Thursday, November 22, 2012

Week 4 Day 3 and 4.

I wasn't home Wed but took my oatmix to have for breaky, had fruit, a biscuit, and some nuts all before lunch of Baked Beans, vegetables and veg soup.  Daughter T brought out a lovely bowl of salad and some sheppards pie for my and her daughters tea so at least a couple of serves of veg there.  Much better than cheese on bread!  Thanks T.  Three km 42minute walk before work with some stepping to get it up and over 45 minutes.
Thursday.  Up early and had an orange while outside then oatmix before I was picked up for a day out..  A banana around 11 and a snack of sheppards pie around 2 when I got home.  Fish, egg and big salad for tea then a milo.  Early morning 5km bikeride with some walking to make 30min but nothing else.  Not enough water today.

Challenges. Points each day.
Daily check in1 W. Th
Drinking two litres of water:3W    -
Stopping eating before 9pm:6 W.  Th.
Two servings of fruit:3W  Th
Three servings of vegetables:5W   Th.
+ 2 more servings of vegetables5 -
No sugary treats: 6 days only5 -  Th.
Keep a food journal:5W  Th.
30mins exercise 5 days only 5  -  Th
45mins exercise: 5 days only7W  -
 Max daily points 40  30  30

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