, hands are useless, my shins are sore, I feel like...lets just say, not well!   After some tablets and a proper sleep tonight I should wake up feeling alright tomorrow except maybe for the shins.   I think the Chuditch Walk, the hour and a half around town, the mowing, the stepper, too much.  The sore shins are due to walking uphill in shoddy shoes but the rest was caused from overdoing things.  As I do.  I might try for the walk on Sunday...At least a section of it.

And yes, feeling extra useless because really, I should be able to walk up a hill by now, I started this blog 2 years ago and I am no better off than I was way back then.  If I kept at it I would be able to, Stupid!   Yep feeling cross!  lol.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Todays Walk.

I was suposed to go to work today but arranged for the daughter to go instead.  She is not an early morning person though so I decided to walk into her place and bang on her door to make sure she was *upanatem* on time.  Nearly there though and I decided that instead of the 30 minutes I'd get by going to her place then home again that I'd walk up the hill, around the block, then home again, getting in an hours walk.   I called her, she was up so I crossed the road and started.

Many, many! years ago when I lived in town I used to walk these streets most days.  Up the hill, the whole town block (small town not a big city type town) up a few more streets then back down to where I lived. It took a couple of hours and it was fun as I was doing it with a group of friends.   Things change and for various reasons the walks stopped.  Fast forward and I don't think I could walk the town block if I tried.   Apart from the town being a lot bigger now I am fatter, unfitter, sorer, older, no-one to walk it with...

But this morning was just going to be up the hill to the top street, around a bit then back down to my crossover and the 15 minute walk back home.  I planned on it taking an hour.    Well how unfit am I!   It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I did get to the top of the hill in the time I thought I would but after that I started feeling it in my shins.  It was still OKish but I did need to go slower and coming back down I *forgot* what road I needed to take so an extra 10min was added on.  I also had the time wrong so went further than I needed to and by the time I was back down at my crossover I had been walking for more than an hour.  The 15min walk home took nearly 20 so all up I had been walking for more than an hour an a half.  And felt like I'd been walking all day!

Maybe it was too much after yesterdays walk.  Maybe it was the shoes, maybe I thought I was better than I am.  I have planned on doing my *goal walk* this Friday...and am now wondering how good of an idea that is.  I will still attempt it, I will have my phone and will call my personal taxi if I need to but I will be so cross with myself if I need to do that.

I wont walk tomorrow but should ride then and don't know yet if the woman I ride with will stop by this afternoon or not.  Need to wait and see.  I don't have her number and she has 2 big dogs so I don't like going into her yard if she is not around.  I missed her Monday and yesterday because of her or me working and don't know if she will be around today or not.  I will be ready in case she shown but if she doesn't I *could* go for a short on later...

I have mowing to do today but am not sure if I should...well, of course I should but I am really not feeling up to it so will wait and see how I feel later.

Now...I am going to rub some more Deep Heat on then get stuck into the days jobs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chuditch Walk, LPR, Dwellingup.

LPR= Lane Poole Reserve.

Daughter wanted to do this today, she wasn't keen while up there camping last week but as it gave me another chance to do it I took it with out  too much complaining.  When husband and I did it last Friday we really only did half of it as we started at one end but when we reached the other end instead of turning around and coming back along the same track we came back along the other side of the brook and that was not as hilly or steppy.   This time I can honestly say that I did the whole lot.  I do think it's silly to have a walk that doubles back on itself when it could have been made as a circuit route, maybe not as long but I wonder how many people actually do get to the end and just turn around and come back the same way.  

The main sign says the whole walk is 4km, taking 2 1/2 hours.  The sign above says 3.8km and no, it's not 200mtres further along.  I'm taking the 4km. Why, because we did have a bit of a walk from the car, the loo was a bit of a way up a hill then back down to the path, back to the car after the walk, it sounds better...  Not sure where they get the 2 1/2 hours to walk it from.  I am not very fit and me and the daughter did it in around an hour and a half.  You'd have to be going pretty slow to take the 2 hours, maybe if you had small kids with you...

 We started the walk from the Nanga Mill campsite area and this is the little bridge at the beginning of the walk.

