Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, Tuesday.

It's been hot here so I haven't been walking or biking. I did intend to but by the time I water everything and then check on all the chooks and set up sprinklers and give them all clean water, it's getting onto 7am and I can't be bothered.  I know 7 is still early for some people, most I know are not even out of bed by then but for me it is way past coffee time, then I need breakfast...
And though it night sound like I have been a real SA and not done anything I have been on the ex bike. 
Monday - 10min + 10min + 20min so 40 min all up.
Tuesday - 20min so far today but I will do at least another one of those but I will get on it whenever I do some reading.  There will be at least 40min.

I've started to do more reading and usually sit outside under a tree with the book but over the last couple of days I have been sitting on the ex bike while I read and it doesn't get as boring or seem to take as long.  It is something that I should have been doing for the last 6 months but never thought to.  I have found though that I can't do much more than 23min before my knees start hurting so for the time being I will stick to the shorter blocks.

What I need is...a laptop so that I can use that while peddling away.  That would get lots of cycling in...

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