Thursday, November 8, 2012

Protein Notein.

Husband came home a day early so that put my second day of only protein off.  I did after all have to feed him and that meant cooking vegetables so of course I had them too. 
I'm not too fussed though as I like my fruit and veg and though I know that protein only days does get some weight off I don't believe it is a good way to eat longterm.  I was hoping that a day or do may have done something with the fat but I believe that I am better off to keep eating fresh unprocessed food and moving more.

He has brought home opened bags of lollies and chocolates and gave them to me with *permission* to eat if I wanted to.  I must have wanted to because I did. Not all, but too many.  Dumb!   He has also bought icecreams.  They are in the shed freezer but I know I will end up eating too many.  I can go without the crap forever if it is not here but when it is here and opened...I just seem to want it.

I mowed and whippersnippered this morning but not for the 45 minutes that would have given me the extra points so today ended up with 35points.  Tomorrow I am going to try for full points.  The hard part will be not eating the chocolates but that's why it's a challenge isn't it?  I'm up for it.

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