Over the bridge, to the left, follow the sign...

                                                                   Along the path...
                                                                    Down there...
There are areas where the edges have given way but it's safe enough if you stick to the path

.Down a gravel road for a bit...
 Left down some steps...
 Then up the path...
 Up some more...
 And still up...
                                                    Oops, now where, which way do we go...
                                                                         That way...

 Daughter says this is how the path got it's name...
Hmmm the rock might have spots like a Chuditch does but I don't think so...

There are a few little bridges along Nanga Brook, making it easy for getting from one side to the other without getting your shoes wet.

 After walking for a bit we come to Nanga Road.  
We need to cross over here and continue the walk on the other side.
  But be aware.  Sometime the path is closed for a bit while the mines kill a bit more Earth. 

A short walk into the other side and we can look back and see the gate that we drove through to get to Nanga Mill and the start of our walk.

The walk this side is not as close to the water but it can still be heard as it babbles merrily along through the undergrowth.
There are a couple of tents over the creek in the Nanga Townsite camping area. Won't be long now and we will be at the end of the walk...or more precisely, to the halfway point.

And then the batteries in the camera went flat.  Never mind, we will come back and take photos of the last section another time.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Second Week, October 7-12.

Second week and things are much the same. 

Saturday.  Nothing...No reason, just couldn't be fagged.  Not good!
Sunday.  Walked small block, 3.6ish km.  Rode big block.
Monday. Walked down L's road and back up hill, 30 minutes or thereabouts.
Tuesday, Work so nothing there.  Finally used stepper when home.  20+ min over an hour.
Wed. Stepper but not for long enough.
Thur. Walked a bit but sat around the campfire for too long.
Fri.   Walked around 7 km in 3 walks over the morning. 

Happy with the walking today...Pity I don't do it more often.  If I did I would be well on the way to managing that hill I want to climb.  Wanting to walk to weir next  Friday...Was wondering if I should even try as the more I try to push the less I can breath but this mornings walk shows that I can walk further than I think...if I only get up and actually do it.

Walking The Walk.

We have been away on an overnight campout up at Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup so I have at least had a couple of walking stints this week.  Because of them I *think* I am fitter today than last week.  Maybe.  I mean there was a lot! of huffing and puffing as we walked along the path that was the Chuditch Walk Trail.  And I mean a lot.  But I have walked more this week than any other for a long time. 

I have done this walk a few times before...or thought I had.  I walked along a path to where this trail ends so believed that I had done this walk but yesterday I came across a sign that showed I hadn't been on the right track at all.

I decided that I'd do the right Chuditch Trail and as I was sitting around the fire pit with 6 other adults this morning I issued them all an invitation to join me in this walk.  Told them that it was only 4km, took, according to the sign that couldn't possibly be right, a couple of hours...No-one was interested.  Now I'd already walked a couple of k's earlier while waiting for husband to wake up and a bit more with the grandkid after that and I am fat and unfit but was ready for more so I was disappointed that no-one else thought it was a good idea.  Husband was kind enough to come with me so I thank him for that.  He is not a walker but the lovely man came because he knew I'd rather not go alone.

This trail has steps, and a lot of them.  Uphill steps too.  I reckon that anyone that can't do this walk wont be able to do the Bluff Knoll climb so any of the group that plan on coming with us next year could use this walk as a practicing tool.

There are many nice walks in this reserve and I know I say it every time after I go up to Lane Poole but I am going to make an effort to get a few more in before the end of the year.   It's so close to home there is no reason that I couldn't go up every month at least and get some decent walks in.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

October Goal.

I'm thinking that because I'm not doing enough I need to set some walking goals and get it down in writing so it sticks in me head.   There is no way that I will be able to walk up Bluff Knoll next year if I don't start getting real about it all pretty darn soon. So:
Before the end of this month I WILL walk up to the weir. 

Probably not from here though...I will ride into T's place and use that as my starting point.  For the first one anyway.  Eventually I will walk all the way from here. 

I think this walk is a bit further than 5km, all up hill.  I did drive it last week to see how far it was but then drove somewhere else and forgot to write it down.

