Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday.

I am waking up tired again and yesterday it was after 6 before I woke and once again by the time I did all my early morning jobs and have a coffee, I couldn't be bothered going anywhere.  I rode the ex bike a few time throughout the day but nowhere near long enough.

Today is Thursday and I know I should but so far I haven't done anything.  I will get on the ex bike later as I have a really good book to read so that should get some minutes up but I need to wake earlier and get a walk in.

I *don't do * alarms and leaving the curtains and window open hasn't worked the last few mornings so tonight I will tell myself more often to wake at 5 and get up.  That usually works.

I feel lousy though, tired and in a can't be bothered mood.  Blood results come back next week so fingers crossed for that.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, Tuesday.

It's been hot here so I haven't been walking or biking. I did intend to but by the time I water everything and then check on all the chooks and set up sprinklers and give them all clean water, it's getting onto 7am and I can't be bothered.  I know 7 is still early for some people, most I know are not even out of bed by then but for me it is way past coffee time, then I need breakfast...
And though it night sound like I have been a real SA and not done anything I have been on the ex bike. 
Monday - 10min + 10min + 20min so 40 min all up.
Tuesday - 20min so far today but I will do at least another one of those but I will get on it whenever I do some reading.  There will be at least 40min.

I've started to do more reading and usually sit outside under a tree with the book but over the last couple of days I have been sitting on the ex bike while I read and it doesn't get as boring or seem to take as long.  It is something that I should have been doing for the last 6 months but never thought to.  I have found though that I can't do much more than 23min before my knees start hurting so for the time being I will stick to the shorter blocks.

What I need is...a laptop so that I can use that while peddling away.  That would get lots of cycling in...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 4.

Yesterday was the start of week 4 which means that I have only been doing this *get fitter thing* for 3 weeks.  It seems like a lot longer.  I must be fitter than when I started.  I am heavier that when I started.  I am still not enjoying it like I thought I would, I thought it would be a lot easier to get back into.

I have another week before I am suposed to go for my blood tests but I am going to give the doctor a call tomorrow and see if I can get a form to have them done next week.  That way I should have the results back by the new year and it will give me a better idea if I am still just fat and unfit or if I am still too low in iron and so will have to try some other treatment.  I'm taking twice the amount of iron than I was a few months ago and really, I don't feel  much better for it.

I'll keep up with what I am doing for the rest of this month but I think that I will need to try something else come January.
Does anyone know how long it will be before I see any benifit?  Do I need to do more to reap the rewards?   I thought I'd feel better after a couple of weeks and than as I felt better I would start to do more...That's not happening though and I am wanting to stop.  I wont but...
Doing what I am, even though it isn't much, has to be better than doing nothing and I do know that I need to do more, I just want to feel that what I am doing is helping.

So whinge over for now, I will get on the ex bike and finish reading my book, then lunch, then back out to finish the mowing.

Tomorow I will walk around the block, that might be more exciting than just to the corner and back.

Saturday, Sunday.

Saturday, I walked to the corner and back.  It's been a few days since I have done this and I really didn't want to.  It wasn't fun but I managed to get back here in 37minutes.  I need to try something different as I kept thinking that it was a waste of time and tried to hurry but couldn't.  I need to find something that will be fun and that I will look forward to doing. 

This morning was very windy so I couldn't ride anywhere and didn't want to go out in it to walk.  So, so far today I have only done 15 minutes on the ex bike.  I will do more later, after I finish mowing the lawns.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, Friday.

Thursday.  Bikeride, around the block.  Then a bit, 15min, on the ex bike that night.
Friday.  Bikeride around the block plus extra up to the bridge and back.  Also did around 15 min walking on the spot sorta stuff inside.

So still something every day but maybe it's nearly time to up what I am doing.  It's been 3 weeks now so I supose i have to do more sometime.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Far This Week.

I have been doing something each day but I am not sure if it is doing me much good yet. 

