Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 1 Ends.

One week down in the Eight Week Challenge and nothing here has changed.  No loss of fat or weight, no feeling more energetic, no healthier.   So worth doing?  Seeing as we are only 1 week in it is, of course, too early to say but it probably is as anything that gets me thinking more about what I do and don't do is a good thing.  And reporting in on a daily basis here and on the SS forum is more motivating than doing things by myself. 

The maximum points we could get for week 1 is 240 but! it's complicated.  I can't just add up all the points I get each day as exercise points are only counted 5 days. (Is it worth doing every day then?)
there are 5 points for not eating sweet stuff (lollies, cake, crap...) each day but we don't get them 1 day as we are *allowed* them 1 day a week.  So if they are allowed why not have them...even though I normaly wouldn't.  So I had an icecream tonight.  If I could have claimed those 5 points I would not have had this.
I am not much good at numbers and have trouble thinking what's allowed when and getting the points right.  I'd rather all points were the same every day but it's not about me!  And I need to stick to the same rules as everyone else that is doing it.  I will mostly get the points for eating the fruit and veg limits that are set.  And the water.  The exercise is what I want to do better with and there is room for for that.  I need to exercise even on the 2 days that no points are allocated.  And not eat the crap on the days I lose those points for not. 

With the challenge there is big points for losing weigh, 10 I think for each 1/2 kilo.  I didn't get any of those this week, will be happily surprised if I get them at all during this 8 weeks as it doesn't seem to matter what I do or don't do I hover around the same number and have for years. 

Maximum points possible for week one = 240
My points for Week 1 = 216
Hmmm, that's not good but lots of room for improvment.

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