Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Protein Only Days. Day 1.

A while ago, before I joined the 8 week challenge, there was talk about doing a few protein only days as a bit of a kickstart to losing some fat...This week I agreed that I would join someone in doing 2 days of it.  Two days of protein only, today and tomorrow.  It would mean forgoing the fruit and veg points on the 8 week challenge but the hope is there that I will gain some points with weight going. 
Is coffee protein?  Allowed?  Probably not but that didn't stop me from getting up and making myself one...and then drinking it.  Fail 1.
I thought that an egg milkshake would be a nice protein drink for breakfast  but on reflection I don't think milk counts as it has sugars.  The chicken and fish count, only protein there.  The orange that I had because I wasn't thinking *protein* doesn't.  The toast with Vegemite and cheese, another fail and the orange I had just now...another fail.
I have liver in the fridge ready to be heated for my tea...but it does have some veg added.  Because it's better to have vit C with meat for the iron absorption.  So not plain protein.

It's nearly 6pm here and I will soon have the Liver (and veg) and that will be it for the day.  Worth tring again tomorrow seeing as today had so many fails?  Probably can't hurt too much so will see.


  1. Wow you are committed. Protein only would be near impossible of me. I love my fresh fruit and veg. You are doing a great job. Look forward to hearing more.

    :) Kylie @ Random Drawers

    1. Committed? Husband says I should be.
      As you can see I couldn't do the protein only. I too like my fruit and veg too much but was thinking it might shift a kilo or a bit anyway...Will see how tomorrow goes,


  2. Lol, I think you should be committed for trying a protein only diet. I couldn't do it. I only eat a lot of salad as I love salad and I'm not fond of a lot of sugary things either so that helps but I do need to exercise enough and make it climbing or swimming or something strenuous that keeps the heart pumping. If I don't then no weight loss occurs.