I know it can be done...I have seen people doing it.  The only difference between me and them, that I can see, is they are younger, fitter, thinner and actually doing it.
I bet before they started that they thought they couldn't.  I bet their first time was hard on their legs. I bet they enjoy it now...

I have even seen kids riding up this hill.  OK, we all know that kids can do just about anything, 45 years ago I probably could have ridden up this hill, no hands and with a blindfold on...OK, maybe not the blindfold...My point?  Other people are doing it and there is no reason that I can't do it too. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

This Weeks Moving.

Well, I have to be fitter this week than I was last week.
I haven't done as much as many others but I'm happy that I seem to be getting back into again.

Saturday.  Nothing...No reason, just didn't think to.
Sunday.  Rode small block.  3.6ish km.
Monday.Walked and rode, small block.
Tuesday, Work so nothing. (did kick a football around with a 5 year old during the afternoon)
Wed.  At work so nothing.
Thur. Walked the small block in morning so 3.6km.  Rode the big block in afternoon.
Fri.  No walk, mowed instead.  Rode the big block plus extra in the afternoon.

Was a bit useless Tuesday night so I'm thinking the footy games shouldn't happen again.  The walking is fine but the riding is leaving my arms and hands sore but that's OK, they'd probably be soreish anyway as I have been whippersnippering and mowing as well and that always makes me hurt.

I need to do at least the same next week, more will be better though.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Six Months...Still Counting.

So I have less that 6 months before I need to be fit enough for that mountain/hill climb.  I just know you are all wondering how I am going with the training for it thing, yeah?  Not all that great, not even a little bit good.  Real bad in fact.
How the blank am I going to be fit enough when I don't do anything to get fitter?  The answer is...I'm not.  And that will be a problem.

I did think that it might have to be put off because of the husband's back but he assures me he will be fine and it is still on.  Well there goes that excuse.  So I suppose I better, again, get stuck into it.

I haven't walked up to the weir yet though I did drive up there a couple of weeks ago to see how far it was...then drove somewhere else and didn't write the numbers down so still don't know.  Husband thinks around 5km but driving up there I'm sure it's more.  And it's all up hill!  I know, that's the point but still.

I am going to walk up there this month though, after the school holidays are over.  I can always ring the daughter to come pick me up if I can't get back again.  

Over the last week I have walked around the small block, ridden around the small block, ridden around the big block...Not been home the last couple of days but am tomorrow so will walk the small block in the morning and maybe ride it in the afternoon.  I have someone to ride with now so hopefully we'll do it a few times each week.

Small block is 3.6km,  Big block is 5+km.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Seven Months...Start the countdown.

Seven months.  That sounds like a long time doesn't it.  Plenty of time for anything.  Lots of time to do stuff, go places, get lots achieved.
But this year 8 months have gone already and I haven't done a lot.  Haven't been to lots of places, have achieved nothing.   So where do I get off thinking that I can do it all in 7 months. 

But I took on the challenge and it would be a bit sad if I pulled out without giving it a proper shot.  Right?  Right!

Week 1.   I need to start regular walking again.  Yep, I've had a couple of weeks to get used to the idea, to tell everyone about it, to think that I really should start... but have I.  No, no I haven't.  SlackA*** challenge accepter here people.  Or I was anyway.  No more.  Today I walked and tomorrow I will walk.  Monday, I will walk.  And I now have a stepper that I will use a few times a day most days this week.

The countdown has started.  Who wants to set themselves a challenge and count down with me?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Challenge Details.

We had a daughter visiting  here last week and I'm not sure how it came about but it seems I have agreed to get fit and climb a mountain.  Not any old mountain, this mountain just about did me in 10 years ago when I was on the way down.  Have any of you tried coming down a mountain with no knees?  Yep, no  knees coming down a mountain.  Too fat and unfit then too but I remember the feeling standing on top of that mountain and looking out and seeing...not much at all beacause of the low cloud fog type air.  But that feeling of pure joy...I remember that so well.

We said we'll do it for my birthday again.  That gives us 8 months to train, to get fit, to look forward to, to talk about, to gather other family members who want to do the same thing...but mostly, to have a point.  A point to getting off of this thing and walking more.  A point to going out the beach and walking up sandhills.  A point to catching the train to Perth and walking up some steps called Jacob's Ladder, a point to getting (and staying?) fit.