So far this week:
Sunday...Walked to corner and back - 37minutes.
Monday.  everything hurt but a 17 min walk, 10min on the ex bike then another 10min walk.
Tuesday.  Couldn't really be bothered but did an *inside* walk for 25min then later on 15min on the ex bike.
Wed. Rode around the block, about 20min.  10min on the ex bike.

There have been days when I didn't want to do anything but I did so I *suppose* that I am pleased with myself for that.  I would like to start enjoying it all a bit more though.  These are things that I used to really like doing so I am hoping that they will become easier and more fun soon.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


No walk today.  No bikeride either.  Bad Me.

I woke at 5 but couldn't be fagged getting up and dozed off again.  Woke at 6 and got up but had a coffee straight away instead of going for the walk.  Then the chickens needed feeding and watering, the gardens needed water as well...

Come 10 oclock I ended up doing 20minutes on the exercise bike while reading a magazine.  Good me.

Week 3.

Today is the start of week 3 and my only goal is to do something, anything, every day.

I'm not going to try for any 35minutes walks.  If I walk the 3km to the corner and back and it takes me 40min that will be OK.

I did do something every day last week but there were days that I really didn't want to.  I dare say this week will be the same.

I am wanting the next blood test to see where I am with the iron but they wont do it until early January when the course of tablets is finished. 
And now I have other things I need to see her about. 
To be well and fit, that's all I'm trying for.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, Friday.

I did walk yesterday.  There was no enjoyment in it whatsoever.  I hurt, I didn't want to, everything ached, I didn't want to...It took 39 minutes.

Today...I didn't walk.  I woke feeling tired, my foot was so sore...I went for a bike ride instead.  Man that was harder than it should have been.  I haven't ridden for awhile though, not since our holiday in GreenHead where we rode everywhere for hours at a time.  This legs were sore, I was puffing more than I do when I walk.  Hands were sore and pins and needly.  I wouldn't say it was fun but I am glad that I did it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The times that I have written down make it look like the walk was done in 35minutes so you'd think I'd be happy with that and leave it alone but no...I gotta think it through and decide that that can't be right.
When I got back there was still around 20 seconds to go to get to the top of the clock which meant that it was probably closer to 5:26 than the 5:25 I wrote down.  If the same thing happened when I left then there is nearly a minute to be added on.  This probably happens every day so all my walks could be up to a minute longer than I think.  Am I being too picky?  Yes I am!!

Not about this bit though.  This morning I weighed myself and I am more than a kilo heavier than what I was before I started... but I am walking every day...THAT is what is important.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


After wearing the wrong shoes all day yesterday I had an aching foot most of the night so was a bit concerned when it was still a bit sore this morning but decided to still go and if I only went half way then that would be OK.

So I put on me TW shoes and set off.  They must be decent shoes them ones because I made it to the corner no worries and as you can see, I made it back here again.  No worries. 

Time taken?  37 minutes.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Well, I decided that I was just going to take it one day at a time so this morning I left and walked...and it wasn't too bad.  I didn't push so there was nothing hurting but it wasn't just a slow pace stroll, there was a bit of effort involved and it took 38minutes.
I will do the same tomorrow as this way at least my mindset is positive and I think that that will be half my battle. I think that a positive mindset will get me there quicker than pushing and pain.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


OK, I'm discouraged.  It's only been a week so that's too early to give up even for me but...This morning I really wanted to do it in 35min so pushed myself.  I ended up with a sore foot and a pain behind my left knee but I pushed through and with all that effort it took 36minutes.  So I don't know how I did it in 35 last week.  And what's the point of pushing yourslf and really trying and hurting when you still can't do it.  I might as well give up!  Or just go the way I have been which really hasn't been pushing myself but at least halfway enjoying it.

Three choices:
1. Push, hurt, maybe injure and need to give up.
2. Push, hurt, not enjoy it and maybe want to give up.
3. Do the walk in the time it takes for a couple more weeks and then try pushing it.

I choose number 3.

That way I am doing the moving every day, it must be doing me some good, it's a good habit to get into, I'm outside in the fresh air and sunshine, it is going to help me climb mountains and explore the country in a more enjoyable way...Yes, I think number 3 is the right choice for me.

