Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week Four. Day 1 and 2.

Outside for a lot of the day so snacked instead of cooking proper meals.
Breakfast was an Allbran type cereal, then throughout the day I ate chicken, bread and cheese, orange, salami, more bread and cheese...Gosh, that looks bad.  Husband is home so the already grated and too easy to use cheese is in the inside fridge.  I must put it back out in the shed freezer.  Lucky it's still early and I have time to make myself a big salad for tea.

Out today so it was oats for breakfast, handful of almonds, biscuit, Baked Beans for lunch, pear...Was wanting something when I got home so had cheese and sausage pizza!  Insane.  I did give it to husband after 2 slices so I wouldn't just keep eating it and had some fruit and a coffee instead.  I made eggs and salad later.  I should have done that first.  I will be so glad when he is back at work and all the cheese and crap is gone.
Moving was good, water was good.  I wont take the points for no sweet stuff as I count all crap food in that so 30 points again.  A long way from the maximum of 40 that I have been aiming for.

Challenges. Points each day.
Daily check in1 M.T.
Drinking two litres of water:3 M T.
Stopping eating before 9pm:6 M.T.
Two servings of fruit:3 M T
Three servings of vegetables:5 M T.
+ 2 more servings of vegetables5 -
No sugary treats: 6 days only5 - -
Keep a food journal:5 M T.
30mins exercise 5 days only 5
45mins exercise: 5 days only7 M T
 Max daily points 40  30 30

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