Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 4 Ending Soon...

We're coming into the last 2 days of week 4 and all I can say is "so what"  Nothing has changed, I haven't lost any weight, clothing seems to fit the same, some days I feel fitter but others I still cannot be fagged doing anything...

I'm going out the beach this weekend so there won't be much crap food eaten while there, there will be beach walking and I will need to walk up a steepish hill to get back to the caravan...I know none of it will make any difference because it never does.
Points will be down as there is no fridge out there, the 'van has limited cooking facilities and I *forgot* and didn't cook up any veg to take...We'll be eating eggs, oats and cold meat I think.  I will have a 5 year old with me so walking will be slower but there will be more walks down to the beach...then back up that hill!
We're going to a fair today so there might be crappy food bought for lunch...if there is a hot chip van I can basically guarantee there will be some bought.  But after that - clean eating all the way and back on track with the challenge when I get home.

I am looking forward to Monday.  The husband will be away for a couple of days...or a week...but even if only 2 days I will put all his crap food out in the shed freezer, cook up a big pot of veg, make up a BIG bowl of salad, cook up some boiled eggs, some chicken or fish and some Liver for lunches...The fridge will be full of easy to grab proper food so there will be no reason to not grab that instead of pizza, icecream, bread and cheese...
Now, I better go find a decent pair of shoes to walk in, pack the esky, feed the chooks and chickens, water what needs watering... So much to do in the next hour I better really get a move on.

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