Which one would you choose and why?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday. Start of week 2.

I wasn't really into it this morning and the walk seemed slow but I was home in 38min so not too bad.
I think I was too intent on solving the problems of the world instead of concentrating on walking fast.

What do you think of when you are walking to get fit?  Do you need to keep your mind on the job all the time or are you able to walk fast and solve problems?  

It would be easier if I had someone to walk with as I think then we would keep each other going but I don't know anyone that is willing to come out here at 5am to walk.  So it's just me and myself.

I also reckon that walking to this corner every day will soon take it's toll in the interest keeping department.  I see cows and different birds, sometimes a car, a few rabbits.   Back in the day, when we used to ride around the block, we had the chance of dogs running out at us to keep it exciting.  I suppose music might work but as I don't have anything portable and the extension cord isn't that long I can't have that.

So, as Hubby says "suck it up, Baby"  I need to just do it and look forward to the future when I am fit enough to take on the biggest hill in the area.

And there I have a goal.  Maybe if I walk everyday, or most days even,  Hubby will take me camping to some rock or bushwalk area.  It will get us out camping more, give me more incentive to keep going,   I know, I could/should go by myself but where's the fun in that.  I could do that anyway (if I wasn't such a sookylala)  The reward would be in doing it with someone.

I will start a list!

Friday, December 10, 2010

December Goal.

I'd like the time for the walk to the corner and back, a distance of 3km, to be down to 35min, or less, by the end of the month and I'd like to be doing that at least 5 days a week.

Today showed that I can do it in this time so with a bit of effort it should be doable.

I need to work on my strength and flexibility as well but for this month I am going to mainly concentrate on  the walking and once that is being done regularly without too many misses and I become stonger in that area then I will add something new.

Results For Week One.

I must be fiitter than I was last Friday as I have walked more than I did last week but I need some way of measuring my fitness levels. Today I was 5min quicker than when I started on Saturday so I'm saying that Yes, I was fitter by Friday. 

Saturday 4th - 40min.  First day walking so I don't want it to take any longer than this.
Sunday - 
Monday - 40min. 
Tuesday - 36min.
Wednesday - 26min.  This is not right!!  Must have the time written down wrong.
Thursday  - 38min
Friday 10th  - 35min.

Thursday, Friday.

Walked again both days but this morning I wasn't really into it.  I had to keep reminding myself that there was a purpose to it and to move a tad faster than the leisurely stroll that it was becoming.

It doesn't look like what I think I am doing has much relation to what I actually am doing though.
Thursday, when I was in a hurry as I needed to get home and check the chickens before I left, it took 38min and today, when I thought I was just rambling, it was quicker at 35min.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, Wednesday.

Well I didn't post yesterday so I bet you all thought that I'd given up already.
Don't ya all love how I presume that my fitness journey is so exciting that I have lots of readers. lol.  Or any readers for that matter.  Double lol!

Anyway...I didn't post yesterday because I had to leave here by 7am and by the time I was back from walking and had fed and watered the chickens and watered the gardens I didn't have enough time to spend a decent amount of time on here so figured that it wasn't worth turning on.

But I did do the walk.  Left later though and was coming back around 6am and there were quite a few cars on the road so I will try and get going earlier so I am back way before all the workers are out and about.

Today I was home by 5.30 and saw 1 car so wasn't too bad.  I wrote the time down before I left and again as soon as I got in the door but I think I mucked up as it says that it took 26min.  Maybe me maths is wrong...
No maths is good, I must have written down the wrong times as I don't think I can do that walk in under 1/2 an hour after only a few days.  Will double check times tomorrow.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday 6th.

I woke this morning and didn't want to get up at all but did 'cause I know I need the walk.  I really didn't want to do that but dressed, put on the ToneWalker shoes and walked out the back door at 25 mins to 6.  Walked in the front door with the clock showing 15 min past..  So forty minutes which I'm happy with as the walk was slow and painful.  I was expecting it to take a lot longer.

