Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 7.

I was wrong about getting all the points for yesterday and today while away...I missed out on the exercise points for Saturday.  Did a bit in the morning before I left home but only 20min and nothing while away.  Did try and go for a walk but we took 2 dogs with us and one is psycho at the best of times, add in kangaroos jumping across the road in front of him...L got a workout though, restraining him.  I had the good dog so though he pulled he listened and lay down when told.  They were both toey though so we cut the walk short and went back to the house.  Now I could have then gone by myself after hat but I didn't.  Not sure why...too lazy?  Too tired?  Too couldn't be bothered!  (turns out there are points for exercise only 5 days so I didn't actually *lose* these.  They weren't there to get.  I should still have made more effort, for myself)
And I had pizza for lunch when I got there instead of the salad I planned.  And pizza for tea as well.

Chicken and veg stew
pizza  Thin crust, veg topping, some cheese.
biscuit.  Not bought muck but a home made by L, full of good stuff bickie.
slice bread   Yummy stuff from Nannup Bakery.  Plain though, no topping of any kind.
Raw home made by L, full of good stuff bickie mixture, quite a bit!  Maybe 5 or 6 bickies worth.
pizza  Thin crust, veg topping, some cheese.
Points  22   Lower points because exercise doesn't count today and not enough water.

slice bread with honey.  Grainy bread, no butter...
Sm green brown! smoothie,  Nice though.  Full of *everything* including Hemp oil.  How healthy will I be!
chicken and veg stew.  At home
Pikelets  Home with Grandkid who likes to make this stuff.
custard. 1/2 cup.  Both were healthyish though with added goodness.  Custard made with eggs.
Salad, BIG bowl of. 
Icecream, sm cone.
Fried takeaway that the daughter left here.  I wasn't going to, it was here, I did!!
Points  26  Lower points because exercise doesn't count today and no points for not eating crap not enough water.

Because there were no points for exercise I didn't bother with it at all on Sunday.  Stupid!  Where will that thinking get me?  Not to the top of a big hill that's for sure.

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