I need to sort out some plans and goals now so if anyone has any ideas then please let me know.   I think I will start off with regularly walking 5 or 6 km then add in a walk up to the wier.  Maybe I could walk to the dam.   If I go out to the beach each week and walk around Myalup that should help with it all.  Quite a hilly place is Myalup.  I think it will be  a long time before I attempt Jacobs Ladder but maybe I could give it a try sometime during October or November and see how I go with it.
This all sounds good but I need to actually do this not just write down some words then sit here and do nothing about it.

I'm going to write down some monthly goals and get husband to make me stick with them.  come along with me on some of them.

Bluff Knoll  is the name of this hill we will climb.  It's only a 5km walk to the top and back and hey! what's 5km right.  A walk in the park, right?   I can walk 5km.   Could I walk 5km up the side of a ruddy great mountain?  Not yet!  But come the end of March...I'll see you at the top!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Heart Monitor.

A few weeks ago I tried out a heart monitor.  I used it for all of 15min, maybe.  It was fun.  So much fun that I decided to order myself one as soon as I got back home.  Like I said, that was a few weeks back but no I didn't come home and order one. 

Daughter L was here last Friday, it was hers that I had tried.  She got online as soon as she heard that I hadn't done it yet and ordered me one.  Said it should be here Wed or Thursday.

It is Friday and it is here.  Pretty quick delivery, I think.  I picked it up this morning before lunch but haven't had a proper look at it yet.    I need to work out how to use it and then in the morning I will put it on and ride around the block.  Daughter might be here later and if so then I will get her to do it for me.  At least that way it will get done and there can be no excuses.

I will let you know how I go.

Bakery Lunch But Walked Home.

Grandaughter wanted me to have lunch at the bakery with her today as it is her birthday so they picked me up around lunchtime, in their car.  I had an alright spinach and ricotta roll.  Was going to have a chocolate elclair too but remembered the last one I had wasn't that good and as I will be eating a fair bit of party stuff over the weekend it's probably best not to have.  I also didn't buy myself a packet of chips, for the same reason.

I had to get something from the shop so walked up the street to that then back to daughters then home here so more than 30 minutes walking.

Am I fitter today than last week?  Probably.

Another Small Uphill Walk.

Daughter rang me yesterday to ask if I could pick her kid up from school.  I have done this a few times and unthinkingly just jump in the car and drive up.  Yesterday I thought I'd ride in to her joint and walk up the hill from there.  Because I then had to continue on back out to here I needed to take the stroller as it's much further for little legs. 
How was I going to get the stroller in there?  I could walk and carry it and that would add another 20min to the walk...and maybe make me think it was not fun.  I could try and carry the stroller while riding the is one of those fold up umbrella type things so maybe doable...
Anyway while I was outside Umming and ahhing the son rocks yeah, I *cheated* and got a lift in to the daughters house.  Left the stroller there and headed on up the hill.  Saved myself a wobbly 10ish minute ride or an awkward 20ishmin walk 

Before leaving home I remembered that yesterday these shoes were rubbing and leaving a blister so this time I put a bandaid on and took some extras.  By the time I was up the hill I needed another bandaid.  I was also early again so walked around the block then back to the school.  Still early and my heel was sore so I sat down and put yet another bandaid on.  I think the trouble was that I was not getting them in the right spot and the shoe was still rubbing.  Halfway down the hill my heel was sore, I figured out why so sat down and removed the inserts that I had added the day before and all was right.
Grandaughter got into the stroller at her house and I pushed her back to mine.  I was so glad to get inside and sit down.  So glad! 

All up I was gone from here for more than an hour and a half but 10mins of that was standing waiting and a few minutes sitting down putting on bandaids. 

I was thinking all the time that there is NO WAY! that I could even get down the trail to the base of my hill as I am much more unfitter than I was 10 years ago.   However if I picked the kid up every Thursday this would be a weekly thing to do.  And there would be a purpose.  I could do it for a few weeks anyway and see how I go...Will think on it.