I woke with an achy back and put Deep Heat on that before I left but everything else was aching too.  After yesterday when I felt so good it was a bit of a letdown.

I haven't ridden the pushbike since we've been back from GreenHead so must get on that sometime this week.  I looked at a *speedo* for it on Thursday when I was over in Mandurah but I was too tight to spend $22 on something that I didn't need.  Maybe next time I will be more inclined but I will check out the old bikes in the shed in town and see if any of those have one first.  It is on the shopping list though so I may end up with a new one.  Sometimes we gotta buy new even if we don't like to.  This is a thinkabout item though as I don't need it.  I will put the idea out there and see what the Universe brings.

I was hoping to walk in the morning and then ride in the late afternoon but I have been trying to get the yard cleaned up again and mowing is more important.  Hopefully I can get that done this week and stat the riding next weekend.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday, 5th.

I was up and out the door at 5am today.  I wore the other shoes, the normal jogger ones.  I don't think they felt as good as the ToneWalker ones so the TW will be what I wear when I go for my morning walk.  I will keep these ones for work, shops, going anywhere.

Went to the corner and back again today, stopped a few times to pull up some cotton bush that was growing along the side of the road so that added a few seconds onto the walk.  lol.  I wasted more time yesterday stopping and trying *fingers, knuckles, palms*

I was so sore and tired yesterday that I was in bed by 7.45pm last night.  It was still light outside but I had to go and did wonder if I'd be OK to walk this morning but I was awake and up before 5am and looking forward to it.

It wasn't the walk that buggered ne up though it was all the mowing and grass pulling that I did throughout the day.  I have more of the same to do today so it's a good thing that I am getting the walk done in the morning.  If I was wanting to walk in the evening it wouldn't be happening.  Mornings is good.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sat 4th December, 2010.

Well I have finally started.  I had my first *proper* walk this morning. 

As it's been a while since I walked for exercise I was only going to walk for 10min then turn around and come home again but I could see the corner and it didn't look that far away so I decided to walk there then back.  40min later and I get back inside here at home so not too bad.

So I suppose that that is my benchmark and I need to be able to do that easier by Friday.  Today being Saturday it gives me 5 days to improve.  I remember being able to do this walk in 35 minutes so 40 today isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I will go for a drive sometime and see how far this walk is and also the around the block walk.  And I will recheck the distance into town next time I am going in as I sometimes walk in there.
I may see how far a km is and time myself doing that again and that will give me something to try and better.

With the riding I think I will start off by just going around the block and do that a few times this week then go further next week.  We rode miles and for hours when we were up in GreenHead a few weeks ago but that was fun and I always find it harder and less fun when I do it as an exercise thing.  I need to get the daughter to come out with her bike so we can ride together.  I will get onto her about that next time I see her.

It looks like I have a basic plan.  I will see how I go and reassess each week.

I Bought Shoes.

It's the 3rd now and I haven't started yet.  Reason?  I cannot walk without decent shoes and cannot ride with achy arms.

I have the shoes now though, I bought 2 pair on Thursday so hopefully one of them will be good enough for me to do a decent walk in.

One pair are those funny looking rock and roll shoes that a lot of people are raving about.  Mine are *ToneWalker*  It says they tone your glutes, thighs, calves.  That will be a bonus if they work and at under $50 I thought they were worth a try.  These feel funny when I am just standing, it's hard to keep my balance but that could help with muscle strengthening too I suppose.
The other pair were around the same price and the label says they have arch support, heal support, they seem comfortable and will be my everyday shoe.

Looking at the labels it seems that they are both a Mitre brand.  I've not heard of them before but both pairs feel alright on my feet and are not too expensive to replace every 6 months if needed.  But hopefully I get a year out of them both.  So now  I have no excuse to not walk and will try and do that most mornings.  I will ride when I can, every day would be good but I will see how I go.

I have the bad habit of being all gung-ho then overdoing things and then ending up in bed for days.  I need to take things easy while still doing enough to be fitter by Friday.