Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sat, Day 6, Week 2.

What a day.  Husband is home, the house is full of crap food and today he bought more...I know I don't have to eat it but I do.  Stupid!!

I managed to score 27 points today, out of a possible 42 so not good.  I did hours of mowing so am counting that as my exercise but I ate crap, more crap then just for good bad measure I had some more. 

Husband is a crap eater, he buys crap food so when he is home temptation is everywhere.  Today he called into a bakery for a pie...while there he bought other stuff, brought it home, offered it to me and little Miss DumboGreedypants here eats it.   Chocolate, icecream, sausage roll, cakes.   I put the sweet bun in the freezer and am hoping that I forget about it but the sausage rolls are in view in the fridge, handy for him...too handy for me.

I did have liver and veg for tea instead of another sausage roll and that is about the only redeeming feature of the afternoon/evening.

I do think I am fitter this week, I am wanting to do more anyway so I think the Iron from liver eating is starting to work but now I need to eat less so as to stop the Cholesterol going up again but keep eating enough to keep the Iron levels up.  It's hard getting the balance right.

Bring on tomorrow, it has to be better than today.  It WILL BE better than today!

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  1. Yes I have a bakery lover here too! On trip to Sydney first stop was a bakery...I had a very measly sausage roll but still felt sabotaged by self...
    Today and yesterday I've felt unwell and not exercising, unable to eat as prescribed.
    You are right tho - tomorrow is a new day x