Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 5.

egg and veg slice
salad.x 2 cups
egg and veg slice.
kefir fruit smoothie.  So nice!
bread and cheese.  no reason, it was there...I wanted to.  Wish I hadn't.
And again!! bread and cheese.   This is now out in the shed freezer.
kefir fruit smoothie. 
chicken and veg.

Mid afternoon and I still hadn't walked or ridden.  Tired again and should have had a sleep instead of the bread and cheese.  Need to make more of an effort but keep thinking "what's the point"  The point is, I want to get fitter so I can climb a mountain!    Five PM and still no moving as such.  A bit of gardening but not enough...
OK, Done finally!  A slow 35minutes but I'm taking the 5 points for it.
All up today, 34points.  So much for 37 x 5 days, that's not going to happen this week now but is something to aim for in week 2.

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