Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 5, Friday.

Week 5 of the Eight Week Challenge is nearly over and once again I am not doing as well as I planned.  Maybe because I didn't plan good enough, maybe I just thought I wanted to get the points up and that they'd get up by themselves without me having to do anything.  Well it doesn't work that way and if I want to get anywhere then I have to put in some effort.  Just not sure what is wrong with my head that it doesn't kick in and stay in.

The eating so far this week has been OK...except when it hasn't been...if you know what I mean.  Too many off the list stuff has been consumed but I am still having a daily green smoothie so the veg are being had with no problems.  Apricots are ripe so maybe too much fruit, depending on who you ask.  It's fresh, unprocessed and better than bread and cheese...if only I remembered that this afternoon!

Friday's Food.
Coffee  5.30
Green Smoothie  7ish 
Fish.   8.30
Eggs x 2.  11ish
apricots x 3 
icecream, still too easy to get.
Vitabrits.  1pm
bread and cheese  3.00
Green smoothie  4.30ish.
I should have had oatmix first thing then the eggs for lunch and the fish for tea.   Not having the oats just made me want to eat all day.

green smoothie  10am.
liver and veg for lunch
icecream.  Hmmm, not hidden well enough.
green smoothie
Fish 8pm.  Later than usuall but can't remember why.
Fruit and veg in the smoothies so didn't need the banana.

I haven't been writing the food down every day so of couurse no points for that on those days.

Points so far this week:
Mon - 40
Tues - 30
Wed - 35
Thur - 32
Fri - 25
Sat -
Sun -

Moving is down.  I blamed the storms for a couple of days then decided that the exercise bike that is right here in the middle of the room would be good enough.  I have been uising that and the stepper but nowhere near the 45min to get bonus points.

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